One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


29. I Expect This Is A Trick.....

Michie (Killer's Daughter) P.O.V

"Mich, what should we do now, She's famous..." Steve scowled..
"I know Steve hold on baby, we will find her, hanging out with that brats, One Direction, pesky bugs." I scolded.
"Hold on guys, we have the contacts from the others," Helen spoke.
I grabbed the hold of the phone.

*Hello!* i shouted through the phone.
*Ow!* I heard Fred whined.
*Sorry..* I answered.
*Why are we doing this again?*Neal said.
*Revenge for my dad* I said.
*But didn't you already killed both of her parents?* Sydney spoke.
*So?* I growled.
*Where are you?!* Fred said.
*In the Garage Truck Fortune....*Steve bite his lips.

I closed the phone, I saw them coming up.
"So what should we do now?" Helen crowed.
"Plan a Plan." I said.
"WHAT?"Sydney exposed.
"Well tell us the plan..."Fred budged.
"Okay, one will try to send him an invitation to One Direction, to a club and I go in with Harry,Drunk, and you know." I said.
"It breaks her heart....and she runs away, we crash into her." Neal smiled.
"Then it's settled....when?" Steve came kissing me.
"When she is 9 months...or 8 months" i growled kissing him....
"Don't have too much on the styles guy." Steve smiled too me...
we laughed....

Zayn's P.O.V

   "hello?" I got a call.
"Hey Za Za!" Perrie used her singing voice.
"Hey babe what's up?" I said.
"Can't wait for next month huh!" She smiled.
"I miss you can't wait for you to snuggle up in my bed." I wooed.
"Haha-"She began
"10 second Perrie." A voice said.
"Got to go." Perrie said.
I said goodbye.
  I looked at my friends, I saw Violet snuggling for a blanket her face was too red....
"Mates, Eleanor, I think she's sick." i pointed out.
Harry walked from the kitchen and set his eye on her, he let his hands on her forehead...
"She's sick..." he said...
"How?" Louis asked.
"I don't know but I saw her crying a lot or something, wasn't she sweating a lot..." Niall meered.

Harry's P.O.V
  I felt her hot cheeks red, I woke her up because she slept for 4 hours straight....
"Wake up Violet..." I told her...
I saw the rest still looking at her. The blankets on her, I looked at her, she coughing and faced somewhere else.
"I love you wake up, Moment in time...." I laughed in her ear.
"WAKE UP!" Eleanor and Louis shouted.
"SHUT UP!" Liam yelled while crying to *Timonthy Green*
"guys*cough* calm down*cough* I'm just too tired maybe sick.." She said.
I looked at her, red very burning.
"She's burning up!" I said.
Eleanor rushed into the kitchen and grabbed a cold wet towel for violet.
I wiped her on the face. She woke up staring at me. I leaned down to kiss her but she started to weep again.
"What's wrong?" i asked her.
"My throat hurts." she said.
I wiped her tears and kissed her lips passionatly, she tried to go because she didn't want me to be sick but then she didn't really care.

Violet's P.O.V

 I got up and said,"What now?"
"Umm,we want to tell you something...." harry said.
"What?" i rubbed my burning face.
"We're going on tour..."Zayn said.
"wha?!" I said.
"Simon told us, plus get your mind off your parrrrrrrrrrrooooottt....." Niall said.
i saw them giving Niall the look.
I didn't cry,"Okay, i'll go...." I smiled.
"THERE'S THE VIOLET I KNOW!"Lou came and hugged me while kissing me on the cheeks.
"LET'S EAT CAKE!"Liam said, while hugging me.
"Actually my stomach is getting big I will eat other then cake Liam."I said.
I looked at Harry's puppy dog's face...
"FINE!" i said...
"YAY." i heard them cheer....
"I expect this tour should not be a trick..." i muttered.
"Nope it's next week!" Eleanor smiled.
"Okay!" Harry said.
We celebrate some cake for the tour and started to sing karaoke....
HAHA! I can't believe, they're twitting about this....I saw a pic they took for me that I was sleeping.....

@Numma: Red Face :')

I kept laughing how more people following me...

I twitted:
@Varry1D: hey guys guess what, how many month it has been and TOUR TO NEW YORK! NEXT WEEK :) 

And I got quotes,
I expect this is a trick....I wonder....





A/N : Sorry if it's too short :( Okay! I'll make a longer one next chapter I promise. PROMISE!!! :) I just wanted you guys to know the killer gang's name >.<
~J.1D <3


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