One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


9. Memories(Zayn's P.O.V)

Zayn's P.O.V

Hearing the word baby popped out of Violet made me happy we are like a family. She has been with us for a long time and I knew Harry made the right choice to marry her and having the future baby beside us. I just hope she hasn't told Simon he would freak. Uncle Simon of course freaking person he loves to freak about Violet. Watched Violet grow for years and saying good bye he told us that for a long time. I closed my eyes remembering the flash back


~~~~ 6 Years Ago~~~~(Author's note: I know it's too long but it has to match the story sorry I know my facts but I have to do this guys sorry directioners :'] I'm mad at me too I know my facts about the boys A LOT but I have to prove it has been 6 years :D OKAY BYE! SO DON'T BE CONFUSED!)

   " Hey boys." Simon said.
    "Hello." Louis replied.
     We were at Simon's house between the addition of X factor we came in third.But no worries we still made or became One Direction. We sang "TORN" and we got the part.
     When we were all done we sat down in his house. Harry and I saw the picture of him and Violet. He was so young well he is still young but this one with a mullet and a beard kind off. It was still funny. Still Harry kept staring at the picture and asked. 'Who is that?'Louis came and said,'She's pretty Simon who is she?' Niall who walked in and saw and he awed. Liam who kept staring at her he smiled and said,' Must be his daughter.' I said,' Impossible mate he didn't announce it or anything about like 7 years since he was famous.'
    Simon who just still came in he saw us looking at the picture. JUST HOW I THOUGHT HE WAS FURIOUS BUT THAT HE WAS LOOKING AT US JUST CONCERNED.
    'Well that is my collage and still old best friends' daughter. She's 16, she is coming back just today.' He said, 'She left like a year. She wanted to go to University she is really smart you guys.' 
    'Wow,' Liam said.
    'Are you picking her up?' Niall whispered. Simon shook his head and told us that his bodygaurds will pick her up.
    'Harry, mate why are you quiet?' I asked.
    ' Oh it's nothing,' He nudged. And then he asked for a story about her,
    ' Well she used to have parents, her parents died in a car crash actually it was raining. Her parents were with her until they got crashed into the drunk driver. The hospital called me they knew I was their close friend because the contact. I visited them and told me what happened and they died. Except for her, she was in a coma for a week. Thank god I was worried and then they told me she might loose memories but they will come back so then on I took her under my wings. I showed her how to sing, AMAZING SINGER! She got into collage she loved school so she moved to Ireland to take the close. There she is.' Simon said pointing at her. She got out the car. Oh my mirror her hair they were brown just like Harry's and her eyes they were brown lightly brown a little black thought but so beautiful. I never knew she smiled ' UNCLE SIMON!' And that is how we got (Author's note:UNCLE SIMON :D JK)
    'VIOLET!' Simon ran and hugged, she was pretty I saw Harry his eyes starred couldn't get his eyes off her. I nudged. 
    ' This must be One Direction!' She giggled. ' I voted for you guys.' And she was wonderful we learned stuff from her. And now she is back, 
    ' This is wonderful you went to Ireland Collage!' Niall smiled.
She nodded and said,' It was great I learned a lot and I graduated so I am back.'
    ' You guys this is Violet Vavans and she will be your song writer plus Ed Sheeran.' Simon said. We cheered. 
    ' Wait why is she a song writer?' I asked continuously. 'Well she learned how to write lyrics.' Simon groaned out well he wasn't tired but Violet kept staring at him.
    ' Go on and sing what you wrote for their new album.'
She shook her head. 'WE GOT A SHYER HERE!' Louis shouted.
    ' HAHA....' Liam laughed and Harry who kept saying with Niall and I,' SING IT SING IT AND PLUS GO ON WITH THE SONG FOR US!' She smiled and did...
AND we got 'What Makes You Beautiful!' And we had fun over the day.


And now she is pregnant time goes by fast. Harry choosed the right girl. I can't wait to be the uncle of the baby.


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