One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


12. Middle the car

Harry's P.O.V

    I woke up seeing my fiance next to me. The love of my life, Violet. My sister had came yesterday. Gem, or Gemma. I promised Violet to give her freedom a little to go to the mall. All I wanted was her too be safe. I sat up and saw my room with pictures of One Direction, Violet with me and, everyone in the group. I opened the curtain and saw it was morning around 6 am. I opened and looked down on the balcony with myself shirtless. Violet calls me Sexy 4 nipple. I never thought someone perfect loved me the one of imperfection. She calls me perfect she loves me and care. I hope the baby is caring as much as her heart. I took a shower and wore my Jack Wills shirts. and some of the jeans. I brushed my teeth and got out seeing my love sleeping. I wanted to wake her up but it would be mean plus she's pregnant. I can't wake her up she's around the pregnancy world. I wonder if she's dreaming about me....I opened the door and closed it. I walked downstairs and saw El and Gem cooking. Louis was sitting there moping that Gem didn't get her carrots.
   "Carrots....carrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooottttttttttsssssssssssssss." He moped.
Zayn and Liam were playing Pokemon on the D.S. Niall was eating eggs. 
    " Trade me Piplup with Ekans." Zayn repeated again and again.
     "NO PIPLUP IS MINE!" Liam groaned.
     "Num Num." Niall chowed down."HAPPY
Thanks Niall." She smiled, "No presents or surprises, I don't like it."
" Is Violet awake?" Gem asked.
"We're going to the mall I;m asking her to come with us." El asked.
"Yes I'm awake and sure I love too." I heard a voice answered,
I turned around ans saw Violet with her hair wet and her hair was in a bun wearing sweats and my shirt.
    "Are you wearing my shirt?" I smiled.
     "You can say that." She giggled.
     "And is that my sweats?" I smiled.
    "No, it's mine, I bought it." She teased.
      "Why are you wearing that?"Louis asked.
   "She's pregnant it's an easy way." El said,
     "What time do we go?"Liam asked winking.
     "Umm you guys wanna come though?" Gem smiled.
We agreed.

Violet's P.O.V

"My back hurts." Niall mocking me.
I slapped him," Don't mock my pregnancy!" 
"Look everyone I'm pregnant and look I'm insecure about myself and I think Louis has a cute butt." Louis mocking me. Wow insecure he got that right I guess.....
"No,No, and Yes." I replied.
"Well if you think he has a cute butt then what do I have?" Harry said.
"Nipples," I continued laughing," Hair, smile,personalities, sense, and a great taste in music." He kissed me and I kept smiling like a weirdo. 
"GET A ROOM!" Niall and Louis shouted.
"Love is so cute while having a baby." Liam mocked us.
"Stop with the mocking!" Gem laughed.
"NO DON'T DIE PIKACHU!!!" Zayn cried.
"HAH I WIN!" Liam did the victory dance.
"What time?" El asked.
"Wanna go now it's 7:30." Niall smiled.
"Let me change." I said.
I walked upstairs and changed into my jeans and a shirt that says '1D' and then a jacket of mine.
I walked downstairs again letting down my hair.
"You need to eat we all ate," Gem reminded.
I smiled and took a piece of bread and drank milk for the baby. 
"AND A FRUIT!" Louis shouted.
I did and chose an apple.
"Can I have your orange juice?" Niall offered for it.
I nodded and he drank it.
 We walked to the car it was a huge van and we drove to the mall. I was sitting in the passenger seat. Harry driving. Liam, Louis, and Zayn in the back, while El, Gem, and Niall in the middle seats.
"Don't we need body gaurds?" I asked.
"No wear these hats and sunglasses." Harry gave all of us disguises.
I turned up the radio and there were some questions,
asking about me, I was nervous,

*So, I hear that everyone is talking about Varry, Love couples getting married, but last month Violet didn't have that bump in her stomach, everyone is talking about. Is she pregnant? We need to find out, we love to have another Direction. 
And how about Harry, he'll be a great daddy.* 
I sighed," great they will find out soon."
"Don't worry who cares once you guys get married I am going to propose to Eleanor ." Louis smiled
Eleanor who was shock kissed him. The guys were cheering me up.
"We'll have a lot of babies BUT A SON!" El smiled.

Then the song *Up All Night* came up. We kept singing. And had fun. I just wonder if we have time to run from the fans.

(Author's Note: Sorry if it's too short I'll write another one next time about the mall one :) Be grateful DIRECTIONERS YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! AND YOU GUYS TOO ONE DIRECTION!)


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