One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


54. Happy Birthday Hazza!

Eleanor's P.O.V
  (Finally it's my p.o.v)

Okay, so all I need is to surprise the BEST present I ever gave to Harry....last year I gave him a crappy stupid...I gave him a cat toy....STUPID!!!This year is different I got him a real live cat! Name: DUSTY's a cute name, so it can mate with the other Dusty....I hope I poked holes in that box.....o.o

   "What kind of ice cream palor we're going? Name?" Louis said as he was driving.
"Let's go to Nando's!" Niall suggested.
"No Niall, we don't have time for that." Liam scolded.
"I never heard you scolded before?" Niall whined.
"Again with the whine..."Zayn sighed.
"This is just madness." I spoke. The first girl that got into the mens comment. Then Danielle tagged along.
"What ice cream polar Harry?" 
   "Erm...Charplone's Icies." Harry replied.
"'s cold." I head Perrie said while getting off the car.
"Yeah chilly, but let's just get in." Sydney giggled.
Harry's P.O.V
   We sat near the window....bad idea. Paparazzi's were taking pictures of us. I still didn't really want to be seen....making nasty twists...
So the owner of the store closed the window with curtains whatever they are...hangers?
   "Present time peasant!" Louis shouted.
"Really peasant?" Niall smiled as he took a bite of his ice cream.
"Hey Harry, this is Louis and mine." Eleanor smiled.
   I opened the huge box with holes...holes? 
"Aww...." Violet cooed.
"It's a girl!" Danielle clapped.
"Wow how'd you afford it?" Ed smiled.
I was amazed...a cat...
"What's her name?" Perrie asked.
   "How about Dusty2?" Liam chuckled.
"Let the birthday by choose it!" Syd kindly explained.
"Cotton." I gave a grin.
"Why cotton?"Zayn looked pathetic.
"Because she's fluffy." I smiled,"I'll drop Cotton off to Mommy."
"This is ours." Ed said with Sydney.
    I opened it.
It was a beanie with another style of blazers...wth dark navy withe silver designs like chains.
"YAY!" I shouted...
"I knew you'd like it." Ed snickered.
"MY TURN!" Niall shouted.
    I opened the present, it had 2 shoes. One kind of brand shoe was 'DC' 
and rhwe other was a black converse.
I chuckled my favorite Niall bought shoes. other than food.
"I LOVE IT!" I cheered.
"Liam, Danielle, and I have a secret present at home for you." Violet smiled.
"Secret?" Zayn sputtered.
"Yep! It's creative." Liam winked,
"Oh! I know it's a toilet!" Louis hoorayed.
"A TOILET?" I gasped while laughing.
   " open ours!" Perrie gaved me the box from Zayn and her.
I opened it. 

It was a  key....
"What's the key for?" I asked.
"You'll see." Zayn winked.
" cream." Louis and Eleanor yummed.
   "Let's all eat and we'll see the key...and the secret." Niall smiled.
"Meow." Violet and Danielle meowed.
The kitty pounced onto Violet and Violet hold her warmly.
"Cotton is so fluffly!" Sid smiled.
   We ate our ice cream.
"Harry....let's go home and start twitcaming, presents, and then we can go to a dinner and a walk in the park." Violet suggested.
"I'll pay." Louis said.
"Me too." Eleanor smiled.
  We went for a pit stop or a 'drop the kitten to Anne's or Mommy's house'
We got home.
   I just walked in and stared at the 5 people.
"Okay explain what's your present?" I gestured.
"Okay fine then." Liam howled.
  "The extra key first." Danielle added.
"Fine." Perrie smirked.
"Harry just go in the extra garage." Zayn and Sydney said...
"Strange..." I laughed as I walked out of the the extra garage.
"A NEW CAR?" I sputtered.

   "Not just a's a lamborghini mercy" Eleanor corrected.
"ANd that's the it." Perrie and Zayn cheered.
 I kept smiling..thank you.
"Thank you I love you guys." I smiled giving them a kiss. And a bro hug to Zayn.
"Moving on." Ed moved on.
They all crowded me into a room.
"It's just a room." I pointed out.
   I saw Violet crossed her arms,"Look inside it." 
I opened the door.
It was a baby's room. Colorful and ontop of the wall or roof, was a blue painting with clouds over it.
There were two cribs and diapers and ect.
   I had a tear drop down my face.
"You 3 did all of this?!" I hugged them.
"Yes." Violet and Danielle and Liam shouted.
"Thank you." I grouped hug all of them.
"Time for twitcam!" Niall cheered.
"Hey guy's!" Louis turned on showing webcam of us. Violet and the other girls were makign a surprise dinner.
   'Hey!!!OMG!!' @Louis_Hip_Thruster wrote.
"Today we are going to wish Harry a birthday!" The boys shouted.
   "We will explain about our 1D in 3D movie contest." Liam announced.

Violet's P.O.V
   "Who knows how to make a cake decoration?" I explained.
Sydney was the only one that raised her hand.
"Okay Sid. Your going to decorate this cake I made," I handed out the big tray of cake on it.."Try to use this cream decorations writing 21st birthday, Happy B-Day Styles...or Harry...and add some decorations here." I gave her the materials.

  "Next job is that, who knows how to make spagetti? and tacos?" I asked.
Eleanor and Danielle raised their hands.
"Okay Eleanor do the noodles..and Danielle add some sauce and make the tacos." I said.
"And Perrie and I will make the pizza and pie..with fruits." 

   "This is fun." Eleanor smiled.
"Noodly." Danielle smiled.
"Gah..this writing is going to be beautiful." Sid smiled.
 Perrie made the pie and I made the pizza. I put the pizza in the oven.350* degrees.
The pie was almost done just needed to put the pie with fruits or 'pie tarts' in 350* 
It had pudding inside. Vanilla pudding. and the crust was hard. And with fruits.
  I took the pizza out and then Liam showed the people in twitcam us cooking.
"Say hello!" Perrie smiled as she set the done pie tarts on the table along with the pizza.
"YUM!" Niall came rubbing his hands while licking his lips.
"NO NIALL BAD NIALL!" I laughed while acting strict. Niall whined and got back.
  Then Sid was done with the cake and the other girls finished the spagetti taco.
"DINNER!" We all clapped.
   "BYE GUYS!" I heard Zayn and Ed shouted.
We ate and Niall moaned."HMM"
"Walk in the park?" We all agreed.
     I was on a swing...smiling happily...
But I recongize something....


A/N: What did Violet Recongize?? o.o I really want to write this in one chapter but I love the people on the edge of their seats. :) It makes me happy ah.I like Taylor and Harry but no offense I don't really want them together I don't's not about the age...but it's about the way Taylor MIGHT write a song about Harry...I just don't want him to get hurt. I love them very much but Idk....and that question was from twitter my movella favorite girl asked me on messaging. Jane Freans.<3
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~Jackie (UNICORN!!)


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