One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


78. Just Saying.

                                       Harry's P.O.V

      I stood there waiting for the beach done. The wedding will be beautiful, just like a story, I read to a kid before...
"Harry, you done, so we can get you your tux." Louis shouted.
"Yeah!" I shouted back. The waves were hitting, splashing everywhere. It's going to be a great day tomorrow, tonight is the bacholar party....
      "So, are you excited?" Zayn patted my back.
"I'm ready." I smiled. 
"Well man, this is the last time I'm going to see you as a little kid." Louis patted my back.
"Hey what does that mean?" I frowned, as we all began driving to the 'Tux.' place.
"Well, you're growned up? Aren't cha?" Louis snickered. I rolled my eyes. 
"I can't believe your getting married, earlier than me." Liam smiled. I chuckled.
"Maybe, I'm just lucky." 
     "Just got a text from Anne, that Violet is doing great, she got her dress, and everything is done." Niall smiled. I nodded.
"I got a text from Violet....she's mad at you, for ditching her and leaving her for Darcy." Simon laughed.
"Haha, whatever..." I muttered,"Tell her I'm sorry, I'll make it up for her in France, for our honeymoon." I winked.
"Too much information..." Paul chuckled.
"Sorry mate. But you just have to face her- OOH!! Wow! Sydney looks hot in this dress, look!" Ed showed us the text. 
"Cool, my mine looks better!" Josh pushed it into our face, showing Gemma. I rolled my eyes.
"Nah UH MINE!" Louis, Zayn, and  Liam pointed. At least Niall doesn't have to show anything....
"MY CHICKEN LOOKS BETTER SEE!?" He pushed it into my face, a chicken in it's wedding dress. I laughed...
Silly Niall....

                                  Violet's P.O.V

     The girls were done fixing up, with their dresses. They were so pretty..
"So who's the flower girl?" Eleanor asked.
"Lux." I persumed. "Lou is doing my hair." I smiled  (A/N: See 'Lou is'  it looks like Louis :D )
     Eleanor nodded, "What about a band singing?" 
"The boys, and Little Mix, or's!" I laughed.
"The bridesmade?" 
"You mean Bridemades. Well, You, Danielle, Perrie." 
"And what about me?" Jesy smirked.
"You guys will be the one cheering? I don't's all set up, by Liam." 
"Oh well, I tried." Jesy shrugged.
      "I can't wait until tomorrow...but tonight, we will get a little fun." Danielle smiled. I nodded.
"Anne is baby sitting right?" I asked. 
Anne nodded, "I can't party, I love babysitting my grandbaby." 
      Tonight will be fun.....


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