One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


5. Another surprise...

Violet's P.O.V


        Harry locked our door . " Hey Violet" Harry says as he hugs and kisses me on the cheek giving a cheeky smile ." Ready for another birthday gift?!" he asked."

        I nodded."I know we’re getting married but I wanna do something like sex. ”He said. I smiled and kissed his dimple .

      "Harry." I smiled . He smiled and picked me up . I kissed Harry and he took off his clothes . He saw I didn't wear any underwear under my short dress, he immediately he started licking inside of it . He started biting a little bit I stroked his hair.

      Harry then stopped and took off my short dress off and of course my bra . After that he climbed on me and started kissing me as he fingers me making me  moan really loud into his mouth . I then pushed him away and said “I wanna be with you forever , forever , forever and ever . I love you ” The way I said that made him happy because I said it so seductive . Then I  grabbed his hand holding it making it fit closing it in for pressure .

      Harry pushed me on the wall and I started striping him. I felt his dick on my leg getting hard .I smiled and started rubbing it, I started kissing his neck leaving love bites on him . He pushed me on the bed and inserted it into me . I  moaned loud as I  hold the bed sheets Harry thrusts into me over and over again . He stopped and I felt all his liquid inside of me as I poured out too . He licked me and smiled cheekily .

        We ended up having sexy minutes .Everything was getting steamy.I pulled onto the pillow  reaching the nearest thing.Squeezing it for relaxation. He pulled me to the bed I wrapped my arms around his neck, and pulled him in to get closer to his lips, crashing mine to kiss as I tangled my fingers in his curly hair, biting roughly at his bottom lip. His body pushed down on mine as he pulled away, smiling darkly down at me as he traced his hand along my side. “It’s been far too long, Mrs. Styles,” he said cheekily before attacking my neck with harsh bites.

                  I bit my lip, and moaned as he straddled me. Within minutes, all I wore was my undergarments, and he just wore his pants. We still made out like crazy, only until he stared trailing down my stomach with kisses and love bites. It was a feeling SO worth waiting for five years for. I moaned like crazy with him as he started to remove my undergarments, moving his hand to my lower region as he looked up at me with his big, green eyes. “Ready?” he asked as he slowly started to remove his pants. I bit my lip, and nodded with a slight sigh. Once he was on top of me again, he kissed my lips as he moved his hands to caress my inner thighs, remembering how much pain he had put me through the last time he had gone down on me. But it didn’t matter, because the two of us were ready no matter what pain I would be in. Eventually, the pain would go away, right? That night was the best night of my life.This was our 4th sex and though I feel all the organism together.Our bodies combining together. I never felt better.Sex is the answer.


          When I woke up, Harry wasn’t in bed. I looked around, but then shrugged. I assumed he was just talking to the boys while I was asleep. Besides, it was like twelve in the afternoon. Who would expect me to wake up, anyway?I woke up and ran out of bed and ran to the bathroom of ours. I took a shower then I changed into a shirt that says *Mine---->* and brushed my teeth. then I curled my hair with a skirt on and put a head band on my hair. Harry opened the door and kissed me and he showed me his shirt *<----Mine* I smiled and we kissed each other then I saw Liam opening the room  "Woah I'm sorry" he blushed. I laughed and checked my phone. 12 text messages from Simon...20 factime chat with Louis and Eleanor....and 5 miss calls.....CRAZY PEOPLE WTF. "did you like the sex?" Harry asked. "Hows this for an answer, Mr. Styles." I bent down and kissed him pushing him down the bed and I went on top of him. Kissing him and I heard ooohs. It was from Niall and Zayn. "Mrs. Styles you are one wild one" Niall yelled. "Boys..." Harry growled.I laughed and called for El. "The wedding is on right Hazza." Zayn smiled. He nodded. I smiled bitfully thinking of last night was it right to have sex? Though he was my fiance and we loved each other.  All I thought was..I love Harry Styles my future husband and fiance.

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