One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


24. Happy Halloween


Niall's P.O.V    
FOOD! Oh My Horan!TODAY IS HALLOWEEN! MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY! Well actually Leprechaun day is one....Halloween is 2nd.

*Flashback about 1 year*      "

TRICK OR TREAT!"We all shouted.

"OH! It's ONE-"The teenager was cutted.
"Sh!" I shushed her smiling. "and Violet and Eleanor, wow can I get you're autograph and picture to get proof please and candy for you guy's I won't forget!"She whispered. We smiled and nodded. 
"CHEESE!" Violet blushed in her sexy kitty costume, Harry quote the sexy...
"NO CARROTS!" Louis smiled in his Peter Pan costume, mostly he looked like Peter Pan.
"Thanks and here!" The girl smiled making us signing it.
"Erm, you have a picture of us, directioner!" Harry smiled. "And VANNERS!"She shouted while whispering.
"Haha Thanks!" She continued.  
 We left that place and then Eleanor kept running away from Louis.
Her costume was a skeleton costume. Much really she just running from Louis with a carrot candy.

"GIVE IT TO ME!" Louis kept chasing her until she fell on her bottom.
I could see Harry telling Vi to give her kisses. And what do I know they were kissing and eating kisses....BLARH...
"OKAY!" Lou shouted and traded it.

"NO ZAY-" Liam twitched. It was too late he drank the whole bottle. "TOO...MUCH....ENERGY....JUICE!" Zayn shouted with a seizure face.
"CALM DOWN ZAYN!" Violet said while holding him still until he stopped....   But then we got home and got a lot of candy, Violet didn't want any so I ate all of her candies. SHE GOT THE GOOD KINDS!  

*Flashback ends*

  I woke up seeing that I was at the bottom of the 3 bunk beds. I saw Zayn was 2nd and Liam at the top. 
"BATMAN TIME" Liam jumped down the bunk bed and gave me a hug and started brushing his teeth and changing his clothes. Zayn just kept staring at us.
"What mate?" Liam asked.
" stomach hurts!" Zayn moaned.
"It can't be a fever..." I trailed off.
"It can't..." he still moaned again.
"Just get the hell out of bed and change and you just have to eat Zayn!" I shouted cheerfully.
"awwwwww," He growled while flipping to the other side. Whenever he gets sick we always gives him hugs and kissed on cheeks, but the kiss he wants are only from girls and sometime he doesn't bother punching us if we mess with him or kiss him on the cheek to tease him.    I heard a knock on the door, Louis I bet.
"Guy's BREAKFAST!" Violet shouted through the door. Liam ran and sat down chowing down to get his new batman costume.

"Com' on!" I pleaded. I saw Violet wearing my favorite shirt of all,

'HAPPY HALLOWEEN <3!' and then there was our signatures on it. "What's going on?" She asked. I explained," Sick for him..."

Zayn's P.O.V  

  No Perrie Edwards don't leave me! I fluttered through my eyes everything dark and seeing how she was all sad saying,'I'm sorry Zayn but we can't be together...' Again the words of her voice kept repeating. 'No I love you.'  'I'm sorry...I CAN NEVER LOVE NO ONE ELSE I LOVE YOU!'  She reached my hand and jumped hugging me. A slight opening of my mouth between hers. 'Don't leave me love....' I yelled at her. Our fling of hand started walking away a drift to the light. I woke up.... "PERRIE!" I shouted in my whisper voice...
"What's going on?" I heard the most of the wondering voice out of my ear.
"Sick for him." I heard Niall's Irish voice tittered.
"Oh let me see."I heard the voice again. I felt a warm slightly touch in my forehead.... I wanted to grab the hands, knowing it was who, I couldn't find out.... "He's just having a fever."

The voice turned into a slightly soft voice.

"Perrie?" I muttered softly.
"No Zayn it's only Violet." Niall said. I know it's Violet but it sounds like Perrie, Her voice just like her, I think I love Violet... NO BAD ZAYN! She's PREGNANT AND GETTING MARRIED AND I'm waiting for Perrie to come back next month, she got her hit single with Little Mix. DNA....   But her voice of singing isn't like hers....

"Are you awake Zayn?" She asked.
"Yes..."I muttered getting out and took a shower. I kept smiling seeing my happy face then brushed my teeth. I walked out with no clothes just naked :D LOOK AT ME!!


"AAA I WILL I WILL!" I heard her scream while giggling. She ran and did Niall. I changed my clothes, and got out.
"Happy?" I teased.
"YES!" Harry said hugging Violet's stomach and dancing,
She opened her eyes and hand from covering her face.
"YAY!" Eleanor shouted!
"What?" Louis asked.
"Today's Halloween!" She gasped.
"Really...."Liam angrily gritted his teeth while holding up a spork!
"Liam honey, when a spoon loves a fork too much they make a spork..." Niall smiled patting his back.
"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MATE!" He shouted showing this to Harry.
"Violet played the joke!" Louis pointed at her.
"NO! NOT ME! IT WAS EL!" She shouted.
"Yep HAHAHA!" She kept bursting on giggling with Lou. I kept laughing and then until the plan we stopped and walked to the Halloween store,   "Halloween Costume Spirit"  

"How's Perrie?" Niall budged me. I kept smiling,
"Great she loves Paris and coming back next month" 
We shopped for hours and the paps knew we were here they just only took pictures we didn't mind. The fans were there until Paul came and protect us...he knows whenever we're in danger of directioners.
"I'm scared...." Violet meeped.
"Haha from Paul?" I horsed.
"Over here!" The paps yelled.
"Yes, me too." El meeped under Louis' arms.
"I got you babe." He smiled kissing Eleanor.
"Love, come here and try this costume." Harry teased Violet.    I got a text from my love.  


To: Star-ZaMal  
*Hey love Coming back on the 12 December *w* *

  I typed back..  

*Happy halloween and okay love :3 *

  She kept giving me hearts sign just like I did. Then we stopped of course Little Mix stuff...  

Harry's P.O.V  

Wear this! I thought...Giving her this cute Kitty costume. With A MASK!! HAHA!! AND I'll BE THE OTHER KITTY TOO!

"what Harold?" She asked. I smiled.
"This." I pointed at the special costume.
"I'll wear it if you'll be my buddy too." She sneered.
"Okay." I kissed her on the cheeks.
"What are you going to be?" Niall asked Louis.
"A carrot." He smiled."And you?"
"From Kiss Put my hair into black and stuff!" Niall sneered."El?" 
"A witch." She smiled hugging Louis.
"LEEYUM IS A BATMAN!" Liam shouted across the way.
"And I'll be....KISS TOO!" Zayn agreed with Niall.  

Gem's P.O.V

    I saw mom walking near me asking me what to do today hang out with my bro friends...I sighed to myself,
"Mom I need to find Tori Meni My friend!" 
"Do you know where she is?" I asked. "Yes here's the adress."

She pointed me the paper which has our friend's adress or ect. I walked over seeing Mom watching cartoons, HOW CUTE!

"Aww look at Tom&Jerry, Gemma!" She weeped, for her younger self interest.
"Mom don't cry...." I smiled kissing her on the cheeks. I hugged her.
"Thanks honey." She hugged me tigtly and we laughed throughout the whole show time. Then it was noon about 12:03.  
"Gem," My mom hollared across the kitchen to the upstairs room.

"Yes Mommy?" I wandered downstairs seeing her fully dress wearing makeup with a long orange and sparkley blue dress. "Where ya going?" I pointed. "A elegant halloween mask party." She ate a cookie with a muffled voice.  "And what about me?" I smiled delightly.
"Remember your friends when you left saying goodbye going to PARIIE?" She looked at me in the eye,'don't forget them!' 
"OH Yes, Tori Meni!" I shouted excitley. "But I don't know where she is though..." My brain fluttered a lot, I missed my best friend. We were friends since 4th grade....And now she's gone....
"Well she lives around here kid, she's studying for a HUGE prize, for $1,000, for her parents." Mom scowled me to shut up, complaining and look at the board of Adresses and ect.

       "Haha, I will!" I stared at the board.   I walked over to the street, but my mom stopped me as soon as I walked out the door.
         "STOP!" Mom commanded.
"Yes?Mo-ACHOO" I sneezed.
"Bless you, Are you going to Halloween?" Mom nodded into a question. 
      "Yes with Tori!!!" I cheered. "Okay, keys to house? Phone? And money?" She sputtered.
       "YES YES YES!" I yelled out smiling and my stomach with butterflies were making me happy.
        "And costume?" Mom trying to make herself sound like a worried mom talking to a 13 year old, BUT I'M 20!!
         "We'll go shopping." I smiled looking at my phone contacts that she was still there!
         "Bye honey!"She waved and I left. I was wearing my collared dress, my handbag by Micheal Khors. My shoes converse and the dress color was white and the purse was black matching my hair and shoes.    I reached to the house, it was only a one story. I knocked...wondering if I got the wrong adress- The door opened and there was a drunk man....Damn wrong house...
          "WHAT!" he shouted. "Umm do you have Tori Meni?" I was scared and scarce... .
           "NO I DON'T YOU HAVE THE WRONG ADRESS!" He shouted madly...Stupid ass.... I left as he slammed the door, I walked to the next house near him, and it was a two story house. I knocked the door, and a man got out he was about 2 years older than me. 
            "Yes?" He asked slyly... Oh gawd don't let be a pervert! "Do you have Tori Meni?" I asked wondering.
             "No, but you should come in." He moved his eyebrows....        
               "Noooo..." I walked away....The next block I walked to a house. Another 2 story house. I knocked the door.
     Please be right, not a drunk man or some pervert.....

     "Hello." I smiled as the woman opened the door, holding a cookie pan and her hair was in a bun.
      "Hello, are you selling something?" She smiled delightly with her red lipstick showing out her perfect teeth and white baby skin.
       "Umm, Did I get this house right?" I muttered under my voice.
        "Excuse me? Well if it Depends." She smiled.
          "Is Tori Meni here?" I nervously asked, while my face all red like a balloon.
         "Yes she is here, but who are you?" A man walked out, Mr. Meni...I thought and this could be Mrs. Meni and those two baby twin boys must be her brothers sleeping.
          "I am Gemma Styles, her friend froms chool about 4th grade through right now." I smiled shyly... It was silence and then Mrs.Meni smiled disappeared.
           "Gemma Styles...." The man said again and again.
             "That's my name." I twitched my nose.
               "OH DO COME IN!!! YOU'VE GROWN!!!" Mrs. Meni shouted while putting the pan of cookies back and Mr. Meni smiling. I walked in...
               "HOW WAS YOUR TRIP TO PARIE!!!??"He laughed.
              "It was great met a lot of nice people and the Eiffle tower just beautiful." I explained.
"She's here right upstairs you can go up and suprise her." Mrs. Meni grinned.   I nodded, walking upstairs and saw a door. I opened it and saw Tori turned around and she looked at me stunned.
     "Who are you? What are you doing in my room?" She sputtered madly.
       "It's me....Gemma Styles...."I muttered sadly...
He room was dark working on the computer and madly typed out the words, it was a letter contest, letter to the editer....
    "Oh MY GOD!" She screamed smiling losing the frustration in her face and came hugging me.
    "it's- nice- to -see -you----" I choked out on her hug.

"OW!I was at my mom's and wanting to visit you and come out and go trick or treating with me! Plus I got a new phone with a different number." I explained.
"Oh...." She replied.
"What are you doing?" I pointed out her computer texting.
"An award presenting to me if I do it and get $1,000" She pronounced.
"Let's go for Halloween then!" I cheered.
She agreed we walked out to get our costume and mine was a pirate and she was a fairy!
We went rick or treating, at least I'm not with the are they.
"TRICK OR TREAT!" We shouted.

Louis' P.O.V

"KITTY!" A girl shouted pulling on Violet's tail, good thing she has a mask, although Harry and hers are like those mascot ones with the head and bodies and ect.
"oof!" I heard a sound falling and then a laugh.
"What are you laughing at?" I grinned out the smiled.
"I fell!" Violet kept laughing!
"Harry your fiance fell with a pregnant body!"Eleanor said fixing her witch hat.
Harry ran over and his costume head wobbling.
Zayn kept laughing with his make up on and also Niall.
"BATMAN SAVES THE DAY!" Liam shouted holding Violet's kitty arm.
"Thank you Liam!" She smiled and hugged him.
"Liam thank you!" Harry high five the Batman....
We kept going trick or treating until no one caught us because of our mask, face paint, and our costume! NO MORE FANS FINDING US!
"let's go home it's raining!" Niall announced.
We ran back home and seeing each other off with our costume. At least we wore clothes under....
We shared candy until Violet didn't want hers....
Zayn smiled," Truth or dare now and SCARY STORIES LATER!" 
"OKAY!" We agreed.


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