One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


51. 9-month~We're back(February<3)

 Simon's P.O.V

"Okay Paul time to pack our bags, we're going home form Hawaii." I explained.
"Okay then. I'm done." He said.
     "Let's go to the airport." I explained.
Fans were crowding out to us.
"SIMON WILL YOU SIGN MY SHIRT!" Some girl shouted.
We rushed to the airport.
  We got a private jet. Much likely I needed that trip from that stress.

    It was 4:20 in the morning at London.
We walked out of the place and went back to our house.
I called Violet.

"Hello." She groaned.
"Good morning pumpkin I'm back." I smiled.
"Uncle Simon yeah....okay anything else? You do realize if you wake up
a pregnant women she will hate a guy name Simon Cowell." She scolded.

   I laughed.

"Bring the boys in later, they have to make the new music video Little Things." I replied.
"Did you know it's Harry's birthday too?" She said.
"Yeah so shh." I laughed again.
"Okay bye uncle Simon." She ended the call.

    I walked over to the news....
"Hmm....Ed has his girlfriend herself. And Josh too? Wow Danielle is back with Liam? How many news have I lost?" I told myself.

   I got a phone call.
"Hello Cher?" I said.
"It's Cher Lloyld haha, Simon we need you on the show to judge for X-factor remember? Oh and don't forget to remind One Direction, they are performing tomorrow."She said."Are you back?" 
   "Yeah I'm back, and okay Cher I'll tell them." 
I ended the call.....
    I'll just tell them later.
're back.....


A/N: Sorry it's really short :D
    I will continue the day just like the dinner date guys <3
Just collecting my prom dress. To the winter formal with Anna!
Hehe the babies will come in soon....btw I'm not evil :I 
   I just make the story evil, there's a difference lmao.
I love you guy's just a heads up, there will be A LOT of drama in this month.Next month and MAYBE A LOT OF MONTHS 
:}  Lmao cX

Bye then!
~J.1D or Jacki



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