One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


37. Back For You

Harry's P.O.V
     I woke up, with a huge headache, I looked next to my side, it wasn't Violet. But a girl with black hair ended up crying.
"What happened why are you crying?" I whispered.
"They pushed you in the closet about 5 mintues ago, and I am crying because, I was kidnapped and-and" She cried while answering...
I wasn't bleeding...I was tied up.
"What happened to you tell me..."I was so eager to ask.
"I was-was-r-raped by a guy the same as your girlfriend..." She teared.
I was speechless, I tried to struggle out of my knots, she was to.
"Okay we go back to back, you go open my tie and I will open yours then we do our shoes...." I said.
She nodded, so obediently...
We got out of our knots and then our shoe knots....
"who are you?" I questioned again.
"Tori, Gemma Styles friend, your sister..." She said."And your Harry Styles."
"Why are you here," I said while opening my shoe knots..."Do you know where my girlfriend is?"
"They kidnapped me to hack the passports, I refused and the guy p-p-punished me...and your girlfriend is handcuffed out there on the ground, they are getting ready to send her to the-Killers..." She respond.
        The ropes struggled out, easy ropes....I opened the closet, no body was there, except a girl bleeding terribly on the ground....My heart stopped beating....Violet....please don't die, I'm here I cried....
I looked at her stomach, thank god the baby is here with her! I touched her face, scars bleeding a lot from her head. Her mouth was covered with folds including her eyes, I took them off but the mouth wa tight covered. I couldn't get the mouth one off.
        I was scared. Tori came and tried finding the keys. I found the key, it was on the bed under the sheets, stupid people, can't hide a key.
I opened the lock.
       "Violet!" I kissed her head,
She didn't move blood falling out, I carried her like a bridal style, Tori followed me we opened the door, no one. We heard noises coming down the hall, We ran into a janitor's closet hiding in there. 
        "You raped her pretty well, How quiet and painful. Did you hurt the baby? Neal." The voice came in the door.
         "Just shove it right in, but the baby is still alive.."A voice sounded.
           What the fuck! Did he just said that, Oh my god, I wanted to sock him in the mouth. Anger blasted into me. I was disgusted by them, Violet are you okay....
Tori was shocked.
           "Whenever she makes a scream I make a mark on her cheeks, forehead, leg, and mostly everywhere, that bleeds a lot." He said again.
            Oh the AGONY!!!
WHAT THE CUNT!!!WHY WOULD HE DO THAT TO MY LOVE! The maintain of my crying, they went in the door, and we rushed outside to the elevator, and went on the 6th floor, we met Louis and Eleanor, and got into our room, 278.
They were crying,
"Call the ambulance!" Louis said.
Eleanor nodded.
"Who are you?" Louis questioned Tori.
"I'm Tori Meni. I am his sister's friend, I saw the victim's face, name, last name..." She said, pointing at Violet.
Louis was crying hard, the ambulance came, paparazzi came, flashing photos, asking me questions, but we ignored. I went onto the ambulance along with all off them, I hold Violet's cold hand. Wishing if she is alive.

Violet's P.O.V
       "All I want for Christmas is yooouuu!" The boys sang, and then the verse of the girls came. I smiled, Harry is looking at the camera making a heart. I smiled.
 Then Rock Me came on, a tear came out, they sang it!
I felt a tap on me.
 I turned around wishing it was someone I knew, but there was a guy with tattoos....

"Follow me!" He commanded. I shook my head, no it can not be one of those killers...
He grabbed my hand, I called for help until, he grabbed a white paper or napkin making me smell it.
I fell asleep, the smell making me woozy...

Hours later, I woke up in a hotel.....wait is this the Treasure Paradise Hotel!?
I looked at them, there was a girl next to me, her name was Tori....
Because she told me...
"Where am I?!" I said.
She wouldn't answer because she fainted after telling me her name.
    A man who kidnapped me came....and another guy, and a girl.
"Helen go after, Michie and tell her to come over tomorrow." The man with the mask said, he was the one with a tattoo. He came near me, and started beating me up. I hold the inside of me. I grabbed a hold of my baby, and then I heard a voice,
I yelled Harry,
He came in.....
He fell down and then I came to protect him...then worse things happened....
Now I don't know where I am....Darkness....Harry....
I saw my parents they smiled and told me to come with them, they left....

     I woke up breathing, I looked at myself, I was in a hospital....I looked at the others, nobody was here, I tried to move,pain hurted....
What happened......
I reached my hand to my stomach....there was still a bump...oh thank god. I cried with tears and pain.... Then I reached my mouth, a mask, for breathing....I looked at my hand, I remembered cuts and stiches....everywhere....but then it's gone?
I heard voices....

Zayn's P.O.V
    Paul went on the airplane with us. Worried. We reached home, but then our house was mess, we cleaned it by painting over it....our window broken, just nothing was touched. We packed our stuff....back into our closet....
"What if we don't find her?!"Niall said, while eating his cereal.
"Stop jinxing it!" I shouted while crying...She can't be gone. Niall had tears fluttering over his food....
"I can't eat." He walked into his room.
"What!?!" Liam said...
"You never get full!"I said.
"Now I am," He said.
"I'll call..."Paul stopped. We nodded...
Liam kept crying and he called Harry, we put him on speaker...

*Hello!* We said...
*Guys we found her...*I heard a voice
*Really what happened!? Where is she is she hurt?!* i said.
*She is hurt, bleeding much, she lost a lot of blood....the baby is fine!* Louis said.
*She is fine, all she needs is enough blood....* Eleanor said.
*Do you guys have blood like her!*Liam said.
*She has the same blood type as Harry, don't worry.* Louis said.
*We will explain later as we get home* Harry said.

We walked up to Paul....hearing voices...

Paul's P.O.V
    No Violet can't be dead, please let them find her!
Simon told me this already, in order to do this I must protect too!
I called Simon.

*Hello Paul?*
*Um did you see the news?*
*Yes, about the parade, fascniating, how is my pumpkin?*
*Oh about that....*
*About what?*
    Then the boys came...they grabebd the phone...
*2 more months Uncle Simon!* Zayn shouted, Liam patted my back...
* I know!*
*Well we wanted to tell you that,*Liam smiled....
*Where is Violet, I want to talk to her*
*Um well she is sleeping...*Zayn replied
*At 2:09 pm? Must be a craving styles I guess.* Simon joked.
*Simon, we need to be careful of the gangs...* Liam told.
*The gang....(Then I heard television on New York...
Violet Vavans has been in a hospital, what happened? Scratch marks and ect. We hope she is fine.)*
*Umm we can explain!* Zayn said.
*Boys, explain what, you guy aren't there, where are you?!* Simon sounded worried.
*Umm well we don't know we are at home.*Liam struggled saying...
*I'll come over...* Simon said..He ended the call.

"Uh oh..." Liam muttered.
"What should we tell him?"Niall finally came out.
"That she's...."zayn startled....
Perrie walked out of the living room,
"Umm watch this..."
We walked over the news reporter shwing her on Harry's back bleeding, and her bump still there.
"In other news, speaking of deadly car crashes, Violet Vavans and One Direction, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and the designer, Eleanor Calder, and some how a strange girl, we figured her name is Tori Meni. Violet Vavans no where out of the hotel is bleeding fruently. Her baby is still alive for 7 months, thank god, but what happened? We figured the hotel manager or employee wants to tell us this."
She said.
"Well, I saw soembody with a lot of tattoos. He was holding a Violet Vavans and I followed them. I pulled it on to the 8th floor. They were holding her as bridal style, one has a tool for something other in a bag. They got out, and went into a door, number 593. I heard screams and then just how I was asked if I found a girl look like her that got in the door, who was asking was Harry Styles, and I was asked by Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder. The two couples left to find her, while Harry, I pointed him that door, by then he got in. He didn't come out. And then I left, while I left I hear screams of pain or something, and the word shouting,'Harry help me!'"

     I saw Perrie crying....and also did Zayn. Niall just shook his head wanting to punch something, Liam was all crying hardly....then I saw Simon come in.
"I heard the news." He said....
"Sit down Simon..."I asked.
he did...
So we explained to him....and then he shook his head.
"i need to protect her, the did something!" Simon said.
"We should arrest them," Liam said.
    I saw Anne and Gemma, red eyed coming in the door.
"We heard..."Anne hold herself together....
"Don't worry, we will hunt them." Zayn said.
They all agreed....

Louis' P.O.V

    "So what brings you here?" Eleanor asked Tori.
"erm Eleanor, I think that is enough asking, she was kidnapped okay...we need to stop asking questions..."Harry stopped Eleanor.
"'s the only thing to make me ignore that, my best friend is in the hospital!" She cried. I cuddled her.
"At least your fiance isn't in there! BEING RAPED! BY SOME PERSON AND BEING ABUSED!" Harry pulled his anger out.
"MATE, SHUT UP!" I shouted.
Tori was crying....everything was a mess until the doctor came in Violet's door.
We were outside. Harry standing up.
"What happened nurse?!"
"I think she has a flat line..." The nurse said.
"WHAT!" Eleanor shouted.
I started to cry, Harry falling onto his knees...
"She's talking to a wrong person!" Doctor told us.
"Oops, where is the Haller's family?!" She said.
"Over the side of the chair."
     I gasped,"That wasn't nice!"
"Sorry..." The doctor apologized. "But we have happy news, she's awake."
Harry was the first one to rush in.
I looked at her all sad, her hands protecting her buldgy stomach...
"Violet!" Harry came kissing her forehead.
She smiled...
"Why can't she talk?"Eleanor asked.
"Umm her throat needs resting, the had a tiny cut near her throat." The doctor told us as he left.
Harry started crying, Violet's hand touching his face.
"Violet, are you okay?" I asked.
She nodded...
"Do you want to go home?And talk about tomorrow?" I cried.
She nodded, she took off the mask, she was still in her Christmas dress, blood...but it dried. I gave her new clothes, that I carried in my backpack. It was still Christmas though. She grabbed it and changed it in the bathroom.

Harry's P.O.V
    I choked onto the way she felt. Warm...
She walked out wearing a shirt with ripped jeans...And some brown boots. And a scarf. 
"You know I gave you blood." I smiled. She came and kissed me on the cheeks. 
We signed her out, as the doctor came, he gave us a small white board and a expo pen. She wrote,
'thank you.'
"You are welcome."
We walked out paparazzi flashing.
Fans asking chasing us, but then she ignored it...
"Do you know who Tori is?" I asked.
'Tori, Gemma's friend, your sister.'
I nodded.
"What should we do now?"Tori asked.
'Football of Louis :)' She wrote.
"Really I thought I cancelled it." Louis smiled.
'You cancelled it yesterday, I reentered you in >:)' She smiled.
"Evil Evil Evil Violet."Eleanor laughed, we went to the football(soccer).
We wore his Yorkshire team and cheered. Guess who won YORKSHIRE TEA!
Louis won. We celebrated by eating dinner, and we went home, as for London.
Violet looked sad....including Tori.
"What's wrong."I asked on the airplane.
'Back For You.' She smiled.
"What?" I said. Louis and Eleanor slept.
Tori went to sleep too.
'you came back for me.' She kissed my lips. As we woke up, we were home. We were deported by a taxi, Tori went over to Gemma and Anne, they were there. 
I saw the rest of them slept...we went to sleep too...let's deal with this tomorrow....

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