One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


52. Music Video LT&Hurting News

Violet's P.O.V
   "OMG!" I heard a voice.
"yeah. Why?" I walked out of the bathroom putting on my earrings.
He smiled,"Never mind.Who was that?" 
"Louis. Your turning 21 years old." I kissed his lips.
I heard him moan. I kept smiling,"Go change your clothes birthday boy." 
    I walked out of the room.
"It's time of the month!"Sid came hugging me.
"Congrats we can't wait to see the twins love." Ed smiled.
    "Harry's birthday!" Louis and Eleanor cheered.
Harry walked out of the room. He was wearing his blazer, navy blue. And his khakis and his white TOMS.
"Thank you guys." Harry offically clapped his hands.
"What are we doing on your birthday Harry?"Danielle asked.
"Go to Same as usual." Liam holded Danielle's 
     "How about something different today. Like Twitcam for 2 hours!" Zayn said.
"I'd like that!" Perrie said jumping."Harry you fine with it?" 
"Yeah-"Harry just stood there when I cut him.
"Hurry up you guys, you have someworktodo! LittleThingsMusicVideo,then Simon wants to talk to you aboutsomestuff I don't know hurry up your ass!" I spoke fluently fast.(I did it on purpose)
   "Damn is it the hormones? Are you in a bad mood?" Louis said.
"Shut up Louis..." I muttered.
  "Let's just go it's kicking in." Sydney said.
"SID?!" I sputtered.
"Stop messing with her guys." Harry kissed me on the cheeks. 
   "Let's just go guys! Little Things come on!" Eleanor clapped her hands.
"You guys...URGH!" I complained.
"Stop messing her..." Danni pulled me onto the car. 
There was 11 seats....we bought a new car, it's called a group car.

~Reached the Music Video~
"Guy's I need you guys to sing this." Ed was holding out the piece of paper in front of them. They nodded and practice.
   I heard a psst.
I turned around and saw Howard.
"Howard? What do you want? I'm busy with the Music Video...Aren't you s'pose to host a show remember? With Katy Perry?" I said. He was suppose to host the show...he was an interviewer with the airline network.
   "Yes but I need you to! Tim is here to talk about the new movie SkyScraper. We need to interview you, our studio is next to this place. Just 15 minutes, we're on break. I figured you're here because One Direction. Simon said you were here." He explained all my questions.
"Fine, let me just talk to the my peeps first." I said. He nodded.
   "You guy's I'm doing an interview for 15 minutes I'll come back later." I smiled.
"Sure thing baby." Harry smiled while sitting on the couch. 
"Right!" Louis nodded.
"COME BACK LATER!" Ed and Zayn smiled.
"Yeah okay." Niall spoke with his guitar and Liam waved. The girls smiled at me.
"Can we come and see you do it?" They pleaded.
"Fine. Tell Simon I'm off." I said. They nodded.
"SHE'S OFF SIMON!" Danielle shouted. 
"OKAY!" Simon gave a thumbs up.

    "Thanks Vi." Howard smiled.
"Your welcome." I said. Perrie couldn't help it but giggled all the time.
"Why are you giggling?" Eleanor asked.
"I just noticed Taylor Swift is here too....and I giggle when I'm mad...sometimes!" Perrie explained.
"Shh....Vi will hear you."Sydney hushed them.
   "You know I could hear you whisper..." I said walking into the entrance.
"Where is she?" I continued....

    Why are you worrying Violet? You need some thing to cool off...Is she stalking? No she's making that new song 'We Are Never Getting Back Together.' Duh...

"In the radio station. She's hosting it today." Howard explained."Now hurry up...We're going to ask questions and yeah..Jennifer will give you the cue to come in to the stage. Tim will be already sitting there with Isabella and George." Howard conitnued again....

    Jennifer is the other character with George too....
Our cast...but frankly this is most likely the main character....

 "Break a leg." Danni said.
"Really?" I smiled.
"Go get them Tiger!" Perrie gave some enthusiastic into it.
"Awesome gal win it!" Eleanor and Sydney said.
   I smiled. 

"Welcome To HOWARD YOU!" (How are you kind of cheesy lol) Howard smiled.
"Today we will be using our guest from the new movie SkyScraper. It's coming out next month!" He said. 
"And then next is Katy Perry." 
   I saw the audience out there...much likely like the Chelsea Lately thing. With audio voice. But these people get paid for being here.
   "You need to get on now." I heard a girl named 'Kinzie' told me. I nodded.

"And guess who we have?! Tim here! (Claps) Jennifer!(Claps) George!(claps) and the special guest..." He continued.

"VIOLET! VIOLET! VIOLET!"The chants were going on.....

    Oh great pressure much people? I mean seriously this is like that Ellen show again, you know I get nervous when people start chanting...

"Violet you're on." Eleanor pushed me out onto the stage.

     I swear that girl has some anger managment....pushy much?

"There she is Violet Vavans! Part of the star in SkyScraper." Howard said.
"And here's my buddy Joey!" As Howard continued Joey, he was with black hair and has his tuxedo on and his glasses on. He was around his youngling 20 years old like me.
   I sat down next to Tim. He smiled at me. 
I smiled at Jenny and George.
"Quite a bump there." Joey smiled as he sat onto his desk. The whole place was much likely like Chelsea Lately. It was dark too. But good thing I was wearing the right stuff. I was wearing a dress not to short remember with converse and a leather jacket I curled my hair. I always know how to dress myself. The bump kind of stands out....
  "Ah...yes she's 9 months done." Howard horsed.
"9 months!? That fast? Wow Harry has done it again." Tim nudged me.
   "Get over it man, there's nothing wrong, time goes fast." George explained.
"So Violet got any news? Babies? Gender?" Jennifer asked.
"Ah do tell." Joey smiled.
"Agree." Howard said.
    I kept smiling.
The crowds were saying tell tell tell....

   "They are twins. I don't know if they are boy or girl yet." I smiled.
"TWINS?" Howard said with a frown
You don't have to act surprise....bitches....really? Never heard of twins? Have you heard of Cole and Dylan Sprouse? If you don't Zach and Cody?

   "Aww cute little Harry's ah." Tim gibbered.
"Well back to questions then, here's one Tweet asking us, How Did It Take For You To Redo The Scene. From Fiona in New York." Joe said.(Joey)
  "Erm well we actually had to redo A LOT of scenes for Tim and Violet. But between George and I we only took some clips for about 23 minutes. But some scenes we had to redo a lot because those two were goofing off." Jenny explained.
   "Explain how they goof off....did any celebrities come in again?"Howard said.
"Um...We goofed off by at the kissing scene...everything was all dark because all the ghost spirals flew around and it was pretty much windy in that fortress house. I accendently kissed Violet on the nose and then Violet was just knocked down laughing..I started laughing too. And there was a celebrity too. Liam Payne from One Direction, he was guide to distract her from not knowing her birthday." Tim teased.
   "Ah...trouble makers huh!? How about a next question....
What kind of scenes did you use? From Destiny in Miami" Joey excusquite his voice.
"Um well when we did the action driving to go to the SkyScraper...we used a real car that was all programed with technology and we used the scene of a REAL lake traffic. It wasn't fake it was actually a real scene." George explained.

"So there are real sets and fake sets to it, that explains it....Don't mind me asking this but what was REALLY the main point of the movie,Vi?" Howard asked me.

"The main point was that, it much likely was an invasion, so the nearest point to defeat it was to drive to the Skyscraper, there was many contact of invasion aliens or so what they are called: Klargos, they made the whole town invasion every once in 100 years. And these people are the new generations. Tori and Logan are close friends since. SO this is a flash back in the first point of the movie...Carter and Andrew are also the new generations. They save the town will die. Of course...everybody in that town will mostly die....and you have to watch to find out." I concluded the rough scenes.

"Wow, there you have it folks! The movie summary." He ditto it....

"Let's ask about the traits of the characters shall we? But there is more characters to this?If we want to find the characters out we will have to watch the Comic-Con right?" Joey asked.

"Okay,and yeah." I said.
"How about you go first Jennifer about Carter." Joey pointed out.

"Well, Carter is much likely the FLIRT" I heard 'oohs' " She apparently isn't that brave, she is a girly girl...she thinks she's all that...much likely a bitch. The 19 year old is a close friend to the football place at school, to Logan. She flirts him all day until she gets to stop and find out a new guy name Andrew. Her traits are Flirty, Bitch, stubborn,and girl." Jennifer laughed.

"Wow actually I was amazed you fond the word,'Bitch'" Joey quoted.
"Now how about you start next George about Andrew." Howard pointed out.
"Actually Andrew is more as a tough guy. He thinks he can do it but technilly fails.
His traits are Pushy,Hothead,Smartass. He is 19 years old, this actually takes place at school, the invasion starts by outer space, but some of the scene shows the underground bombing." George sneaked in those parts.

"Okay, and you Tim?" Howard nodded.
"Tim, well he is 19 year old, a strong guy, stand up, much likely a flirt too. He plays football too...
His traits are Strong,Flirt,Sly,Sneaky,and daring"

"Last but not least Violet, tell us about Tori." Joey was eagered to say.
"Tori, She is a 19 year old. She's smart, responsible, hard to get, desiciontive, and good hearted.  She's friends with a girl name Kinzie, that girl is a cheerleader along Tori...Tori doesn't really want to be a cheerleader, she wanted to be a president council, but Kinzie made her popular to be that way...Tori sometimes has a conflict to her life, she Snaps a lot." I chuckled through that last word.

"Who plays the role of Kinzie?" Howard suggested.
"Ariana Heinz." We all laughed.
"Ahh...quite a charm here."Howard asked us some more 15 minutes up?

Harry's P.O.V

"And all your little things."We finished.
"Finally!" Niall got up.
"CUT! Niall your not done yet, you got up, it ruined the clip." The director pointed out.
"But we have done this for days...."Niall muttered.
"Niall, mate it has been 10 minutes...." Liam laughed.
     "Oh just pack your bags and go, your done." The director laughed as he walked out of the room.
"Hey where are the girls?" I asked.
"Don't you remember on t.v." Zayn said.
"Should we visit them?" Louis suggested.
"No boys sit down." Simon walked in...
"Aw now what?" Ed whined as he grabbed his phone out.
    "You need to have a song, for X-Factor...tomorrow." Simon said sternly."You have not performed for need to go make a concert, look I booked for you this month, in The O2 Arena, London...." Simon explained.
"What no! What about Violet?"I said.
"She'll come with us." Paul said.
"She can't she cannot walk while she's pregnant? That's just wrong."Niall repeated his steps to us.
"I'm sorry boys but you need your dreams alive, your in a dream." Simon said. 

That made my heart crack. A dream? A dream? My baby and her babies are not a dream!
Fumes made me angry.

"Harry calm least it's in London." Louis explained.
" it that far?"Zayn asked.
"it's not far from our house, only 30 minutes away." Simon retreated....
"Oh and the girls will watch her, we don't know when her delivery won't come on that day." Paul explained walking with Simon.
"Don't forget your concert tomorrow.At X-Factor, and Happy birthday Harry." Simon and Paul walked away....
"When's the concert?" Liam asked.
"February 23 2013." Ed replied....
"Great....what song should we sing?" Niall suggested.
"Live While We're Young." I said.
"OKay then...hey there's the girls!" Louis pointed out.
"Should we tell them?" Zayn said....

Tell? Should's just not far at least we're not on tour...Crap! TOur.....once she gives birth I have to go on tour....this is so hard...decisions....

A/N: Do you think Harry will tell? Or the boys...hmmmhmm haha





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