One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :") *FINISHED Go TAP THAT SEXY FAVORITE BUTTON <3 *


62. A/N: SORRY!!!

A/N: >.<''' 
      Sorry guy's! I'm just writing this A/N because I won't be making a sequal.:( but it's okay! I know some of you like or Love Justin Bieber and One Direction <3!!
   I'm going to make 2 stories.
But it's 2 different kind of stories. I got those ideas from my dreams haha I love dreams <3! 
   Moments <3 is my 1st movella as you can see. I accomplished alot of scenes. Well if I want to write those 2 movellas I have to finish this! :) 
  Sweet tender moments! K~
If you want some feedbacks about the new books.

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Well toodles my little Unicorns!

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