One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


19. Happy Birthday!


Liam's P.O.V

   My birthday is today...turning 21. I didn't really like surprises but I do like parties.
I was walking until I saw Violet in the bathroom she shut the door. Poor Violet, throwing up. I felt her crying.
"Violet? Are you crying?" I asked.
"No, it's just the throwing hurts my throat." I heard her through the door. 
She opened the door," Happy birthday." She smiled and gave me a hug.
"Thanks." I said. I walked with her downstairs. The lump was showing. I wonder how does she walk with the lump.
"So what should we do for Liam's birthday?" Gem smiled.
"Umm Toy Story?" Louis said.
"Sure but let's go to the movies there and eat dinner at Nando's." I teased.
"Okay mate." Zayn said.
"Well I guess Nando's will be fun!" Niall smiled.
We walked out to get to the car until there were two directioners standing near our car.
"OMG HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIALL!" A blonde girl smiled holding a sign, 'Marry me Happy Birthday TURTLES <3 Toy Story!' I smiled.
"Can you sign!" Another girl shouted.
"Sure, where?" I agreed.

the fuck why on the boobs, inappropriate why would she ask that. I'm  daddy directioner, plus I don't do that but all well just only today.

"Harry let's go." I heard Violet said.
I signed her boobs and then left I didn't look at it just only the top of it. YUCK I thought to myself.
"How did you get here?" Niall asked both of them.
"Did you sneaked in?" Zayn again asked.
"Yes..." the other girl said.
Then I saw Paul coming and pressing the password.
He got in and he saw the girls.
He got out of the car and looked at them.
"Get out of here girls."
They looked at each other with smirked looks.
But then the other girl looked at Harry and Violet.
"Sure." Harry smirked. He signed it and then Violet signed.
Paul was getting angry he picked the girl up.
Then she left.
"Happy birthday Liam" Paul said, giving me a present.
I opened it, a picture of all of us.
"Thank you Paul." I gave him a hug.
We went onto his van and he drove us to the mall. He didn't follow us he was usually on the car.
We went inside and saw paparazzi taking photos of us, we didn't mind.
We went shopping for a bit and then went to the movies premiere.
Paul joined us watching Batman The Dark Night Rises.
I heard a guy shouted,"YOU SUCK BATMAN!" Then I turned around and shouted,"YOU SUCK!"
    "Liam respect the theater." Louis said.
I enjoyed the movie....

Violet's P.O.V

  I was in the part where Batman was with Bane...but that part where blood popped up I wanted to throw up. I tried my best not to ruin the movie. I closed my eyes tightly.
"what's wrong?" Harry whispered.
" bathroom for me..." I gave him a clue.
I saw the others were enjoying the movie with 3D glasses.
"be right back." I whispered.
I walked and got to the outside of bathroom but i wasn't in yet.
"Excuse me." I heard a boy said.
I turned around and saw him.
He was about my age but a little bit younger. He had black hair with a blazer shirt.
"Um, are you Violet Vavans?!" He said excitedly.
"Yes." I smiled.
"Can I have your autograph?"He asked.
I nodded. I gave him a autograph.
"Thanks, can I have a pic of you too." He asked.
"Sure anything for a fan" I laughed.
We took a picture and then he left thanking me.
I walked inside the bathroom and did what I did and got out washing my hands. I bought some popcorn and soda for us, because the others did and I felt craving.I got in and saw Harry giving me the look, 'Come here and cuddle me.' I smiled and did cuddled him.
"Here." I gave him a bag of popcorn and soda.
"Thanks." He said while kissing me.
"ew you just ruined the movie." Louis said, whispering.
"Come here and puck up your lips Louis." Eleanor whispered.
And the kissed. 
"who's ew now?" Harry said.
"Shh this is my favorite part." Niall whispered.
"Guys this is a movie theater and-" A girl said.
"Oh my god it's One Direction, Paul, and Violet and Eleanor!" She screamed whispering.
She was a movie theater worker.
"Can I have an autograph!" She said.
"Sure." The boys said.
I smiled and kept watching the movie.
"Violet can you please autograph this and you too Paul and Eleanor."
I did and so did they and then she left.

    The movie was over and we went out 
"THAT WAS THE BEST MOVIE BIRTHDAY EVER I CAN'T WAIT FOR TOY STORY 3!" Liam shouted. At least there wasn't anyone out here.
"I can't believe Batman or Bruce almost died because of the lame guy Bane!" Niall growled.
"I can't believe that cat women was an old person." Zayn smiled.
"That's mean." Paul said.
I giggled.
"Oh Harry..." I smiled.
"What?" He answered.
"I'm having a baby sound check next month are you coming to the doctors with me?" I asked.
"Of Course!" He popped.
"Where do we go now?" Gem asked.
"NANDO'S" El and Louis shouted.
"YEAH!" Niall smiled.

~~~~Ten Minutes Later~~~~

"Hi One Direction and Violet and Eleanor and Paul,and Gemma I'm a huge fan but right now I'm just a worker so what would you like?"A waitress asked.

"Um can I have a Whole Chicken, Chicken breast burger, PERi-PERi Nuts, Chicken Breast Fillet, Jumbo Platter, and Nandino's Ratatouille,and Pepsi." Niall ordered.

"That's a lot Niall..." Liam smiled.

"And you guys?"
"I'll have two Sprite and a Mixed Leaf Salad and a Nandino's chips. We're going to share." El and Louis said.

"We'll have Nandino's Sweet potato mash, Double chicken breast burger and two Root beer." Harry said. Which was meant for him and I.....

"I'll have a Water and Portobello Mushroom & Halloumi wrap." Zayn said.
"Me too." Liam said.
"Me three." Paul said.
"Include me too!" Gem smiled.


"Okay, I'll be right back." She said and walked away.

"Harry I didn't want to order, how many times have I told you." I muttered in his ear.
"Look, I want you to eat too." He said, kissing my forehead.

She came back with our food.
"Yum!" Niall drooled.
"Can you pass me the pepper." Liam asked.
We finished eating and left to go home and celebrate for his birthday.
"HEY TWITCAM PEOPLE WELL DIRECTIONERS! Thanks for the birthday comments!" and then Liam ended it.
We gave him cake and presents.

PRESENTS: Liam got a plaid shirt from Zayn.
Liam got a Daddy Direction neckalace from Louis and El.
Liam got a  Toystory toy from Gem and Anne.
Liam got a 3 D Toy Story movie and a batman movie from Harry and I.
Liam got a new album from Simon.

"OH THANK YOU!!!" Liam shouted like a kid.
"Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you , Happy birthday Happy birthday Happy birthday to you Liam!" We sang as he blew out the candle.
After that we kept twit caming and played hide and seek......
Until Louis lost....AGAIN :D


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