One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


46. Guys and Girls Day

Sydney's P.O.V
    "Oh great more traffic, damn it!" Violet seriously cussed again...
"Violet calm down, it's not good for the babies and you." I calmed her down.
She straight out her back and nodded.
A car accidently backed up to our car, almost touching Violet's new car...
Violet's face was really red...
"OH MY GOD VIOLET BREATH!" Eleanor shouted.
"GRR!" Violet snarled...
"TAKE A CHILL PILL!" Perrie said giving her water... Violet relaxed and I knew she was a hot head in traffics...
    "FINALLY!" Violet squealed. She drove to the freeway to Eleanor's job work. We passed towers.
"Do you work very far?" I asked a stupid question.
"Well, if you think it is-TURN LEFT!" Eleanor spoke.
"Okay..." I smiled. We reached to the business company.
"ELEANOR, GREAT YOU GO GET YOUR CLOTHES GO MODEL THEM!" Kieth shouted, the manager."Oh friends, you can help...Violet do you want to model?" 
"Oh no Kieth, I rather take pictures." Violet clapped my hands together. 
"Oh well jut hold on for 1 more month, honey, and you can join the job." He sounded sweet.
"No worries, I guess it'll be fine. Anyways the twins need care once they are out." Violet patted her stomach. Kieth nodded. I know Kieth, he's my mom's best friend since I was 4. 
    "How are you doing kid." Kieth walked to me.
"Great..." I whistled.
"What do you mean great? Don't you mean you have the best boyfriend in the world, girlfriend?"He said. He wore glasses and a tuxedo, he was also bald,(if you watch Alvin in the Chipmunks he looks like the evil guy :D). Plus Kieth is kind of gay, I never knew though but just tending on what he says and wear....
   "How'd you know I have a boyfriend?!" I slapped his back.
"Um girl, I know lots of things, between your mum passed away, and your dad left you and your brother, He is working great. He's over there, He has a girlfriend and everything, you know you should really tell me what you are doing. And go hang with your brother once, plus about the boyfriend, Ed, he tweeted a picture of you guys cuddling." He explained. 
     I nodded.
"Well, I left school, I dropped out of it...ever since I joined the alliance, Keith." I said.
"Oh, that gang..I never knew much of them,I won't tell, so you left? And how'd you get the girls?" Kieth pointed out. I looked at Eleanor in her beautiful winter wonderland dress, and her crown. She was the winter wonderland princess. I looked at Perrie, she is showing Eleanor how to walk....and Violet, well she is craving right now I can tell.
   "Thanks Kieth for not knowing them...haha...I known the girls since I dated Ed, yesterday too. Love at first sight..." I smiled.
"I understand well, go talk to Olsen." Kieth pushed me.
     I bumped into Olsen.
"HEY WATC-!" Olsen shouted. "Sydney?" He muttered softly with a crooked smile.
'OLSEN!" I gave him a big hug.
"Where were you...are you living here? I AM SO MAD AT YOU BUT I CAN'T BE MAD AT YOU! I MISSED YOU!" He squished me.
"Choking!" He let me go.
"I saw you go with some crazy random people." He muttered.
"Yeah I came back, I don't really like them, I got a boyfriend, Ed, and yeah I'm living with him with One Direction and Eleanor and the Little Mix, Perrie, also Violet." I explained, he nodded and walked me to his girlfriend. 
"Hello, I'm Emma Longhorn." She shook my hand.
"I'm Sydney Le, twin of Olsen here." I pointed.
"Oh yeah you guys are brothers and sisters."She chirped.
"How long have you guys known each other?" I asked.
"3 years actually." Olsen stood there.
"YUP!" She hugged Olsen.
"Well I'll see you later Olsen, gotta get back to the girls." I waved.
"Oh-wait." He stopped me.
"Here's my number." He gave me the number and i gave him mine. I walked away and saw the girls smiling.
"What's going on?" Perrie asked.
"Oh nothing, I met my brother and his girlfriend." I said.
"Oh, he looks like you." Eleanor said while twirling around in her dress.
"Well, he's my twin." I crossed my arms looking at Eleanor in the dress. I let out a huge sigh.
"Looks like Violet is having fun eating." Perrie walked over to Violet.

Perrie's P.O.V
  "Looks like Violet is having fun eating." I walked over to Violet.
She munched on her celery...
"You are hungry." I teased her.
"Shut up...I'm craving and I don't wanna get fat by it." She muttered.
"I understand, baby, but you need to walk." I whispered. She nodded. "I have a phone call to do anyways." I said. "Wanna join for a walk while those 2 practice the thing." She nodded. 

"Hello?" I said.
"Hey babe what's going on?" Zayn tumbled.
"At the model facility first then the other place..."I said. "Where are you?" 
"I'm at breakfast."He said.
"ZAYN PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE IT'S GUY'S DAY NOT BODING DAY!" I heard Niall's voice pierced through the phone.
"Okay gotta go babe." He said.

I stuffed my phone into the bag.
"So does your back hurts?" I asked.
"Sore..."She made a right turn.
"Hmm....anything you want to say?" I poked her.
"Well, Danielle is coming back..." She smiled.
"DANIELLE?!" I chirped.
"Yeah but Liam doesn't know so shush."She shushed me.
"But like how is it even possible....they broken up because of Hate..." I spoke quietly.
"She wants to try it again, any ways that's why I am keeping quiet...she is coming today, so after this, we will be picking her up from the airport, she just finished from teaching her class of dancing at...Washington DC." She muttered.
I kept nodding,"Does she know that you are pregnant?" 
"Of course, we communicate, Harry knows too." 
"Speaking of communication..."
I tried to say something.....until Sydney told us to come back and let's go somewhere else...

Harry's P.O.V
  "Why did you take your phone out? Now Violet will try to figure out what happened!?"Louis shouted at me....
"I don't know..." I sighed.
"Caroline is back for you dude!"Nial used his Australian voice.
"I-I-" I tried to spoke
"Give me your phone."Louis sighed.
I gave him the phone....
"Hey someone typed something...did you typed this HAHA!!" Louis cracked up laughing.
"Why are you laughing?" I asked.
"Read this, who wrote this...and who changed the caller I.D?" He smiled.
"Okay you gotta read it." Zayn said.
"Any bad words?" Liam sighed.
"Yeah." Louis said.
"Oh well..." Liam folded his arms.
"Hurry up!" Ed said while eating his eggs...we were at Diner Dunkies.
     " said.
*Okay I accidently pressed change caller I.D with my butt...for all of my phone contacts.
can you tell me who you are?*
*What does it say...* From Caroline.
*oh wow....& Btw it's Caroline your ex.*
*Oh I guess I didn't changed it...*
*Is this Violet...okay if it is, you bitch stay away from Harry okay, so where did you even get his phone, he doesn't love you...*
*Stfu Caroline, at least I'm not really old with saggy boobs, butts, face, and body.*
*What ever. At least I didn't agree to marry a mop and get mop babies.*
* I agree mop babies are cute, and I love marrying mops with green eyes, 4 nipples, and a sexy god, that's why you are alone.*
*How'd you find out!*
*Oh...idk.....mwhaha >:)* "

"Wow...Violet is pretty hard core." Zayn chuckled.
"She has really good combats" Niall smeered.
"She is really smart changing the name thing." Ed clapped his hands.
     She loved me<3
"She loves me and my 4 nipples, green eyes, and i'm a sexy god!" I cheered.
"She wants mop babies with you." Liam teased,
"Shut up...where are we going?" I asked.
"Beach!" Louis cheered.
    We got into my car....they always had to choose my car.
"Let's go to the beach each, let get away they say what there going to say, have a drink clink found a bud light, bad bitches like me is hard to come by." Louis sang..
"STAR SHIPS!"Ed shouted.
"YEAH!" Zayn cheered again...
We spent hours swimming....

Violet's P.o.V

   You did what again? I thought to myself......
"WHAT DID YOU DO!?" Perrie looked at me while I was driving...
"I- well put something back to reply...she wanted to get back with Harry and so I put something..mean..." I said.
"Give me an example..."Eleanor chewed on her gum.
"Guy's Sydney...are you a directioner?" Eleanor said.
"Hell yes..."Sydney nodded.
"Who is Caroline Flack?" Perrie asked.
"You mean Caroline Tic-Tac...she is Harry's ex old wrinkly girlfriend." Sydney laughed.
"Smart." I cheered.
"Where are we going?" Eleanor asked.
"oh somewhere...." I said scarly...
"No." I snickered.
"What is going on?" Sydney laughed.
"I don't know...the forest is scary...." Eleanor shruddered.
I kept giggling.
"Do not worry...almost there." Perrie finkled.
"The airport?"Sydney confusily said.

Danielle's P.O.V
   I got the test from Violet. Oh Violet is my best friend, we were sisters since we met.
She helped me through. She's mostly my little sister.
I heard that there is a new girlfriend for Ed...ooh....
Love birds, I scoffed in my mind.
  I saw a mercedes....who's?
That is an expensive mercedes....
"DANIELLE!!" I heard a squeal, from a large tummy women, which had her hair in a braid. Her dress was huge...with boots. She had brownish blackish hair. Her eyes all sparkly...with brownish and blackish eyes.
   It was girl!
"VIOLET!" I gave her a big hug. I felt a bump in her stomach."OOFF!"I shouted.
"Sorry, babe, the babies are kicking in." She giggled.
"Who's that!?" I flustered.
"Oh DANNIE!" Perrie came. Hugging me tightly.
"PERRIE!" I hugged her tightly and Eleanor gave me kisses.
"Missed you all!" I shouted.
"WE DID TOO!" They shouted unusion.
But there was a girl...
"Who is that? Must be one of my sisters now." I rushed next to her.
"That is Sydney Le. Ed's new girlfriend." Eleanor pointed out.
"Nice to meet you I'm Danielle Peazar." I welcomed her for a hug.
"I am Sydney Le. Ed's girlfriend, you must be the wonderful dancer and girlfriend of Liam Payne." She flipped out explaining stuff. I nodded and gave her a huge hug.
"don't worry, we'll be best friends." I smiled.
"Thank you." She eagerly gasped thank you.
    "So what now?" Perrie said while putting my bags in the trunk.
"We are going to the mall, then fix up, and then you know a special night."Violet explained. I nodded, I sat in the Passenger seat. The three of them sat in the back, Violet drove....
    "So, what did you guys do without me?" I yorked out the words.
They started to explain to me....

Liam's P.O.V
    "Really..." Harry muttered looking at his phone while he was in the sand.
"Come on Hazza!"Louis shouted.
"Hold on she's texting back!"He shouted back.
"Okay, Zayn won! GRR FINE I'LL BUY YOU A MIRROR AND TELL YOU YOU ARE PRETTY! pretty ugly..." Niall muttered the last part. I laughed in the water....
    "What you say blonde..oh wait your a brunette!" Zayn growled.
"I SAID, YOU ARE PRETTY!" Niall shouted.
"THANK YOU!" Zayn smacked the volleyball and catching it.
"PRETTY UGLY!" Niall snickered.
"HEY!" Zayn smacked the ball and it missed landing on Louis' castle.
     "BOYS STOP FIGHTING!" I shouted in my stern British voice.
"WHAT'S THE MATTER BRADFORD BAD BOY!" Niall said in his Irish voice.
   I looked at Louis, I was walking out of the beach water, I looked at Louis again, He cried.
"MY DAMN CASTLE, FUCK YOU!!!" Louis swore.
"HEY BOYS STOP FIGHTING!" I pulled my fist together....
   Harry kept looking at his phone....thats it....
"HEY!" Harry shouted as I grabbed his phone. I tossed it into the water.
"LIAM WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" A person shouted, it was a voice of a paparazzi.
   "Liam let's just go the beach is just bad for us.." Zayn said piss offed.
"Zayn mate I'm sorry...for being a bad sport." Niall apologized.
"It's okay mate..." Zayn gave him a hug.
    "My phone!"Harry wailed....
"Sorry Harry mate...." I groaned...What have I done...
"BOYS OVER HERE!!!" A paparazzie again taking photos...
"Louis are you okay?" I said...
"Yeah I'm fine...just a dumb castle." Louis smeered his face...
"What?" I muttered.
"Throw the camera dude." the 4 boys said.
"No, thats a bad Liam." I whined.
"Just, do it! Plus that wasn't really my phone, I have another one!" Harry grinned.
    Thank god...
"Fine!" I muttered as I walked up to the guy..
"Sorry mate." I laughed.
    "WH-HEY!" He budged.
I grabbed the camera and then threw it in the waters...
"MY-OH NO MY JOB!!" He shouted....
     Great I feel bad....
We all ran to the car....
"Great job!" Louis snickered.
"Shut up." I jerked.
"Okay let's go to the plaza of Nerf!" Zayn agreed.
"YEAH!" Niall gritted.
    "Fine by me." Harry said.
We drove to the plaza...Harry grabbed out his extra phone...
"Wow..." I gasped.
"Yeah, come on!" The boys pulled me...

     This is surprising. The whole place is white with Nerf guns everywhere. And a Lazer tag place.
"WHAT!?" Zayn muttered.
"FULL OF PEOPLE YEAH LET'S PLAY!" Louis rushed...I followed. I shot Louis in the bum...haha. And then Harry shot his nerf into Zayn's hair...well this is exciting!


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