One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


56. My Dark Side

Michie's P.O.V

   "Can you please tell me why we aren't going to the dump place." I groaned as Sam finished zipping up my dress.
     "here we go again.." Sam continued," We are going to the club because Harry posted it on Twitter and plus we can't go to the dump place, it wastes time and you know I hate wasting time."

     "Aww look how pretty she looks." Neal opened the door.
"Shut up" I growled...I took out my curls and I was going to the party or club with Sam...

    "I understand the plan, remember what I told you NOT TO RUIN IT." Steve complained.
He didn't want me to make out with Styles...who knew...
    "You have to remember to add into a little flirt, don't act like an asshole, remember to play hard to get, that manwhore likes it when he's drunk." Fred added.
    "An Asshole?" I said...
Sam gave me the stare...

   Phht Okay Okay...I walked out the door in my night party dress. I wasn't some wild beast that never went out,I know how to flirt. I let down my hair , curls flying around with a sparkly bow. I wore my earpiece..or you can say ear had a voice recorder...Hmp time to ruin that girl's life...My dress was sliver wasn't that slutty. Bit I didn't really care..
   Sam followed me into her car she 'rent' Her curled blonde hair was poofy...and she let it go too. and her dress was really purple and it had sparkles.


We reached the club...Of course Harry was at the counter with Louis and Niall..along with the red hair D? No Ed....
Sam just sat in the chair with me...The place was dark, flashing with a lot of lights, Liam, Zayn was dancing..and Louis just left the bar. Music was up loud fuming everywhere...Urgh...Dark, Flashing party lights, and a dance floor, drinks....

   "Time to improvise.." Samn gesterued me...
I nodded...great Michie what are you going to do now...
   I sat next to Harry. I looked at Ed and Niall gave me a stare.
"Harry time to go dance with us." Niall slurred...I knew he was half drunk.
"Mother fucker...leave me alone...I want to....*Drinks* Stay here and drink..oohh look there's Violet!" Harry pointed at me when I gave him 'WTF?' look. I looked at myself...I do look like Violet...but not my face...
   "That's not Violet man." Ed said.
Harry pushed Ed away as Ed just shouted,"Forget man." As he walked to the dance floor....One down...just another to go..
'Hurry up M, improvise..' Sam voice said. FINE!
   I ordered two drinks.
I drank 2 of them...great everything is so dizzy but I'm still struck awake.
   Niall left...GREAT!

   Harry turned to me.
"Violet what are ....doing here?" I knew Harry was drunk....So wait...if I'm Violet..not....but if I pretend he would make out with me....would I take that chance. No....but it's the way to hurt that stupid girl!

"Hey..*Drinks* Your bump is gone...." Hey pointed at me....Crap!
I need to act....remember.....'Hurry up!' I heard a voice from Sam.

   "Yeah...I killed them..." I lied.
He was surprised.
"Yay! You killed the babies now we can be forever alone." He slurred. Amazing this guy get's drunk a lot...
   he ordered 2 more beers.
I drank one with him. Damn....this is heavy...crap everything is dizzy...ah...stars....
  "Kiss me Violet." Harry slurred with his pinkish lips, I think it was smooth....
His dazzling emerald eyes shone bright. I saw a twinkle. My eyes just starred at him, while he was puckering his lips moving to me.
'WELL KISS HIM!' Sam shouted through the ear piece.
   I saw one of the boys just stood there staring at us...his blue eyes looked at me. As he rushed over. I leaned in and smash my lips onto him. I saw paparazzi came in taking photos. They caught me....NICE!
   Harry kept kissing forcing what he wanted...I know what he wanted. 2 words. Make Out. 
The blonde or brunette hair guy rushed over to him....
   Paparazzi had to leave and then the brown flare hair with blue eyes came too. (A/N:You know the brown hair and brunette hair is(: It's Louis and Niall!)
   I am not leaving until I get to the point where it breaks the girls heart.
"HARRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" The brunette hair whispered/screamed.
"Making out with Violet, what is it?" Harry faced at him.
   "That's no Violet, it's just a pruny little prick." The sass guy with brown hair pointed out.
"You guy's are just jealous that my fiancee is here." He grabbed my arm and pushed me into the closet room. He locked the door...and I heard bangings on the door.
"HARRY GET OUT!" The Irish voice sounded.
"VIOLET WOULDN'T ALLOW THIS!" The sass guy knocked.
     The curl haired guy ignored it...and this is the point we made out....
Better than Steve? Yes...better......


A/N: Ohh...who was that ;) 
Better than Steve????  Find out (;

Thank You Guys! Can we try to reach 4,000 readers! <3 That's my goal. Love You 1Derful readers.




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