One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


14. Lost and Trapped

Violet's P.O.V

   I was in the stall. I didn't know where Harry was nor the others. It was strange how my heart beat ,was it because I have two hearts? Oh my gosh I was the only one in the restroom, I wanted to throw up, though I did. I stood there flashing where it happened, when the paps. were almost attacking us. It was my fault I thought to myself. How stupid am I, being tripped and letting Harry catch me. 
     Was it really worth it, hiding from the paps. hiding my pregnancy? What if they found out? Should I disable our baby? Who cares right now I wonder where the others are....No, I won't disable my baby nor Harry's. I don't care if the paps knew....

   I kept thinking about it NO NO NO! 

Harry's P.O.V

   I was in the store with Zayn, Toms. I knew what would happen if any other people found us, I would be chased plus Zayn will have his hair ruined. We both hid in the changing room. I was in the other one and he was next to mine. But good thing it was dark in here.
  I wondered where are the others? I got a text from Gemma.

    From: Gem-sis=)
    To: Har-bro:P

*Where r u? Liam, Niall, and I are hiding in the elevators pressing random buttons. LOL, safe, Where r the others 2?*

   From: Har-bro:P

* IDK, but ok, where will we see u?* 

She didn't reply so then I got another text, but from Zayn in the other room.

    From: DJ Malik
    To: H.S 

*Hey, I know where Lou & El are, in an abandon store, can't believe they're in there haha. Do u know there the others?*

   To: DJ Malik

*k, I know the others r in the elevators & Idk about Violet. I hope she is okay....*
    I didn't have a reply from Zayn he just knocked on the door and said,
    I smiled in humor, What are we going to do now?

Louis' P.O.V

   We ran until we got to a store, which no other would gone in, an abandon store. It wasn't lock until I used a hair pin from my love.  We hid and closed the door. It was dark but we hid in the corner.
   "Lou, why did you choose this place. It's dark and I'm afraid." El said nervously. I felt bad though.
     "Don't worry I'm here," I said bravely and kissed her on the neck.
      "Do you know where the others are?" She asked.
      "Gem, Ni, and Li are in the elevator pressing random buttons." I laughed," And Zayn and Harry are in Toms, it's dark in there so they're in the changing room."
       "and?" El whispered.
         "And what?" I bit my lip.
         "Violet?" she whispered while shouting.
         "I don't know..." I said. I took out my phone and texted Violet. I changed the names.

      From: Mr. Sexy Bum
      To: Violet-rot :)
*Where r u?* I texted

From: Vi-rot :)
To:Mr. Sexy Bum

's bathroom....the paps r outside the bathroom except 1.. she's video caming I'm being quiet." She typed.

I told Eleanor," We have to get Vi."
She nodded.

Gem's P.O.V

   I looked at Niall, still chewing on the load of bread I got him. I bit my gum tying to find a way to escape. The paps were so mean chasing us but never got us. What complete bull shits.

     "WHERE ARE WE GOING?" Liam said frighted.
Why is he shouting he's been camera for a long time. Well I guess he's worry about Violet. He kept pressing the buttons.
     "Stop pressing the buttons. El sent me a text to go get Vi in the restroom." 
NIall muttered.
      "Why where is she?" I asked.
      " Paps are there, poor thing in the stall with one girl of the sugar pop is in there while the others are out." Niall whispered.
      I nodded, We stopped pressing the buttons and got to the nearest bathroom, but no one but a women who was washing her hands. Niall and Liam couldn't go in because they aren't girls. As soon as I got out I saw a brunette and a brown chick. They were girls or boys. I laughed....


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