One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


41. Happy Birthday DJ Malik~


~1 week past Simon, Paul, Anne, and Gemma went home~

Zayn's P.O.V
     I woke up, smelling the fresh eggs upon my nose, I scrunched my nose, it was some eggs, waffles, and pancakes, ooh with bacon! I turned around, Perrie wasn't here, probably cooking. I got out of bed, no knowing what day it was, Oh well. I walked out of bed, started taking a cool shower and I wrapped a towel onto my waist, changing into my normal clothes, some white shirt like POLO and then some cream colored jeans. I made my hair up, and brushing my teeth. Wearing white Nikes
     I walked out of the room, I saw my girlfriend, Harry's Fiance, and Louis' girlfriend cooking. 
"Am I the only one awake?" I asked.
"Yes." Eleanor giggled as she brought out a plate, filled with eggs, pancakes, bacon, waffles, with little syrup. I smelled it, smelled like wonderland of Sugar Rush(in Wreck it Ralph).
     "Who cooked these?" I swallowed my bacon.
"Violet, gotta admit the best cooker I've seen." Perrie came with supplies for Violet.
"Yum." I grinned.
"Why cook today?" Eleanor asked.
"Well, Zayn has to know right? Have you figured it out?" Violet giggled.
"Find out what?"I scruffed the whole syrup with pancake in my mouth. (A/N: Sorry if I am making you watering, I am too :O)
     "I SMELL FOOD!" I heard Niall rushing out grabbing a plate from Eleanor. He was wearing a Blue POLO and white jeans and some Nike.
"Well girls?" I asked again looking at Niall eating roughly.
"Um, well, your age. That's a hint." Violet scuffed like I forgot something.
"Age what about it?" Louis walked out in his Toms, stripes, and some white jeans.
*Whisper Whisper* I heard Eleanor whispered to Louis.
"Oh yeah mate." Louis teased.
"Am I clueless?!" I gasped.
     "Hmm," Louis ate his plate, of watering waffles.
I saw Harry walking out, wearing a blazer and a white Tee shirt, with some jeans and converse. I saw Violet giving me a 'wow, dude it's a special day for YOU!' look. And then gave Harry's breakfast.
      "Thanks, hun." Harry pecked her on the cheeks. Violet was wearing a scarf her hair tied up with curls and letting her bangs come through, her scarf and a soft silky jacket was the color of White and Blue. Her dress was like a Winter short dress, she was wearing leggings with boots. 
        Eleanor was wearing a white jeans, and a Paw Print shirt with ripped holes on the arm. She was wearing boots, her hair pony tailed. 
        Perrie was making her hair up in a bun, she was wearing a short dress with leggings, and with a belt. And she was wearing high heels.
        "Um, my anniversary for Perrie?"I wondered.
Perrie scolded,"Do you really think you know?"
" reunion?" I announced.
"IT'S-" Louis muttered.
"LOU! The better he doesn't know the better fun it will be." Niall winked.
      What does that mean, that little leprechaun!
Ed walked out with Liam, 
      Ed was wearing,'Hipsta please.' Shirt and some jeans and TOMS.
Liam was wearing plaid shirt with some blue jeans and vans.
      "Okay yum!" Liam shouted eating, 
Ed stared at me. 
"WHAT!?" I yelled.
"Should we tell him." Ed rolled his eyes straight to Harry. Harry stared to Liam, Liam to Niall, Niall to Perrie, Perrie to Louis, Louis to Eleanor, Eleanor to- wait where was Violet....
   "Um, where is Violet?" I clueless said.
"Erm..." Harry looked around,"I don't know."
"Have you guys?" Niall smirked.
"What?" El said.
"BOO!" I heard a voice yelled behind me
"AHHHH!!!" I yelled and did Liam, and Louis, Louis did it on purpose.
    She dropped something in front of us. *BAM*
"What is that." I asked.
She rolled her eyes and slapped Harry.
"Erm, it's a...present." 
"Oh yeah it's my birthday."I said entusically not really.
"FINALLY!" I heard Violet shouted. I opened the present, it was a comb, from Harry.
"Thanks Harry." I smiled. He nodded.
A shirt from Eleanor, A pair of jeans from Ed, A Gel from Louis, A toy dog from Perrie, A stuffed animal from Niall and Liam, and last but not least....
 I opened the huge one, with holes....
"Why holes?" I asked.
        "Just open it" She smiled.
I did. 
"A PUPPY!!!" I smiled.
"OMG! AWW!" Perrie came by.
"THANK YOU ALL!" I hugged them.
"Name?" Eleanor smiled.
"How about Abe?" Louis convinced.
"NO!" Liam slapped him, I knew what Abe stands for...
      "DJ Malik?" Harry and Niall said at the same time.
"RUFF RUFF!" The dog said.
"It's official!"I yelled,"DJ MALIK!" 
    We clapped.
"How did you afford it?" Ed asked.
"Well, I work off course." Violet giggled.

Violet's P.O.V

      I knew what to get for Harry's birthday...I found a dog that looked exactly like Zayn, so I bought him on the way to the mall....SO DJ Malik it is....
I washed the dishes. 
"How about we go to a nice fancy dinner later."Harry introduced.
"Sure, where?" Eleanor asked.
"Zayn wanna choose?" Louis offered.
"How about we go to Forange?" Perrie asked.
"That french place?" Niall said disgusted.
"Guess Niall doesn't like that place." Ed smiled.
"He never liked that French place, ever since the TROUBLE." Liam shushed.
"Well, how about another V.I.P French place." Zayn said.
"Okay, we have to make a reservation then,"Perrie giggled.
       I was out in the blue, of course a French place, Hey didn't I made a reservation at Le Royal.....just yesterday....of COURSE!

"Violet, what do you think, a raunt?"Liam quote.
"Umm, I booked a Le Royal." I said.
"OOH I WANT TO GO THERE!" Louis shouted.
"How- are you a birthday fairy?" Zayn sputtered.
"No."I laughed.
"She can be." Eleanor joked.
"You guys fine with that place?" I asked.
"YEAH!" Harry came over and spinning me. 
"HARRY STOP!" I slapped his back as he let me down," OH AND YEAH! YOU DREW ON MY FACE!" I slapped him on the back again. He looked at me and laughed,
"Deep sleeper too." Niall smiled and then kept eating. I was so frustrated....

"Can we go now?" Perrie asked.
"Where?" Liam smiled.
"CARNIVAL!"Zayn danced.
"YES!"Eleanor and Louis joined on the dancing, 
"Well better get in the car, than dancing." Ed smiled.
"I CALL SHOTGUN!"Niall shouted.
    "Eleanor, sit with us!" Perrie yanked her hand and mines and I yanked Harry's arm.
"I guess Ed and Liam will be sitting with us." Zayn smiled.
"Yeah!" Ed grinned.
    I got into the car sitting in the middle to Harry, you know those gray vans, where they don't know who in there....
    I got a text from Simon...again on patrol. I changed mostly all my contacts name...

From: Sim-meow
To: Vi-boo

*Where r u going love, Paul is following u guys, like a stalker, I commanded him 2 do it.*

To: Sim-meow
From: Vi-boo

*Going to a carnival, and really! Stalkish much >:(, just Y?*


*Well need help then. well bye love, remember to tell, the boys about Paul.*

He left I didn't text back...
   "PAUL IS STALKING US!" I shouted as we drove.
We got to the carnival....
"STUFF ANIMALS!" Liam shouted.
Ed kept chuckling, he might make a music video for this.
"DIE DUCKIES!" I snarled and won a stuff animal, I gave to Liam..He snuggled it and I won a hamburger for Niall.
"Zayn!" Perrie gave it to him. A big unicorn with glasses.
I gave Harry a big Cat, he kissed me and he won me a huge tedy bear'I love you, my heart belongs to you.' Eleanor won Ed and Louis a big Duck with a T-bone...
We went on rides, I didn't go because of my twins. They got on, looking dizzy I smiled.

After that we went to the diner, Le Royal....
I took orders and then birthday cake came out...Zayn was all hungry. I smiled.

Zayn's P.O.V

    They sang me Happy Birthday. I saw Paul looking at us. I invited him over.
"Paul come here!" I said. He chuckled and ate with us. Everything fancy. Harry actually survived the hotness from meatball, they shared, Violet and Harry, sharing spaggetti.
"EW!" Eleanor shouted. but then they were eating the same thing too! Eleanor and Louis kissed.
"Zayn." I heard Perrie's voice.
"Hmm?" I turned around seeing her giving me a birthday cake kiss. The 4 boys, Paul, Liam, Niall, and Ed cheered for us. Shut up.... We went home and actually we went to bed, Paul staying over the night, he was drunk, of course....we did drink soemthing, including Violet, Harry made her....I was with Perrie sleeping with her....I kissed her. Goodnite!!! I thought to myself. Happy birthday 21,Zayn....Happy birthday...I closed my eyes, Best Birthday Ever.....DJ MALIK YOU ROCK!!


A/N: Sorry if it's short but I can't wait for the others chapter WHEW!!! STAYING UP ALL NIGHT WITH IDEAS

Keep reading you ,PhenoNiall people!
You guys are FabLouis!
Don't stop being ExtrondinHarry!
I love you BE AMAZAYN!!


I am done being cheesy well have fun reading, promise to be writing more later :)


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