One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


32. 7-month~Going On Plane(December)

Harry's P.O.V
   I woke up....I remember she was crying, she was talking on the phone and I took it from her, hearing it as a speaker. I heard everything about it and I cut in. And then she made me want to cry. Then later I heard Violet going on her bad side, I never saw the bad side of her since 3 years. I heard her saying that and getting the phone number she ended it, she saw the phone number about to report the police but she saved it and sended to Simon. Then she went to sleep. I kept hugging her but she let me go, she left and I said don't leave.
'I couldn't sleep, I'm walking....' She said.
'where....' I replied.
'Around the neighborhood.' she explained.
'Don't leave, you need to stay, the-' I was cut.
'No, there's nothing to worry, I'll come back about 5 minutes.' She pleaded.
   I wanted to block her but she wore her sweats, and my sweat jackets.
Then she left, I wanted to stop her but then I fell sleepy in my eyes.
I slept....


     I woke up and saw no one, near me, the guys woke me up. Eleanor was outside making breakfast in the kithchen.
I cleaned up for myself, dressed nicely, for the tour....
"2 hours." Eleanor smiled.
"Where's Violet?" Louis asked.
Uh oh...
"She went for a walk yesterday, couldn't sleep..." I muttered.
"WHERE IS SHE?!" Zayn said over protective.
"I don't know." I said trying to shake my head.
     Niall rushed to our room, and saw Violet's phone. Uh Oh she forgot her phone, must have took my phone. I couldn't find mine so it must be mines that she took.
"SHE DID NOT TAKE HER PHONE!" Niall announced madly.
"What if..."Louis muttered.
"NO DO NOT JINX!" Eleanor began to contact to her phone and then clicked the phone calls memories.
Then they all heard what it was about, yelling cussing.At the end of it all they said was nothing.
"Wow!" Louis shouted,"I'm not that big sass queen!"
"I can't wow, she talked to who!" Eleanor asked me.
"The killer....." I made a huge sigh,"I'll be right back give me the phone I'm looking for Vi." I said.
    I ran out of the house and took the deep walk, to the allys. Nothing, except a strange cat looking at me. Awww, reminds me of Dusty....
I walked back and forth, nobody until, I stopped at the park.
I walked and saw her on top of a tree.
"VIOLET!" I shouted.
She turned around and gave huge smiled, she changed her clothes?
"Where were you?" I asked.
"Tree, park, umm took your phone by accident" She climbed down gently, because her stomach.
"Hey how did you change with the dress and skirt, OH AND NEW MONTH HONEY!" I kissed her on the lips. No one saw us becuase of the trees.
   "Umm, well Gemma found me congrating me on another month and tour and found my other new dress and leather jacket I had bought, and she tried to return until she found me and then I changed, gave her the sweaties, and she's keeping it to wash." She smiled.
   "Yesterday was a great combat." I said switching her phone with mine.
"Haha, I know, she changed her phone, I can tell...." She muttered.

"What was that?" I said coming in on her lips.
"Nothing, it's just that-" I cut in on her giving more kisses.
"I heard you, you just needed that kiss." I winked.
She messed my hair and we walked home  under cover.

Violet's P.O.V
   I was sleeping on the tree, it didn't really hurt....accidently threw up on a guy and hid in the tree.....
He didn't see me haha. We walked home, Harry opened the door and then nobody. I walked inside and my only suitcase was there. I only packed one suitcase with Harry, so this must be ours.
"Where-" I stated.
"Outside in the limo." Harry said grabbing it and walked outside with me.
"COME ON IN!" Louis shouted. I locked the door, ans walked out to the limo.
   How did we afford a limo!?
"That was the amazing combat ever." Zayn shouted inside the car.
Paul was driving, I'm giving him a tip for doing to much and his monthly check.
 "So you guys heard it?" I asked confused.
"well we used your last calls to see and bam." Louis smiled.
"I want to listen to it again." Niall pleaded.
"No." Harry grinned.
"So, it's 7 months, have you been craving?" Liam interrupted by asking some smart question.
   I kept on smiling,
"Why ask that question while you see me eat?"
"ooohhh." Louis teased.
"Shut up, mate," Liam laughed.
"Hungry?" Eleanor smiled.
"Nope." I said. The I heard a stomach growled, it wasn't mine everybody kept looking at me.
"Not me!" I surrendered.
We looked at Niall.
"It's me." Niall smiled while taking the bag of chips,"Yum"
    We reached the airport as soon as they were all on the airport, I walked to Paul, gave him a tip check.
2,400 dollars.
"You don't have to." Paul chuckled giving to me.
"Paul, if you don't take the money, I will hate chu." I sounded like a stubborn girl. He put the money back in his pocket.
I laughed with him. Harry saw to and did pay him too.
    We reached into the airport, we took out our luggage I pulled while Harry signed and Eleanor did too, poor Paul, he had to do Zayn's and Niall's. Liam did his own because it was a bag. Then later I saw a boy asking for my autograph.
I smiled and signed it. He kissed me on the cheeks for the picture. I looked away and walked with Harry, jelly much....
We got on the airport, as soon as I climbed on the stairs, I got flashed my a huge white started coming into my eyes. I blinked, such a clumsy person, no one was behind me thank god, I almost fell and then grabbed a hold of Harry's hand as he reached me. THAT BOY IS A HERO <3!!
I got on and thanked him with a kiss on the lips.
"Thank you." I whispered.
He kissed me back,"Do you adore this kiss better than his?" 
"I love you more than my fans." I crinkled my nose.
  I climbed on 23c with Harry. Niall was 24a and Zayn,along with Liam and the love birds were 25b.
We were on the First Class chairs but more private than the real first class. I wlaked to get on bored and saw a huge shriek. Fans....
"MOM IT'S THEM!"She pointed showing at One Direction.
   we got boarded on the first class of course really fast and went onto the private one. 
"Scary...." I smiled sitting on the chair.
"Aha...." Harry said.
He grabbed my waist and put me on his lap.
I scowled and got off.
"LIAM!" Zayn shouted.
"What?" Liam curiosly asked.
"You are in my-"Zayn...
"Spot?" Niall chomped.
"MIRROR!" Zayn snapped.|
"Sorry." They said.
    I put in my earplugs, and put the volume of the right amount, and listened to music. Guess what I'm a directioner. I listen to all One Direction's song,
It changed and turned to, 'Moments.' My favorite song. I fell into a dark sleep, we had to tour to New far...

Niall's P.O.V
   I turned to face them and saw the marry dovies. I looked at Violet, sleeping.
Harry was watching the movie,'Transformers 2.' 
I budged walked to Harry, we were flying for about 4 hours, just 4 more hours.
"What?" He looked at me.
"take out her ear plugs and yank the ear plugs out and let us see what she's listening then put it back." I snickered. Zayn and Liam followed. Louis and Eleanor looking at us. 
"Okay..." Harry smiled.
He did what I said. 
   "We found a secret directioner." Harry smiled.
"So get out, get out, get out of my head 

And fall into my arms instead  I don't, I don't, don't know what it is  But I need that one thing  And you've got that one thing." The phone sang.
   I looked at their expression's.
"Is that," Louis smiled in a questioning face.
"One Thing, mate." Liam smiled.
"Directioner!" Zayn danced happily.
"She never told me that." Eleanor giggled.
   Harry kissed her on the cheeks. And put it back.....I started to do my own thing....
I ate my chips and then watched Transformers 2. 
Sam you have to go away from Megatron....OPTIMUS NOOO DON'T DIE!
.....Just 3 more hours....I smiled......AND NEW YORK HERE WE COME!


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