One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


35. Birthday& Concerts

Violet's P.O.V

    The day passed. I was falling asleep, very deeply, I have eaten a lot of food, sorry Niall. Harry kept giving me bump hugs. The huge bump has gotten the part of me....still we had to make an appointment for the baby, check up, next month. What day is today? Crapo! Today is Louis' brithday, night before Christmas, and THE CONCERT! They have to sing some songs, and then 2 new songs sneak peak of the 'Take Me Home' Album.....
    I opened my eyes, the curtains still closed, but there is only one bed in this Hotel, we wanted that way. Perrie got her own room, along with Zayn. So Niall and Liam sleep together....Niall, better not kick him.....Niall did that to me before, when we first had to sleep on the ground, when they had the house in X-factor.
   Harry was next to me, with his legs over me, how cute! I looked at him still asleep, I turned over to him and snuggled up next to his chest. I could see his nipples, hanging out of his see- through white collar shirt. Then the door that was connected to our's swung opened. Louis and Eleanor came in, and then the other connected door swung open too, Liam and Niall, and Perrie and Zayn walked in. With a guitar....and guess what,singing, 'Time to Get Up. and then sang Happy birthday to Louis.'
    They jumped on the bed and Niall landed on Harry. 
"OW!" Harry shouted.
"Sorry mate." Niall apologized.
"Okay, but did any of you landed on my love?!" He spoke.
"Nope." I shouted.
I got up and put my hair into a bun.
   "Happy birthday Louis." I smiled and gave him a present.
"Thanks!" He kissed me on the cheeks and opened it." I WANTED THIS THANK YOU SO MUCH!" He squirmed hugging me.
"Looks like he wanted a shirt that flashes on a carrot sign and stripes!" Eleanor laughed.
"My turn!" Zayn said swagging his shirt.
     He gave it to Louis, he opened it and Louis new hair gel.
"OH MY LOU!" Liam laughed,
"Yep for the using one last time." Zayn smiled.
"Thank you!" Louis hugged him.
      Eleanor and Perrie exchanged looks.
"We both got you a car." They both said.
'WHERE!" Louis gasped.
"At home." They giggled.
Louis fainted. Guess he loved it.
"Here Lou, my present." Niall smiled evily.
Louis grabbed it.
He opened it. It was a bag hafly eaten chips.
"I'LL TAKE IT!" Louis smiled.
Niall kept laughing. And when Louis ate his chips, Niall's smile disappeared. 
Niall kept laughing and stopped when Louis crunched on his chips. 
We all laughed. And now Liam and Harry gave him a present.
It was mostly for all of us, a friendship bracelet. Aww.
We gave them a hug.
"THANKS GUYS!" Louis said kissing us on the cheeks.

Louis' P.O.V
   I was so happy that I got the best people in the whole world. Friends, or maybe in the part of families. I love them so much, but we will be having one more family or two to the Direction family, the baby. 
"Okay!" We agreed.
Eleanor and I changed, I wore Toms, and wore my shirt with stripes and some suspenders, and with my red jeans and a jacket.

Eleanor's P.O.V
    It was snowing, so I wore my winter white short dress, with some tights and some black high heels. And then curled my hair,and put a Santa Claus hat on me and Louis. I wore my leather black jacket. I applied a little make up(Only blush).

Violet's P.O.V
    I applied some make up (eye shadow and blush).
I wore my favorite dress, it was a little sailor dress, it was blue and white kind of medium dress around my knee that Harry bought me. Then a black belt,around bump made it a little cute with a small blue outing jacket.
I curled my hair and added a blue bow on the side of my hair. I wore converse, it was blue and white :P.

Harry's P.O.V
   I saw Violet wearing my dress that I bought her, and so I wore the one that she bought me, it was a red shirt with a hoodie, that was blue. We were a blue couple today, Louis and Eleanor were Christmas couples. I didn't know what the others are.
I wore my white jeans, and black converse shoes.

Niall's P.O.V
    Liam and I agreed to wear our favorite food shirt. I wore my white spaggetti, and it says,'If you were a meatball, I'd eat you.'
and I wore my blue jeans, with some white vans. I added a hat too, and it was a tiger hat. Hehe, and plus I wore a jacket too.

Liam's P.O.V
     I made a promise to wear a shirt on some random day with Niall, and he choose this day on a food shirt. 
I wore my favorite food shirt, it was a pizza shirt that was the color out of white shirt.
The pun was weird,'You Are So Cheesy.'
I wore a panda hat, we also made a hat promise to. WHICH IS AN ANIMAL!
I wore some black vans, and some black jeans. I also wore a jacket because it was snowing.

Zayn's P.O.V
    I made my hair go up like usual, I wore a leather jacket, with white shirt that said,
'I love my P Boo.' and some pair of black jeans, and some black vans. Today is just black and Perrie is wearing black too. BLACK Day....kind of racist...sorry...:P.

Perrie's P.O.V
    I straighten my hair and then put a black& Z sign bow.
I wore a,'I love my Z Boo' and I wore a black short skirt, with some black high heels. I wore a see through jacket. I put a little lipstick on, red.
We walked out laughing, pare of buddies. 
"We're BLUE!" Violet and Harry shouted.
"We're BLACK!" We shouted.(Zayn and I)
Some of us laughed.
"AND WE'RE FOODS!" Liam and Niall shouted.
We all laughed and got out where Paul showed us the place to eat breakfast in the morning cafe in the hotel....There were fans walking and asking us questions. Some of the girls were excited of me.
"Perrie! I love your guy's new song DNA!!!" A girl shouted with a name tag,Helen.
"Thank you Helen." I thanked her. We left and got in the cafe.

Helen's P.O.V

    Too easy to find her. I was under detective, seems like the girl was in our team now. she is so smart making us some fake name passports, and fake money to go in. Easy. She's following us too, living in the hotel, pretending to be a maid with Sydney. I walked over to the crowd. Easy, One Direction and Eleanor, and VIOLET! Plus-OMG!!!PERRIE I LOVE HER!
"Perrie! I love your guy;s new song DNA!!!" I shouted.
She looked to me smiling. 
"Thank you,Helen." And then she walked away, OMG!! SHE TALKED TO ME!!! MY name tag I almost forgot....I had to sneak in with spy on the girl. I had a piece set of ear phones like spies do.
And here comes telling Neal.
*H, are you there? Did you find her or the people.*
*Yes I am here, and of course I found her, and the people, going in the breakfast where they are going, guess who is here?* I said.
*Who?*Sydney said.
*PERRIE EDWARDS!!!* I squealed.
*OMG!!!* Sydney shouted.
We stopped. I followed Violet, do I have to kill her. I think she is nice, but I need to pull her into a trap-I did like her....

Tori's P.O.V
     Where am I? I asked myself.
Oh No I remembered, I had to give them the hackings or else I get beatened again. And I had to agreed to join the team, I had been raped by Neal. I was in this hotel room, all in a bed, naked. I looked around, seeing Fred near me. Oh NO!
I climbed out changing into my clothes. I looked at myself, no. I tried to run out and he blocked me.
"Where do you think you're going?" He asked.
"No where." I gulped.
"Liar." He said while slamming me down on the ground and began having it with me.
(A/N: Not doing the part-very gross, it's horrible than the other sex with Violet and Harry)

Violet's P.O.V
     We finished eating and then went to the concert, after today, we will go to on a break and go skating or watch the parade, and go to a ball. We drove to the concert and the limo....weird...
"OMG VIOLET JUST 2 MORE MONTHS!" A girl shouted.
"I love your movie! Can I get an autograph!" A girl with the tag, Helen shouted.
I signed and then a guy name, Fred was wearing a name tag. He took my hand and then asked him to kiss it, I took my hand away, still grudging he still hold on. 
"Um, can you please let go?" I said.
He still hold onto it.
Harry looked at me still pulling away. Louis pointed.
"Let go." I said.
"Come with me." Fred kept touching.
"She said to let go!" Harry grabbed me.
Still holding onto me.
I tried to pull from him, Harry slapped his hands. He pinched me hands.
"OW!" I gripped my hand.
"Are you okay?" Harry said.
     Cameras flashing.
"I guess so." I said pulling my hand away as he ran off.
"What was that?" Louis said, grinding his teeth.
I got into the car. "What the?" I said.
"What's wrong, I should of punched him."Harry said worrying.
"Look at her hand!" Perrie said.
     I read it out loud,"You're in danger, they are here to catch you."
It was a note stuck onto my hand....So that was what it hurt....
"Are you okay!" Niall said.
"I'm fine, let's just get going boys." I said.
"Driver drive please." Eleanor said.
"Will do." Paul laughed.

Harry's P.O.V
    That's strange....I should of punched him, what does he want from her!
I looked at Violet, her face pale......from the snow.
She looked horrible...
"You look pale." Liam said.
I looked at her, and then at Zayn and Perrie, they were talking about some of stuff that they needed to catch on.
She gulped...
"She's vomiting while swallowing it." I smiled.
She punched me on the arm.
"How cute." 
I kissed her on the cheeks.
She grabbed a pack of gum from Perrie. She chewed one, also me.
I kept blowing balloons. POP!
Liam joined while Niall popping each every balloon of Liam's
"HEY!" Liam whined.
"Haha, so what do we do tomorrow?" Niall smiled.
"1st going to the parade, we have to sing, and the girls has to join in."Louis plucked.
"Not me!" Violet said.
"We need your voice too!" Eleanor whined.
She shook her head.
"I'll deal with her later." I smiled.
Violet's expression looked at me. We laughed.
"2nd is going skating." Perrie planned.
"AND Then a ball or party dance." Zayn muttered.
"Last is dinner, fancy!" Liam shooked!
"And then the next day is your guy's concert at Stadium."Violet booked.
"And don't forget your challenge here, Louis, football." Eleanor smiled.
"We will cheer for your teams and you! AT SOCCER!" Niall blurted, we laughed.
Louis' P.O.V
    I got scared playing soccer, or at least you call it football. But it makes me be brave.
"We're here!" Paul shouted.
It was about 2:00....the concert starts at 3:50....and we play all until 8:20.
We do that for enough time to do plays and twitter stuff. Plus plan a surprise for the girls. And singing happy birthday to me. At about 9:00, we will eat dinner, at a V.I.P party, at the hotel. But I wills till look out for Violet....

Zayn's P.O.V
    I was worried about what the guy did to Violet. In order to do that, of protecting I will have to concentrate and look after her, including the rest of the guys. I told Perrie about it. She understand....

Niall's P.O.V
    We got in the crowds were out there, we changed into our concert clothes and then got out ready to rock.
We sang,
*Stole my heart*
*What makes you beautiful*
*Moments(Violet's Favorite)*
*Tell me a lie*
*One Thing*
   And the new songs, introducing it a sneak peak.
*Heart Attack*
*Live While we're young.*
*She's Not Afraid*
*Over Again*
*Back For You*
And that was all, Ed and Violet, didn't write more songs, they are still writing the new lyrics for more.
We made Violet come up to sing *Rock Me* it was a dare she lost.

"We're going to bring up a special someone!" Zayn announced.
The crowds shouted,"WHO!"
"Guess, Loves!" Louis smiled.
Harry came and gave a mike to a 19 year old girl.
"Umm, Ed?"
"Sorry love." Harry smiled.
We gave another tries, only 3.
"2 more chances!" I shouted.
Liam gave a mike to a 15 year old girl,
"KEVIN!" She smiled.
"KEVIN! WHERE!?" Louis shouted.
"Nope sorry." Zayn laughed.
Then Louis gave a mike to about, 18 year old girl.
"PERRIE?!" She smiled.
"Sorry,directioners! It's our song writer and Harry's fiance." I screamed.
"IT'S VIOLET!!OMG!!!" A girl exclaimed.
"EXACTLY!"I smiled.
The crowds cheered.
"CAN WE SEE THE BABY BUMP!?" Somebody shouted

"Harry bring her out!" Louis commanded.

Violet's P.O.V
    I heard the fans shouting, what?!
"Umm guys I have to go haha." I said nervously.
"Nope, you're staying" Perrie grabbed me.
Harry came.
"Come on love." Eleanor smiled.
Harry has the mike on.....
"UMM HARRY YOU HAVE A MIKE ON!" Louis shouted.
"Harry, I'll do anything but SING!" I smiled and ran. But then Harry grabbed a hold of me. 
The crowds chanted for my name, "VIOLET!"
"Louis tell them the embarrassing story of Violet last week." Zayn smiled.
"Okay, well Violet was walking over to Harry, until she tripped and fell on top of-" Louis started.
"NO! I surrender." I furiously growled.
"SHE'S COMING OUT!" Liam smiled.
Harry pulled me.
"MEEP!" I said.
I got out staring at the crowds they cheered.
I heard one say, "2 MORE MONTHS EEK!!!"
I gulped,"What?" I whispered to Harry.
"Sing." he said one word in the mic.....I nicknamed the mic, MIKE.
"What song...." I said nervously.
"Rock me." Harry muttered.|
I heard oohs....
"Really!" Niall shouted.
"We'll might sing back up for her mwahahaha,..." Zayn smirked.
The music started, playing, I was scared, the crowd cheering.
I grabbed the mic and tightened it.
"Do you remember summer '09

Wanna go back there every night Just can't lie it was the best time of my life Lying on the beach as the sun blew out Playing this guitar by the fire too loud Oh my my they could never shut us down I used to think that I was better alone Why did I ever want to let you go Under the moonlight as we stared at the sea The words you whispered I will always believe   I want you to rock me, mmm, rock me, mmm, rock me, yeah I want you to rock me, mmm, rock me, mmm, rock me yeah I want you to hit the pedal heavy metal show me you care I want you to rock me, mmm, rock me, mmm, rock me yeah   Yeah we were together summer '09 Wanna roll back like press and rewind You were mine and we never said goodbye i-i-i I used to think that I was better alone (Better alone) Why did I ever want to let you go? (Let you go) Under the moonlight as we stared to the sea (Stared at the sea) The words you whispered I will always believe I want you to rock me, mmm, rock me, mmm, rock me, yeahh I want you to rock me, mmm, rock me, mmm, rock me yeah I want you to hit the pedal heavy metal show me you care   I want you to rock me, mmm, rock me, mmm, rock me yeah   R-O-C-K me again   R-O-C-K me again   R-O-C-K me again yeah   I want you to   R-O-C-K me again   R-O-C-K me again   R-O-C-K me again yeah   I want you to rock me, mmm, rock me, mmm, rock me, yeahh I want you to rock me, mmm, rock me, mmm, rock me yeah I want you to hit the pedal heavy metal show me you care I want you to rock me, mmm, rock me, mmm, rock me yeah I want you to rock me, mmm, rock me, mmm, rock me, yeahh I want you to rock me, mmm, rock me, mmm, rock me yeah I want you to hit the pedal heavy metal show me you care I want you to rock me, mmm, rock me, mmm, rock me yeah"

The crowd cheered, I blew out a big sigh.
I pushed the mic onto the Louis' chest and said,"You are going to die next."
"HERE THAT EVERYONE!? I"M GOING TO DIE 2nd!!! NIALL IS DYING FIRST!" Louis smiled. and then ran away. 
"We will be back!" Harry smiled and kissed me on the lips.
"OOOHHH AHHH!!!" The crowds smiled.
"VARRY VARRY VARRY!" The canted.
We walked away, as I ran over to Louis and he tripped me and caught me.
"Harry he tried to trip me!" I whined. Harry came and then pushed him on the ground messing around.
The boys went out and then sang the new song,
*They Don't Know About Us*
We left the concert, and drove to a fancy place to eat, in the hotel. Congratulating to each other.



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