One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


44. Frenemies?or Friends?

Sydney's P.O.V

      I was scared, we were at home....home. My new home, my boyfriend, my other life disapeared. What should I do? Okay S. The past is the past, this is the future. I looked at Ed, smiling. We walked inside the house.
"Should I call Violet?" Louis asked.
"No; she might get mad and slap you and I might laugh, hint hint." Zayn grinned.
"I should wake her up, it's kind of time for dinner." Harry smiled.
"Babe, can you get the phone." Eleanor said.
"Sure why?" Louis said while grabbing the phone.
"Twittering, new girlfriend." Eleanor smiled.
    "Hey we should order some dinner, pizza?" Liam said.
"YES!" Niall jumped up and down. We nodded in agreement.
"Okay, so what now?" Perrie asked.
"Violet, will wake up. and we will ask the questions." Ed kissed my cheeks.
    I nodded....scared...what will she react?

Harry's P.O.V

     I walked into the room, Violet? She's not in bed.
"Love?" I asked. Nothing....
I saw her walked out of the room, with her sweats on and a spagetti strap shirt with a bun on her hair.
"Yes?" She muttered as her face was red.
"Why are you red, are you sweating?" I asked blurting.
"No, I just took a hot shower,I a little better." As I put my hands on her forehead, hot.
    "Come with me." I kissed her cheeks.
She nodded and got out of the room, and looked at Sydney.
"Who is she?" Violet whispered in my ear.
"Oh, that's Sydney Le. Ed's girlfriend." I smiled.
"Hello Sydney, are you living here?" She waved.
     Sydney nodded.
"We will be great friends." Violet smiled.
Sydney smiled.
"OKAY! Pizza is here!" Liam announced.
"Speaking of here erm, we have somethining for you." Zayn said.
  Please don't fight...

Violet's P.O.V
   "Hmm?" I said while taking a piece of nibble of my pizza.
Harry smiled and then ate his pizza.
"Well-*Munch* Sydney, is one of the*munch*" Niall started.
"*Munch* okay *Munch*" I copied Niall as humor.
Louis and Eleanor started to laugh.
"Well....Sydney is part of the Killer's group....."Perrie minched.
I started to swallow my peice of pizza in my soon as I heard that, I started to choke. I was startled, my eyes were wearing eyeliner, so it kind of made my eyes made them kind off big....
"Love, are you okay?" Harry worriedly said.
"Ahem." I said and swallowed the pizza, thank god, I'm alive.
"ARE YOU CHOKING!?" Louis blurted.
"Was..." I trailed off...
    I stared at Sydney....really.....killer....girlfriend....of Ed...
"Are you- do you want explainations?" Eleanor nervously said...
I shooke my head...knowing this is just a nightmare.
"Um, I have been awake for a long time, I still have a headache, I'll see you guys in the morning." I said good night and left....
I closed the door, and tried to sleep, but my eyes still wide awake...
    Is she hate someone that WAS PART OF THE KILLER'S CLAN! And they were part of the killing people that was MY PARENTS! I went on Facebook...still looking at older posts....I guess. Then I went on my twitter. THis might calm me down I guess.

@VioletVavans_Varry: Hey peeps! :') Having pizza for dinner, you?

I closed my eyes, and went to bed.

Louis' P.O.V
     I looked at Violet leaving and saying good night.
"Awkward." I said.
"Maybe she just needs to relax. And talk to her tomorrow." Ed smiled.
"I'll go talk to her." Harry left.
"She doesn't like me." Sydney started to pout.
"Don't worry, now tell us what's going on?" Niall munched on the pizza.
    "Well, I will name ALL the members.
Michie DenMars.
Helen Yunshone.
Steve- you know his last name.
Fred King
Neal-you know his last name too.
     and it used to be me too. But I left, I didn't hurt anyone I swear." She started whine.
"Okay now tell us the WHOLE plan." I said.
"Well, they want to kill Violet, once she gives birth." She whispered.
"Well we will watch out for her." Eleanor gave me a pat.
     She nodded.
"She just needed to calm down." Ed gave her a kiss.
She nodded and then looked at us.
"Are you not going-to-"She started to have tears in her eyes.
"No we won't arrest you, we will watch out and hide you, you can always change your last name." Perrie assured her.
    Harry went out and meet us, with his face red....
"WHAT HAPPENED?!" Liam was worried.
"I made her happy, but still not really coming out, she is really sick, guys if you want to visit her." Harry pointed out. I walked inside with Niall and Eleanor.
   "What's up V." Niall made her groan.
"What is going on?" Eleanor was scared.
 I heard a groan from her.
"Violet?" I said.
"Please leave." She muttered.
"Just listen please."Eleanor pleaded.
"No." She muttered.
He face was really red. I stared at her...
"Harry! TIME FOR THE PUNISHMENT!" I shouted.
Harry rushed in, and he tickled her, and then a slap went across his face.
"I AM SO SORRY HARRY!" She said while rubbing his face.
"It's okay love, for that to apologize, you have to come out and listen." Harry said.
"Tell her to come in. And leave both of us alone." She peseted.
"Okay." I smiled and hugged her with Niall and Eleanor.
"Okay." Harry nodded.

Violet's P.O.V
   I nodded, just here to listen.
She came in....
I smiled. She sat in the bed.
 "I am sorry but I swear I didn't kill anybody, they will be arrested, I will show the way." She explained.
"Okay," I nodded.
She explained everything. I nodded....
"I understand, you can live here, there is no killing, I can tell." I smiled. She cried in tears and hugged me.
"So do you have anyfriends?" I asked.
"No." She shook her head in dissagreement.
I hugged her,"Don't worry,love, I will be your best friend."
She nodded,"Thank you love." She smiled with her half british accent.
"Welcome to the family,I am always here to listen forever." I smiled.
She nodded. "El and Per, will love to have you to join the girls only club, meaning hanging out and talking." I laughed.
She jagged her hand into her other hand,"Thank you Violet, I am grateful." She gave me a high five. "I hear you are about to give birth."
"Yeah, 1 more month haha." I patted my stomach.
"Is it a boy or a girl?" She questioned.
     "Twins, but we don't know yet, let it be a surprise. Well I'm tired, and having a huge headache, good night." I gave her a hug and she walked out.
I closed my eyes, deal this tomorrow, I forgive, I know she does not do anything bad, I can tell the truth in her eyes, and guilty from her eyes too.

Sydney's P.O.V
    I can't believe she forgave. THANK YOU! I am so happy to be in the family.
"Um night guys I'm going to sleep, coming Liam?" Niall blurted out a yawn.
"OH....YEAH...NIAL..L" Liam yawned.
     "Coming babe?" Louis asked Eleanor.
"Yes." Eleanor nodded and went inside.
"Well I am poofed."Zayn and Perrie went to bed.
     "Night guys." Harry walked in,"gotta go check on Vi, and have to sleep too."
"I understand." Ed pulled me to his,'new' room, he moved out of Liam and Niall's room to be with me.
I shut the bed door, and I heard a knock.
"Yes?" I asked.
"Violet wants you to wear these P.Js, she wants to go shopping tomorrow and the girls." Harry gave me the clothes.
"Yeah okay, thanks." I smiled.
"Oh and tell Ed, tomorrow is a guy's day, and the girl's dar, ALONE! And we will meet at 6:00 for a reservation dinner." Harry smiled.
I nodded. "Night Hazza."
"Nite Sid." He made a nickname for me.
I closed the door and changed in the bathroom. Ed walked in the bed room door.
"Hey, tomorrow is the guy's and girl's day alone and 6:00 is a reservation dinner." I replied mostly every word Harry said.
"Okay." He jumped on bed with me. I shut my eyes and I kissed him on the cheeks.
Closing my eyes, and let the whole dreams flow.....


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