One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


38. 8-month~Explain(January)

Violet's P.O.V
      I had been awaken....I heard voices....but still sleeping.
"Mom! Dad!" I smiled.
"Honey!" They both said. I dreamt of being together.
"We did too." The kissed me. Wait, they can hear me?!
"Yes we can hear your thoughts. Come with us, you can't bare the hurtings,pregnancy." Mom said.
"No, mom didn't you want me to have a happy life!" I growled.
"The best is for you to move on from your life not marry a popstar, have a kid first than marry, you will get hurt. I can tell. And go ahead, do what you want to do, but marry a popstar while pregnant. Uncle Simon is there for you. Don't become famous." Dad replied.
"Mom, Dad, I am keeping the baby, and my life, I love Harry, I love my life." I sneered.
"We protected you to move on not become famous and get hurt." Mom pleaded.
"NO!" I said underneath my breath.
"Oh, fine have what you want to do, but when you die, we will not be there for you. There is no hope." Dad said.
"Honey! We love our daughter! I respect what she does, if you can't then whatever, I will be there for you hun." Mom kissed me.
I hugged her, dad smiled,"Okay then, I will miss you."
"But I thought you will be here for me." I cried.
"We will, in your heart, like Harry Potter." Mom kissed me goodbye.
No not goodbye....Please don't leave me! Why....

     I woke up crying, and tears in my eyes. I looked at everybody, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Ed,Perrie, Louis, Eleanor, Harry next to me in front of the bed.
I took a hold of the pen...
'What's going on?! O.o' I wrote.
"Well I told everybody, Paul came to visit and Simon and Anne, also Gemma but then they had to leave.." Ed smiled.
"We missed you!"Liam kissed me on the cheeks.
"Why are you crying love?" Harry sat next to me....
'Bad dream..'I explained by writing.
Harry kissed my forehead.
"Explain what happened."Zayn said.
'You first Louis ----->' I wrote.
"Okay!" Louis smiled.
"Well we were finding ehr in the hotel, Harry was alone finding, I called him, nothing. So an hour later or 2. We kept asking, nothing. Eleanor insisted we go to door to door, but nobody said they found Harry nor Vi. We walked back to our room, I kept texting Harry. Nothing again. So then as time passed, Harry came back with 2 people. One bridal style on him, one walking with him. They were girls-" Louis explained.
"So let me guess Vi was the bridal style." Niall biting his lips.
"Yes, LET ME FINISHED!" Louis growled. I smiled rubbing my leg, it hurted.
"So then we called the ambulance, Violet, was in the hospital for 45 minutes, and then she woke, and we won the football game.And went home!" Eleanor finished his sentence. Louis kissed Eleanor on the cheeks.
'HAPPY NEW YEAR :) (: !' i wrote.
I saw Perrie smiled.
"Harry tell your point of veiw."Perrie smiled.
"Okay." harry said smiling.
He told his whole point of view. and they looked at me, my turn I guess...
"Ahem." Harry showed my throat. I can't talk. I smiled and said 'ahem.'
They looked at me surprised.
"Well, I um, you guys were singing,'All I want for Christmas.' Until I felt a tap on the back. i tunred around it was the guy with a bunch of tattoos....And then I blanked out. He used drugs on my nose I guess, i woke up all not remembering anything....and then they wanted to-" i started crying...
    "Want what?" Zayn asked.
I looked at Harry very sadly.
he mouthed the word...'R-A-P-E.....'
They looked all horrified.
Perrie and Eleanor hugged me.
"You can talk now." harry kissed me.
I nodded." Umm well Harry came, he got knocked out...I was cut and bloody mess, it was hell okay,other then they left, umm I woke seeing me inside the hospital, I got out, they guys brought me to dinner, and then football. And we went home." I said.
"Our turn!" Niall and Liam and Zayn and Perrie said.
"We got home with Paul amde a phone call. And Simon and Anne and Gemma promised to protect you. Simon looked sad...." Niall started. And then the rest of them nodded. I began felt a kick in my stomach...
"Oh my-" I began holding my stomach.
"What's wrong?"Ed asked.
"I felt a kick." I smiled.
They all smiled. Harry hugged me with a tackle.
"Ed's turn."Zayn giggled with laughter.
"I got a call from Niall saying that you were sick or something so I got over there,you weren't they explained, and then I got to the girl's house Tori. She told that she did take 2 photos on her phone, only 2 people were arrested,now she is telling that those 2 are the one that did the they are taken into custody, just this morning, just only 4 more people...and those 2 are Neal Frenchasco and Steve Delon
They will be asked for questions and the girl Tori too." ed smiled. I hugged him....
"Let's get breakfast...I'm starving." I giggled.
"Looks like 8 months of carrying the baby made you tired." Eleanor laughed.
"I'M HUNGRY!!" Niall shouted.
"We know!" Liam said.
"Umm, who stuff is that?" Harry pointed.
"Oh Ed is moving in!" Zayn shouted.
"Yup, got to share a room with my 3 mates here!" Ed smiled. They left so they can change and get ready.
"Harry.." I said.
"Don't worry," He gave me a warmly kiss.
"I love you. Just 1 more month." I giggled under the tone of his worried voice.
"You will owe me," He tickled my neck.
"Owe you what, give me an idea." I smiled.
"Have another kid with me once this one is born." He sounded cocky.
"Deal." I laughed as we changed.

Harry's P.O.V
    I understand that Violet was hurt, but I loved her. Well guess we will have another kid.
I walked into the shower and let the hot water into my hair. As soon as I got out of the shower, I found a dark blue blazer, and some fancy pants, with a white shirt.
and a note: I think you would look cute in this <3
I smiled, oh Violet!
I love her hand writing! I walked out my hair all curly and stuff. I walked out seing Violet wearing Shiny blue vest dress, with her hair up. I saw her wearing her blue white converse. I smield and grabbed my gift from her, a neckalace'My Pussy.' I put it on her. She giggled. I hugged her, and she put a bracelet on my wrist. I kissed her on the lips.
"Hey the marrage in in May!" I smiled. She nodded, we intertwined our hands, lock to lock, and opened the door, and walked out of the house, and went onto the car.
"Where to go!?" Niall smiled.
"Yonkier!" Zayn shouted.
"Hey Harry, did you give that neckalace to Violet." Louis snickered.
"Shut up and drive you pervert." I laughed.
"Vi, can you give hand me that paper." Ed said in the passanger.
"Hey are you writing the new song!" Violet smiled.
"YUP HE IS JEALOUS!?" Liam smiled.
"SHUT UP!" Perrie smiled.
"Just give it to him." Eleanor smiled.
She handed to him.
after all that talking, we went to Yonkier. The favorite food of Zayn's.
We ate, and then went to a interview.

Mich's P.O.V
     "YOU DID WHAT! HOW CAN YOU LOST HER!" I shouted at Helen....
Without steve we have nothing now.....and Neal....
      We went on the plane, hiding in plain sight.....some people must recongnize something, they kept staring at us....
We sat down in the seats.
"I know what plan we should do next!"Sydney said.
"What?!"I said.
"We can start going home and once she-" Sydney began
"Stop, we will deal with this later."Fred growled....
Today is going to be a long day, but let us rest first then we can do what has to be done.....

A/N: Sorry this chapter is boring but iut explains what you don't really get!
And plus I will update maybe later :)
Thanks for reading!
Going on the edge of your seat well sorry! This ride is JUST ONLY the beginning!


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