One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


26. Information....murder?

No Body's P.O.V

*Meanwhile in the truth or dare game
Now in the hospital*

"Doctor?" Marlene asked.
"yes, Nurse?" Doctor Alicia said.
"I have found the information of Violet Vavans' parents..." She gave the folder of Mr and Mrs. Vavans' paper to Alicia.
"What's this fuss, I thought-" Alicia was cut.
"You asked for the information till the baby was born and then figure out what happens until she gives birth to the baby, you wanted to find out about her parents...those mysterious burns cuts, and those-"Marlene was startled.
"The scars, signing... and I don't know what happened to Silver Vavans'(Mom) body, they were scribbled with some information that couldn't be wiped off and the back of her hair, it was some bleeding marks writing *V.W.D*..." The doctor couldn't go on.
"What about Simon? Why did we contact him?" Nurse asked.
"He was the only one that can protect the girl, she will die the victims...that is why Simon doesn't want her to be famous, the people who murdered her parents are finding her..." Alicia spoke.
"Why would they want her?" Again with the questions..
"I don't know..." The doctor explained, but she knows didn't want the information to flutter out to the one she can trust. She swore to protect the girl....
"She we contact her..."
"No, she need to protect the baby, and her new family. Plus she's getting married so why bother." She spoke instantly.
   They wanted her to die because she was the one that saw everything. The one that found them stealing from people's place, to get revenge they killed her family in the car crash. Some fans of One Direction had their parents told them not to like the girl. To terminate her....She was the one that had her killed. The girl shot one of their leaders and then had gone into a coma and can never remember the past. of course it can come back but something has to give her a sign...
Although one day, one of those killers tried to come in the hospital to kill her but then the police came investigating how the parents died. 
  Doctor Alicia knew everything she saw, she was the one that had a sister who married one of them. And the one of them was the leader. They steal everything and kill everything in sight. Her sister is still alive from these years, she moved with her, a kid came on the day the husband died. It was a girl....
   The girl became aware of everything. And she became one of those killers again, following the genes of the dad, she swore to kill Violet. She got the news from her mom over talking to Alicia. The mom didn't mind of Violet killing the dad because she knew she was right of killing. The daughter is lost, don't kill Violet....

  "Doctor what's wrong?"Marlene nudged.
"We have to contact the police and Simon, but Simon first...TRUST ME NEVER TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS!" Alicia said.
"I swear." Marlene swore.
And they called....

Simon's P.O.V

  I was minding my business with Ed and Paul.
"Simon how about this picture?"Paul showed.
It was the boys taking picture but Liam trimmed his hair, in this picture he has his hair.
"No, it's too old."I said,
"How about this!" Ed shouted giving me a drawing of them for photo shoot next week...
I looked at it, Liam on the telephone of England and Niall inside it. Louis holding to climb on and Zayn grabbed him to get on. And Harry folding his arms looking at them. That's THE ONE!
"We'll use that!" I cheered.
"YAY!" Ed and Paul cheered.
I got a ring on the phone.
"Hold on..." I muttered and walked into my office.
I closed the door.
"Hello?" I said,
"it's me." The voice of Alicia said.
"What is it?"
"Should we contact the police, a girl has came and asked us about the report of Violet..."
I knew it was stupid but we should to protect her and her new family. I wish she shouldn't knew. She shot him....he deserved it, he was trying to kill her parents to get the money, she sneaked getting James' gun. But then later 2 days past, they died, revenge hurts, she was only 13. She got shot in the leg, it mend and then got into the coma when the car crashed. When she asked what happened I had to lie, saying she fell and broke her leg through a glass. 
"Okay Simon." She said.
She ended the phone call I walked out seeing Paul and Ed smiling about the when the first time they got the jobs.

Ed's P.O.V

 When Simon left, Paul asked me something.
"Excuse me, bathroom..."
He left inside and it was my turn to eavesdrop.
"it's me..." 
He put it on speaker a tiny speaker.
"What is it?"
"Should we contact the police, a girl has came and asked us about the report of Violet"
"Yes..." he sounded worried.
"Okay Simon." 
I ran back sitting there thinking,

 who wanted Violet? What happening to Violet. Who's the girl? Who was the person who talked to Simon? Why tell me why are you hiding secrets Simon....was it really because of Violet loosing something? Just tell me, I think I should ask the others but not too much....

"Hey remember we didn't get a long very much until we liked the same movies." Paul came smiling.
"Oh yeah and remember we thought the boys were only quiet until we saw their expressions!" I smiled.
"Yep, and remember Violet came and you liked her, you actually failed, but then Harry came!" Paul horsed.
I kept laughing....


Violet...reminds me the questions again!

I saw Simon came out. 
"Guys it's night want to go home?"He said.
"Well yeah off to my family's house..." Paul left.
"Are you going to stay here?" I blurted.
"Yeah..." He looked at me mysteriously.
"I know something is happening, your acting weird, Simon." I said.
"What did you exactly heard?" He looked at me not mad but asking.
"About Violet, contacting polices, tell me what's happening between Her." I asked.
"You swear not to tell, you can't tell Violet."he said.
I nodded.
He explained,wow....
"So are we going to tell her by how?" I sputtered.
"Don't worry we will tell her by the police..." He wasn't sure.



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