One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


70. Getting Back Together

Hey little Unicorns (:

I'm so mad and sad right now that I have so much homework! Also Haylor is done for good. Sorry Haylor shippers. In News. Harry is torn :'( 
Anyone see Taylor, let me at her....I love them both but they are over......though. Taylor got back to he ex-boyfriend. She only dated Harry for maybe management or make her ex jealous.... OR maybe did love Harry.
    In another news in the celeb I stalk...hehe....
Justin Bieber is smoking weed. with his African American friend. Bielebers are cutting themselves...:(
I mean seriously! LET HIM DO WHAT HE DOES!!!
I will try to update....and my itouch charger is ripped in half :'(
    So I still need to buy a new one.....
Also I will always try to update this movella and get done. We are half way through! All we need is like what 4-6 chapters. Haha. Need a preview now?
 Violet's P.O.V

"Harry what?" I looked at him sternly. I remembered everything...I'm just really in a pissy mood from all the crash and then the making out.
He looked at me. Before I can say anything he crashed his lips onto mine. It felt good in a sort of way I can tell. All the hate in my heart can't bare to stay mad at him. I love him. 
"I'm sorry....I love you very much, you know I get drunk mode when I'm drunk, remember I ran around the hotel naked, in Chicago? Fans tried to catch me while you were drunk with Niall." He muttered near my ear. 
   I smiled.
"Of course Harry I forgive you.....I just....miss Collin." I sniffed. He hugged me.
"He's in a better place and we will see him about a long time." He kissed my neck. 
"How long have I been gone?" I whispered....
"3 weeks and I missed you." I smiled and kissed his neck....getting him into action mode. I guess you know what happens next.(;

Niall's P.O.V

    "Well yeah she's awake...hope she's not swinging at Harry or anything." Louis muttered. I was holding onto Darcy.
" are so cute I could just eat you up!" I snuggled her.
She giggled and reached her little hands onto me. I put my pinky out and she hold it. So warm and cute.
    "Gaww...." She said..."Gaw...." She laughed.
"Aww she's so cute!" Dani smiled.
"I'm just Happy that Violet's awake..." Eleanor smiled.
    "What should we tell about the wedding?" Ed said.
"We should keep it a secret from now on....." Sydney muttered..
"Simon should deal with this." Zayn relaxed and turned on the telly.
"Mate, I think Violet and Harry and Darcy and I will pay a visit with Simon." Liam proped.
"Okay, the lads and girls, will stay here then." Perrie said as she looked at her phone.
"What are you doing?" Zayn asked.
"Well....the girls told me that Little Mix will be performing with One Direction next Saturday, and we get a 4 week vacation, and off to Paris. So I won't be staying her long until 1 month." Perrie said.
   "That's enough to have fun! Right?" I said.
"And we will have a celebration party for Darcy and maybe a wedding." Liam smiled.
"OOH I WILL BE THE FIRST MAN!" Louis announced,"SUPER MAN!!!" 
"Okay, Justin, Selena, Cher, and the rest could come!" Dani clapped her hands.
"Surprise k! So shh I hear them coming.Act normal!" Eleanor hushed. 

 Darcy was sleeping,
"Ahh what cute Violet." I saw Violet and Harry intertwined their fingers.
"We're back together." They smiled

A/N: Well the next chapter is kind of shortish long. Hope you like this one (:
The next chapter will be called....

'Simon;Give us the honor.'


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