One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


74. Flight.

Jesy's P.O.V

"Come on please!" I pleaded Leigh.
"Why are we even going over to London. I rather stay in vacation at Casa Hawaii." 
"I want to meet Violet's baby and their wedding is coming up!" I whined.
"Wait- did you just said weddings?and Baby?" 
"Yes wh-"I stopped.
"EEEKKK!!! A STYLES BABY! OMG A WEDDING I'M GOING TO VISIT!" She squealed over the phone.
"Ouch...yes and Jade is with me, we're in a taxi in Hawaii now. Now go pack!" I said.
"OH MY GOD OKAY!" She hanged up.
     "May I have your autograph later?" The driver said.
"For your daughter?" Jade smiled.
"No- Si for my daughter." He nodded.
"What's her name." 
"Joseph. My name- Her name is Joseph." He half smiled.
       I hold my laugh. I bit my tongue.
"Sure." Jade smiled.
We signed it and handed it to him, we walked out of the taxi and saw Leigh waving.
"Hey!" I squeaked.
"I got my bags right here!" She said pointing to her 1 hand bag. She was wearing her 'Hullo >-<' shirt and some ripped jeans and her hair was still bright dark hair  and very curly. Her dark chocolate eyes were warm. 
    I hugged her and Jade stood there gestering us to the taxi, and to the airport. Jade was in her bright yellow dress, she was wearing a white jacket and her purple red hair was down. I for once was wearing my ultimate favorite plaid shirt and some red jeans. My redish hair was wavy and was in a bun. 


"Well? What's the baby's name?" Leigh asked.
"It's a girl." I stated.
"OH MY GOD!!!" Jade clapped her hands.
"Her name is Darcy Styles." I smiled.
"When was she born?" Leigh questioned.
"February 2,20013." I sipped my coffee.
"How'd you know all of this!" Leigh gasped.
    "Perrie." Jade teased.  I laughed.
"Well...Violet went into a tragic coma accident, and she's now awake." I explained.
"I heard that. Zayn told me it." Leigh stuck out her tongue.
"Violet text me already." Jade sighed.
"What she said?" I frowned.
"We are picking her wedding dress right after we come over. With Eleanor, Perrie, Danielle, and a girl named Sydney. also Michie."
"I wonder who those 2 are? AND I seriously didn't want to miss things out!" Leigh said.
    I nodded closing my eyes and sleeping waiting to arrive our destination.

Leigh's P.O.V

    I looked at Jesy sleeping.
"She's sleeping, now let's plan about....the dress~!" I smiled.
"Well, I was thinking it should be just white..." Jade giggled.
"No durh." I laughed.

I chuckled...silly Jade...this is going to be a long ride.

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