One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


21. Heart Attack & Hide n seek

Louis' P.O.V
"Guys..." I finally stopped the awkward silence between the room.
"Shoot." Zayn said while smiling.
"Okay, I was wondering let's play hide and seek to scare them meaning Harry and Violet." I grinned.
"They won't but it's going to be fun like scare them." Eleanor muttered.
"First let's eat, I'm craving some left-over cake." Gem smiled.
"YEAH!" Liam smiled and Niall.
"Okay but hurry." I repeated.
    We rushed to the kitchen grabbing the left over cake. Bad morning breakfast...
"Well it's breakfast now dig in!" Niall said grabbing the dishes and forks, Liam told us not to get spoons....
"YUM!" Niall shouted.
"Mhmm." Gem smiled.
"NO Louis Don't put any on my nose." Eleanor giggled while blocking her nose.
"I Got YOU!" I shouted and dipped some whip cream on her nose.
"I finished." Zayn smiled while washing the dishes.
Several minutes later we were all done but the dishes weren't....
"Who's going to wash the dishes?" Liam smiled.
"Pull straws." Gem suggested.
I grabbed a 6 straws and cut them differently.
    "Close your eyes and pull whoever has the longest has to clean it up." El smiled evily.
"Okay." Zayn agreed.
     I didn't cheat, well maybe mwhahahaha anyways I closed my eyes and the others did too grabbing the hold of each straws with their fingers. 
"I WIN!" I shouted.
'ME TOO!" El and Niall grinned.
"Well I am..." Gem cried smiling.
"It's always the suggester..." Zayn teased.
"SHUT UP!" I shouted.
" Clean and HIDE!" I smiled.

 ~  2 minutes later~

   "I'm done." Gem smiled.
"Okay HIDE DO NOT MAKE ANY SOUNDS HIDE THE GOOD HIDING SPOT, THEY CANNOT FIND US, Here have a walkie talkie,"I gave them 5 walkies.
"TURN IT SMALL VOLUME!" Eleanor shouted.
"Okay! And tell us when you are done..." Zayn commanded.
    I hid in a small cramped under bed...which likely has a lot of clothes under which is mine. I covered them to make a wall for not showing me.

   Eleanor's P.O.V

   I ran and hid in the small closet filled with a lot of coats that are large...must be Winter or Paul's...
It can be blankets...
I hid there covering me with them not folding but spread them on me.

 Niall's P.O.V

   I saw a box that no one can ever find.
I hid int here of course. I covered it with a jacket, Harry's Jack Wills.
Sorry Harry...

Liam's P.O.V

  I saw a couch with no edges, in the living room I hide there covering a lot of Blankets on me. I laid in there smiling with my phone giving me light... 
The blankets were great not sufficating me.

Zayn' P.O.V

  Oh my god Zayn find a spot! 
I ran hiding in Niall's closet. 
I knew Niall has a lot of stuff including food... Hah I covered myself deeply into the corner closet with clothes... which fell from his hangers.

Gem's P.O.V

  I walked and hid in a huge closet, which no one can ever find me...
Because it was huge, though it was large with big boxes. I ran into the largest box with more covering for the bed.
I hid there closing into the bottom of it with sheet covering me on top.
"I repeat has anyone find the hiding spot." I heard a walkie talkie said whispering.
"Yes Louis we have." Liam repeated.
"Everyone has." I smiled.
"The Intruder Has Came In.." Liam said,
"Okay you're near the door...I understand." El said.
"Hey Zayn where are you mate?" An Irish tone said.
"Umm *Chomp* *Crumble* somewhere..." He's voice muttered while chomping..

"You're in my closet...better not eat my favorite chips..." Niall muttered.
"Shh!" I said..

Harry's P.O.V

"The curtains are closed..." Violet said.
"Don't worry," I smiled holding her waist trying to help her walk.
"Where are they?" She asked.
"Hiding probably.." I said leaning in kissing her lips.
Moments spread, Whenever I touch her lips I feel different.
Her warm lips weren't forcing anything, just lightly touching each circular of my blood on my lips.
I let go because I heard a rustle.
"What was that?" I said.
"Shh.." She said pressing her finger on her.
She walked across the couch.

Violet's P.O.V

His lips were very circular to me every ounce of his lip on mine. I loose control of my body.
Then I heard a rustle.
"What was that?" He asked.
"Shh.." I smiled. Pressing my fingers onto my lips.
My stomach hurt, I thought it was kicking, but it was just pressure of scaring.
I walked across the couch and saw blankets.

Louis' P.O.V
"Ready and scare." I said.
"Copy that." I heard several voices said.
I got out silently. I saw a boy with curly hair on the back and saw a jacket on.
And then I saw Niall and Eleanor and Gem out.
Zayn was the last to got out.
But where was Liam?

Liam's P.O.V
I could stand the pressure....I got out yelling
I heard a scream while laughing.

Violet's P.O.V
I saw Liam moving and yelling.
I didn't scream but my heart pounded like a heart attack.
But my heart raised when I heard a scream.
"Liam.." I said holding the chest of my heart.
"Sorry." He apologized.
I nodded and he got out.
"who was screaming?" I asked while walking to the other place where the groups are.
I looked at Harry...on the ground.
"Harry!" I said while sitting down.
"Harry was screaming and he fell." Louis smiled.
"How did he fell?" I asked.
"Louis pushed him." Gem smiled.
"Mate!" Zayn shouted.
"MY CHIPS!!" Niall shouted while grabbed it out Zayn's hand.
"Well I'm down here." Harry smiled.
I grabbed and pulled him up.
"Thanks." he smiled.
"Heart Attack..." Harry smiled.
"LIGHT BULB!" Niall smiled.
"NEW ALBUM AND SONG!" Eleanor shouted.
I got out a paper and wrote Heart Attack.

And this is how Heart Attack...was came all I need was the lyrics but it's easy..
Thanks to the guys and girls! They always helped me....


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