One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


42. New Cover Shoot

Violet's P.O.V
     "What's going on with Violet today? She is acting all piss." Niall scolded to Harry, as I was eating a bag  of chips. Damn I was hungry.....
"I don't know trying to talk to her." Harry muttered as he stood up....
      I don't know why do they bother me, I have life! I need some personal space, my stomach is acting all messed up, every since I figured out we were having twins.
Harry touched my hair, and pulled it back...
"OW!" I shouted while holding my stomach.
"What's wrong!" They both said. I kept holding my stomach...grr...stupid twins....gotta admit I am not getting the hang of birthmothers.
"Nothing just twin kicks." I sighed, while giving the rest of the chips to Niall. He grabbed it and ate it...
"Thanks V." He smiled.
I nodded.
Eleanor and Louis were ont their,'anniversary.' and Perrie and Zayn were visiting, Perrie's parents for today. Ed and Liam, went to go shopping for some food. We were alone...
"Harry..." I muttered his name.
"Yes!" He stood up standing to me.
"I don't feel so good." I looked up to stomach throbbing with kicks, I have some vomiting to face looks pale ever since I went to the carnival.
"Here let me see the thermometer." Niall grabbed it from the closet of Medicine.
    He gave it to me, I put it in my mouth.
I took it out when it beeped. Harry looked worried...
"What is it?" I coughed.
"128.2 F." Harry looked to me.
    "I'll be in bed." I sniffed, I got up, and Harry was following....really...
"Harry you don't have to follow." I blushed redly.
"I know, I love you." He kissed me on the cheeks,"Hope you feel well and the babies." He smiled as he gave me a warm hug. I nodded.
Niall kept laughing and he went and gave me a pat."Go to sleep princess Styles."
I gave him a hug and Harry. I went off to bed, and shut my eyes.
I forgot something.
    "You guys..." My throat almost was croaking...MEEP!
"Yes." Harry came in.
"Don't forget you have a cover shoot, at 6:20 pm." I said while closing my eyes.
"Yeah okay babe." He kissed me forehead,"Burning up." He wiped my burning tears away... Why am I crying?! Just hurting my stomach. I got up, throwing this healthy?! I flushed the toilet, the next thing you know I fell asleep.

Harry's P.O.V
     I looked at Violet, sound asleep in our room. I walked out seeing Niall eating his new food, hamburger.
"Dude, really." I said.
"When I'm stress I eat." He giggled, I knew he was joking."So what was the calling name about?"
"Um we have a cover shoot, with a model, at, her name is Helen." I said.
"Okay." He muttered as he turned on the T.V...
     We were watching, 'Family Guy.'
Ah, Stewie....
"HAHA, LOIS, YOU DIED!" Niall laughed...he was a huge fan just like I was.
After that, we watched some movies,'Hunger Games.' Who knew it wasn't a game full of food. I heard the door unlock, I looked out where the camera was. It was Ed's car. I walked outside seeing the Liam and Ed, grabbed some food bags in, Save Mart of course. My only place I like to see food....Niall jumped out.
    "FOOD!" Niall startled me.

"Mate, this is for every body!" I snorted.
"Okay." He stood there looking at the ground.
We went inside.
It was 4:05 pm.
"Hey where is Violet?" Liam asked.
   "Sleeping." Niall pointed.
"Why it's too early to sleep." Ed said.
"She's sick, fever." I said."That reminds me, medicine." I grabbed medicine and went into her room. I told her to wake up, she opened her pretty eyes, that were warm into any kind of looking. 
     "What?" She looked at me all red eyes.
"You must be tired love, here have medicine." I gave her Q-Pad, and water.
She drank it, and gave me a hug. I smiled and said.
"Go back to sleep we are going to go to the erm, photo shoot. Models..." I said.
She nodded. And closed her eyes, and went to sleep.
    I walked out and saw Perrie and Zayn and Louis and Eleanor out there standing, 
"Where's Violet?" Perrie asked.
"Sleeping." Niall muttered again.
"Why?" Zayn said.
"Because-" Ed started.
"SHUT UP!"Louis said as he ran into her room, I knew he wanted to wake her up.
"LOU, STOP YOU-" Liam said.
"WAKE UP!" Louis shouted.
     I heard a smack. 
"OW!" Louis came out all red....face...
Eleanor burst out laughing. 
"Mate looks like a girl slapped you." Zayn smiled.
"OKAY CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!" Louis shouted.
"Okay, why is she sleeping again?" Zayn asked.
"Sick, fever." I replied.
"Let's just take pictures." Eleanor rushed us.

Louis P.O.V
     We finished having our anniversary. We got home and heard Harry saying that Violet was sleeping. I ran in the room.
"WAKE UP!" I shouted.
She turned around and looked at me.
"Wow your face is red, what's wrong?" I asked.
"shut up Louis, I'm tired." She said while turning around.
"Red as a Chimpanzee's butt." I laughed.
She looked at bloody hell....She slapped me across the face. 
"OW!" I screamed and ran out.
    I saw Eleanor burst on laughing.
"Let's just go." We rushed into the car. We were at the London's Cover Model's Shoot.

Harry's P.O.V
    "Boys hurry up a notch." I heard Beck said.
"Okay Helen, come out."
"Hey aren't you that girl from the hotel?" Perrie smiled.
"Oh Yes. I am." She nervously said in a Paris accent.
    "Do you speak French?" Liam asked.
"Oui." She nervously said."Do you guys do?"
"Nope." Niall and Liam said. Ed shook his head. Eleanor joined with Louis. 
"A little." Zayn quote.
"Some." Perrie smiled.
"Fluently." I teased.
"Oh...Bon alors je ne parle pas français si vous les gars prêt pour les photos?" She said....
Meaning,Okay SO I do speak french so are you guys ready for the pictures?

"Oui, nous sommes, nous allons juste y aller, ma petite amie Violette est malade. Nous obtenons donc un peu de nourriture tard pour elle, j'ai promis de rentrer plus tôt après ce sera fini."I smiled.
meaning,Yes, we are, let's just get going, my girlfriend Violet is sick. So we are getting some food later for her, I promised to come home early after we are done.

She nodded.
"Show off." Louis groaned...We took pictures and some were wearing variety jackets. I can tell Zayn digged it. 
"Okay you need to wrap the arms around, the guys like a group photo, Helen." Beck said.
She nodded as they took the picture.

Eleanor's P.O.V
    "I can tell that I don't trust that girl." I whispered to Perrie's ear.
She looked to me strangely.
"Why can't you trust her?" She asked me stupidly.
"Well...erm, she reminds me one of those group gangs...." I said reminding her.
"Hmm, let's talk to Ed." She nodded.
We poked Ed.
"Hm?" He said.
    "Ellie here doesn't trust Hellie here." Perrie used he innocent voice.
"Well I do either." He agreed me too.
"What why?" She sputtered.
"Well, we have to seriously keep a look out for,Violet, and I know by the look, it seems she is stalking us." Ed pointed out.
I stared at that girl having the time of her life.
"You watch to much mystery hun." I smiled.
He nodded.
"Um, if you excuse me, I'll be in the 'restroom.'" I quoted with my fingers.
"Yeah, I will too." Perrie broke apart my inching fingers.
"Okay, I will distract them." He nodded.
     We followed into her room, changing. I locked the door. Perrie was looking around seeing what she had....
"Look..her phone, should we touch it...and um find out?" She asked.
"Yes." I assured.
She touched the screen...password...
"damn she put it in password..."I cussed.
"Hold on....0001" She tapped."Holy fuck I got it." 
"Wow I could have thought off that..." I muttered.
     We looked at her phone contacts, messages, what that is impossible...she is friends with a killer....
Steve.Only Steve? What about the rests?
"She is only friends with Steve...." I muttered.
"She didn't want us to find out then?" Perrie smiled,"Let's tell everyone that."
"Yep." I nodded.
    We tried to open the door...but it was locked....
"Wait why is this locked. I thought we can open it?" P. growled.
I budged the door....nothing....
"GREAT WE ARE locked...." I snarled...
    "Don't worry." She smudged...
"Omg, you guys are locked, I am sorry....will you ever get out?" I heard a giggle....
What?.......are we locked in here.....can'


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