One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


68. Confused.

Harry's P.O.V

   I looked at Niall.
"She was flirting with Niall..." I looked at him sternly. He looked up with his hands in surrender.
   "So she lost her memories, she doesn't know about the cancel wedding, the babies, Darcy or Collin, Collin died, And her career, if we don't tell her she might freak out..." Liam said.
   "All the fun memories, can we get her back?" Zayn looked at my eyes,"Do you really love her to get her memories back?"

"We can get her back, we just need to bring her the place to remind her. And Yes I love her, if I didn't I wouldn't be visiting..." I said. "And You Niall, don't flirt or anything."

"Okay mate, I didn't know, i didn't flirt!" Niall pulled his hands in surrender.
"Just never mind...I need help. I need to tell her that her memories with me I just need to really need help. Will you guy's help me? Please i need help, I want her to remember I don't really care about Simon." I said...didn't really care about the tounge tied twister i said.

    "We will help you. You guy's need to be happy." louis said.
"I understand what do you need to help her?" Liam said.
"Memories, dates, love." I said. They all nodded. Then the door swung open.
    Violet stood there,
"Did you hear what we said?" Zayn looked at her scared.
    She looked pale, she closed her eyes and fell.
"VIOLET!" I shouted as I caught her in my arms.
"What's going on?" Niall asked.
" We need her to wake up!" I shouted.
    I shook her. She didn't move....
"Get me water." i commented. 

~~~~~5 minutes later~~~~

At the flats*

"Why are you carrying Violet's body in the living room?" Perrie came in.
"What the hell are you guy's doing?" Eleanor rushed to Violet.
"She woke and then fainted, she has amnesia." I said holding onto Violet's hand.
"What?" Sydney rushed into the room with Ed...

     "Wake up Violet....." I whispered.
"Alicia said that, just give her some space, she'll be waking later."
Liam said.
I nodded..and then left.

Perrie's P.O.V

     I looked a Violet all day....
Why did the boys... they  can never leave her alone.....I miss y
ou Violet....wake up. We need you....Eleanor came out holding Darcy.
   Darcy was crying, she was 2 weeks old.
Violet, your daughter is crying, you have to remember her.
"Sh....Sh..Darcy," Eleanor cooed.
The rest of the boys went to get some food. While leaving the girls at home.
Darcy kept crying.
"You want mommy? Mommy is right here." Eleanor showed Darcy Violet."Isn't she pretty?"

I carefully looked at Violet. She woke....rubbing her eyes.
"Violet!" I smiled.
"Perrie what happened?" She shook her head.
"Wait...I didn't introduce myself....." I asked confusly.
"Guy's did she wake ye-VIOLET!!!" Danielle rushed out/.
"What are you guy's shouting about? Where are the boys? Sydney why is ELenaor holding a baby?" She asked.
"She remembers...."



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