One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


34. Goodbye Old Life

Gemma's P.O.V

    Tori and I were having fun in the park. We kept thinking about the trip, our life, asking questions. But in my mind I was thinking,
Why was Violet sleeping on the tree. Why isn't she at home?

"Gem, I have to go home." Tori plead.
"Well bye, I'll text you later." I smiled.
"Okay." She hugged me.
   I was walking home, I opened the door and then Dusty started purring. She was hungry, I gave her some of the Cat Mix.
"Mom?" I said. Then I saw a note on the kitchen table,
I read it aloud,
"Took off to the department store, will not be home in the after noon, go eat something, I have some errands to do. Here are some things to do,

.Cook Dinner
.Mop the floors
.Clean, Dust house, vacume house.
.Wash your car.
.Visit the call of your Uncle Simon
.Meet Ed at the Cafe of Diono, mad an appointment of songs, Violet isn't here."

Great...More work.....
After all the hours, I spend with her. I sighed and did what I told.
I crossed it out.
Done with laundry, dinner.the floors,and the other things, just now is Uncle Simon and Ed.

I rang the phone,
"Hey Uncle Simon." I shouted.
"Where's the mom." he chuckled.
"Good morning....then.." I teased.
"Sorry, HELLO! Where's mom?" He asked the question again.
"Errands, asked me to talk to you." I smiled.
"Okay, go to Ed, just a reminder, By the way, can you visit the office a little." He asked.
"Sure bye!" I smiled.
"Okay bye Gem." He ended the call.

I drove to the cafe of Diono.
I saw a guy in the hoodie with glasses.
"Umm Mr. Sheeren someone is here to see you." I said in a puffed voice.

He turned around seeing me and smiling. I had a huge crush on him.
I love his red fluffy hair. He smiled and told me to sit down as I did, we discussed about the songs.
"So I was wondering if you use the term R-O-C-K Me."Ed said. I nodded, of course yep...I looked at his dreamy eyes.
"So you want to say, hit the pedal heavy medal show me you care." I said.
He nodded.
"And the name is Rock Me."
   I looked at his shirt, 'Y U NOE CUM TO ME."
Haha cum....ew.....
I looked at him and said," Okay so you write out the lyrics and-"
"Violet writes out the lyrics and we come up the same lyrics." He smiled.
"Okay." I said.
We talked for an hour and walked out to the beach. Nothing here, but just us.
"Well Violet isn't here but you will do." He silently said.
Ouch...well that hurt.
I ran away and hearing him calling my name....I ran to my house and locked my room crying, why do I like him he's just a jerk like the rest of my ex-boyfriends....

Perrie's P.O.V

    I was on my way with the girl's. We were on break about 5 months. Enough to see the baby born. Jesy kept talking about me and Zayn.
The girls went home to their families while I'm going with Zayn.
I went on my airport and notice that the tweets about Zayn is going to New York. I simply cannot wait to see him. Though I didn't buy the tickets to go home yet.
    "P! Hurry Up You Wanna Go Home Right?" Jesy said.
"No, I want to go home." I said.
"That's what I said." She replied in a hurry.
"Meaning go with Zayn, to New York." I meant.
"Oh okay we'll see you later boo." Jade jerked to the airplane.
"Bye!" I waved.
Leigh hugged me.
I waved them goodbye as they left. I bought my New York tickets and went on the plane.

I walked onto my private jet, the plane driver asked me where to go.....
"New York please," I muttered,
About 7 hours because we performed at Ireland and I'm on vacation at New York.
I shut my eyes for the flight.

Tori's P.O.V
     I was at home reaching for something to cook. My parents were on vacation, I won of course. TO Hawaii. I didn't want to go. They are going to be there for about
1/2 months. I looked at the clock, 12:02. Oh no, time for school or collage whatever. I ran to get my coat, I walked to school, it was mostly crowded.
School was over, I walked home, there were 3 people following, not good they are in black....I ran as fast as I could but there was no use, I ran into an alley, big mistake. It was blocked, they followed me, just what did they want....stalk much? I ran the other way until this girl with black hair blocked me, she was Asian and American. Then, this guy with the mo-hawk and scars, with white make up....I guess he's Emo....Telling by the scars. He took my I.D out of my bag.
"Honors student." He muttered.
    The girl with red hair and black hair said.
"Steve we need her, Mich would be pleased, she will hack and tell us information about what we need..." She said.
"Of course." The boy said as he stared at me.
"Please don't take anything you want not me- Go take Anthony Rameriaz he's a smarter student than me." I lied. He was useless......
"HELP" I screamed.
The girl who was Asian knocked me out. My body useless being picked up and drove into a van.
   My life is now terrible.....

Zayn's P.O.V

     We reached there, Violet waking up and taking the ear plugs out. I stared at Niall sleeping. I pinched him.
"OW!" He shouted.
"Zayn that wasn't nice." Liam muttered.
"Sorry." I said.
I looked at Louis and Eleanor, asleep. I gave an evil grin. I whispered to Niall while he was rubbing his arm....
He agreed. We took out the air horn. and blew it.

We laughed.
I saw Harry mad and Violet scared.
Liam laughed.

     "SHUT UP!" Louis shouted.
"Do you guys ever stop fooling around?"The flight attendent asked.
"Apparently they don't but we are sorry."Paul said and then looked at me. Couldn't blame I'm a trouble maker. Violet just looked at me and then gave the,'Yep it was funny but I'm being mature now...kind of.' then she smiled.I gave her a nod. We took our bags down and then walked. Great more fans, I'm tired. I took out the bullhorn, then Paul glared at me. I put it away. Harr
y signed some and also did I. Louis and Niall had to take pictures, plus Liam had to talk to some fans, or paparazzi, for some questions. Violet was reaching for the bull horn that I was holding. I gave it to her. Wow....

 over here I love you, can you sign my shirt!" A fan shouted. Then I
 turned around seeing Eleanor with Louis taking pictures. Violet was talking to Harry, jealous?
"Violet, can you please sign this please , I love your work in SkyScraper!" She, or a girl shouted. She smiled and did what was told, cray and then we walked away into a big red bus...guess Louis is excited, he fell.
"LOUIS GET UP!" Niall shouted.
"I LOVE BIG RED BUS!" Louis cheered and got up.
"Where too?" The bus driver asked
"Paradise,Treasure Hotel."Paul announced.My
 favorite place of the whole wide place, of hotels!

  Liam's P.O.V
             We reached the hotel and then I got my room with Zayn, and Niall. The love birds had their own room that was connected to ours, meaning the doors are the same with the same doors straight connected on the side, plus El and Louis has the same too. And Pal slept by himself.

           Haha I turned around and thought I heard somebody calling m name.And then I saw this blonde girl. I was outside of my room in those little cafe with Zayn, Zayn was in the bathroom, and Niall was upstairs making me buy tea. Harry and Violet were walking around with sunglasses under their face. And Louis and Eleanor are shopping She had whitish blonde, Is that Perrie? I looked at her and she looked at me, pale face with glasses,that's her!
"Perrie!" I shouted. She looked at me yelling my name.
That was her! 
"Liam!" She ran over to me giving me a big hug."Where's Zayn?And the others, by the way I'm on vacation for 5 months. " She blabbered, I looked at her pointing Zayn was in the bathroom. But then Zayn got out. Perrie squealed and ran to Zayn, and it wasn't Zayn it was a guy who looked like Zayn.
           "OW HAY!" He shouted. She laughed,
"Sorry!" and then walked to me, Harry was walking  in the cafe and Perrie hugged him and then stopped seeing Violet..

Violet's P.O.V
    We were waking around seeing every gift store, One Direction, and then Modeling by Eleanor Calder, and then me acting.  Fans chased us and then Harry an I got back, in the little Starbuck's cafe. I stopped and saw the blonde and white hair, cream color girl. PERRIE!
"Harry it's Perrie!" i shouted nearly making him scared. "Sorry." He kissed me. And then i saw her turned around, She ran to Harry and hugged him and then Harry dropped her and kept laughing. Perrie  stopped and stared at me.....
"Violet! It's been 7 months omg!Wow! I missed you have you been craving, Omg I have so much questions, OOH! Will I be One of those bridesmades." She started to blabbered. I hugged her." I miss you too!"  I laughed, 
            Then Zayn came out. Wow she looked at him and he stared at her running and hugging mushing. We ball went upstairs and had a talk. In a old  life, come in new life!


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