One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


27. 6-month~Hurt Life(November)

Violet's P.O.V

  I woke up around 8:34. I walked over to my bathroom and took a shower, brushed my teeth, and changed my clothes. I saw that Harry did the same thing too, as soon 
as we're done I was laying on my bed, tired.

"It's another month." I sighed.
"I know, just 2 more months and I can find out if its a she or he." He giggled.

"Am I going to make breakfast?" I kept wondering.
"Nah, Today is Eleanor's day to cook." Harry said in a beat.
"Why so happy today?" I smiled.
"I don't know, must be the left over candies from yesterday." He made a crooked smile.

"Are you tired?" I said rubbing my eyes although wide awake from brushing my teeth but still tired....
"Of course." he muttered grabbing my hand and pulling me on bed. We slept, horribly, then woke up from a knock.
Please don't make it the door's knock, I was jinxed. Yes it was...
"Who could possibly wake us up, they don't know we live here..." Louis said across the whole hall.
Harry's curl brushed off my face. They tickled. I got up with Harry.
"Boo bear what are you doing?" Eleanor asked.
I smelled burnt toast and ect....
 THE FOOD!" Niall shouted across the whole kitchen.

   Then they sat the wNINGhole pan of pancakes on fire.

"HOLY SHIT!" Zayn shouted.
"LANGUAGE ZAYN!" Liam said.
"Umm...." I whined.
I stared at them crazy, Harry fainted while there is fire....
I sighed and grabbed a baking powder and blew it out.
It was a disaster..
"YOU SAVE THE DAY VIOLET!!!" Niall cheered.
"I'm sorry..." Eleanor mild.
"No worries," I sighed.
"Guys get to the living room, look out the peeking hole." Lou meeped.

   Harry walked and looked out there,"Police..." 
"Yeah." Lou smirked.
I scrunched my nose....
"Did anyone do anything?"
"Nope!" They shouted.
"SH!"El commanded.
I looked outside,
"COME OUT WE KNOW YOU ARE IN THERE!"A lady shouted, named Elizabeth.

I saw her name tag. And then a detective....some kind of England place....
I opened the door.
I gulped,"Hello?"
"Ms.Vavans, or Mrs. Styles, you have to come with us." Elizabeth huffed.
"Why?" Harry said staring at me widely.
"Well, it's about her parents..." The guy with black hair said.
"Harry, you guy will be noticed later to go with her." Elizabeth said.
I nodded, and waved they looked at me frightened, I shrugged my shoulders,'I Don't Know?!'
I walked inside the car and we reached the officer's box....I walked inside the office and saw a man with a badge....
"Please sit down." Ed said.

What was he doing here!? And Why am I doing here??Custody! No I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!!!

I looked and sat down, my big mouth and I,"WHAT AM I ARRESTED?"
"No." The man with the badge chuckled."I'm Tim."
"Okay..." I said staring at him.
"We are here to talk about you and your parents..."Ed sat next to me.
"Do you remember anything from 7 years ago?"Tim asked politely.
"No, just me in the hospital and Simon telling me that I fell through a broken windshield, my parents died in a car crash...." I swallowed my words remembering it. My tears fell down, no not this, Why? Am? I? Doing? This? Again? I promised not to cry....
  Ed patted me.
"Well do you remember anything about killers?" Tim asked.
Killers? ....was-no I SHOT THAT GUY!
"I shot, one of the killers but it was just a guy who wanted to kill my parents." I said.
Ed stared at me.
"tell me about it." Tim said,

I told them,"Well i just got home hearing from my parents whimpering. I ran to find them in their room. I grabbed something just in case, my dad's finest guns....I saw him trying to shoot my parents giving a warning that where was me...the word Violet, I stared at his back seeing him repeating my name and started to shoot my parents until I locked target on him and shot him in the-" I started to cry.
"The head." Ed muttered.
"How do you know it?"I muttered back to Ed.
He explained that Simon told him....

Simon's P.O.V

I called Harry and the others to meet them at the police's quarters.
"Hello Simon?" Harry answered.

"Go to the police's quarters in downtown..." I said.
"Why?" Louis muttered.
"REASONS!" Harry shouted through the phone.
I closed the call.
I was already there with Alicia.
"Alicia, did you find any information about the girl who asked about Violet?" I asked.
"No..." she said.
"We need to protect her from one of the directioners, or pretend one."I continued.
She nodded.

Harry's P.O.V

  "HARRY!" Lou shouted as we walked into the police headquarters.
I saw Violet tearing down. I ran to her hugging her.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"Harry-my-parents-was-murd-" I cried. 
I was shocked....
"What?"I said.
"Her parents were murdered, Harry, Eleanor,Louis,Liam,Zayn,Niall, Ed, protect her, she is being tracked to be dead." Simon said.
"WHAT!" Louis shouted.
"well she shot a person at age 13." Simon said.
"And it was a murder, he killed a lot of people, including her parents, she got shot in the leg, recovered, He made a clan, he was the leader until he died,  from Violet, He had a daughter and she is able to kill Violet." The police said.
"How can you tell" Eleanor muttered.
"The girl keeps asking about Violet at the hospital about her." Tim scolded the police.
"I-I don't know what to say..."Niall sniffled.
"Niall, mate, shh, Violet need our help." Zayn patted Niall's back.
   I kept staring at Violet, my thoughts.....Don't Worry love, I love you....The people name,'Killers' wont hurt you, they don't know about us....They don't know what we do, and I love you.
I kept staring at Vi her eyes red, still crying, I couldn't notice but her stomach kept growing every day....I kissed her on the forehead.
  "Vi, don't cry." Eleanor hugged her.
"Violet, they won't hurt you WE WILL PROTECT YOU!" Ed said.
She didn't say anything,I couldn't see her breathe.
"She's quiet." Simon walked towards her.
"Vi,Vi..." Liam muttered her name again.
"Is she okay?" Tom standing up his chair.
Everybody crowded her. She wouldn't budge.

Violet's P.O.V
I have nothing left from my parents, nothing, just me.
I flashed backed to my memories. I remembered everything.

   AGE 4: 
"Mommy...Mama, Daddy, Papa, where are you?" I questioned while running from the gardens and into the house.
Nothing, I cried tears in my eye, I dropped my teddy bear, Boo, I kept crying until I heard footsteps coming to me.
"Honey, what's wrong don't cry..."Dad poked me.
"It's a game hun, come let's go in and drink some hot coco." Mom kissed me on the cheeks.
"Okay!" I smiled.
   Happily Family, I hope this will be end happily together like fairy princess stories mama told me.

Age 5:
I heard words talking to my parent's friends, Simon.
I was in my room overhearing my parents saying,
"Take care of her if we die." My mom said frighten.
"Will do." Simon whispered.
"Silver what should I do now..." Dad said my mom's first name.
" I don't know Edward, you made a deal to a dealer, and he is a murder, a part of killer, he will kill our family and I'm not doubting it." Mom said it depressed.
"I didn-" Dad started.
"No,you made our family in danger now! We can't move! Our house owner will tell them!" Mom scolded.
"Plus they watch you guys, I can tell..." Simon told.

   What was going on between Uncle Simon? And Papa and Mama...

Age 6:
   I got to school, in the car hearing my dad talking to Uncle Simon, in the phone, Mama was at work, At the X-Factor judges.
"No Simon, I can't, we owe them 50,000 dollars, how can I come up with that!"
Dad screamed.
I was startled, I couldn't say anything....
"Can You come up with the money?!" Dad scowled.
"I KNOW YOU'RE NOT RICH, YOU JUST STARTED YOUR WORK!" Dad screamed again and again.
What is going on?
I saw my dad decline the call and then he looked at me. Fear was all I can say to his expressions.

AGE 7:
"Eleanor, honey, your mom is here to pick you up." My teacher announced.
"Bye Violet!" Eleanor hugged me.
"Bye Ellie!" I smiled.
"Vi, Mom's HERE!" My teacher announced to me.
"Bye teacher!" I said.
"Goodbye Vinnie."My teacher waved at me.
"What's for dinner mom?" I groaned.
"Mash potatoes and Turkey, it's thanks giving." Mom smiled.
"Mom guess what!" I smeered.
"What, baby?" She smiled while driving.
"I GOT AN A+ In Spelling today with El!" I shouted giving her the paper.
I was so happy that she was proud.
   When we got home I saw my dad was not here.
I finished my homework, and it was 8:00.
Still not here, i was getting worried.
"Mommy, where's daddy?" I asked.
"I don't know, working late?" She said, she wasn't sure.
   It was 9:50....I was getting hungry.
Dad got home, he was bleeding, the horror I saw on his face, scars and his bleeding nose and head.
"DADDY!" I cried, the blood....
"Honey what's wrong? What happened!"mom cried."V, get some paper."
  I ran and got some, after that we ate dinner, dad was pretty much laying there in the night,I woke up still seeing him on the ground, while mom rushed and kept questioning him....
    Who did this....?

AGE 8:
I walked to school, talking to my friend, Eleanor Calder.
"What's going on with your family, my mom said that you needed help..." She said.
"i don't know..." I said.

(School's over)

I rushed to find my parents, but they weren't here. I kept staring at the drive way, Mom told me to stay here and she'll pick me up.
"Violet, what are you still doing here?" Principle Moore said.
"I don't know my mom said, she will pick me up." I said.
"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow." He left to his truck car.
Wow Thanks A lot for your help....
"Uncle Simon?" I said muttering seeing my Uncle(Not really)....
driving through the way to pick me up.
"Hey pumpkin!" He said through his sunglasses.
"Uncle Simon, where is mommy?" I told him and sat in the passenger seat.
"Umm, Mommy is at the hospital.." He said.
"Excuse me' did you just said mommy is in the hospital?" I replied.
"Yes, for daddy..."He said,"He got in an accident." 
I started to cry, running in the hospital seeing my dad smiling saying,
It's alright...

AGE 9:
"Dad, who is that person?" I asked when he was running with me trying to hide in an alley.
"Shh," he hushed.
I saw them trying to catch up to us. I tripped. and Then they got to us, punching my dad, it's my fault, I ran over pushed those people who punched my dad.
Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my head, I fell down, useless.
I heard voices,"Pay us back you have 6 years..." and left.
"PUMPKIN ARE YOU ALRIGHT!" I heard a gasp.
I didn't know what to do....I woke up suddenly, seeing my parents worried with Eleanor, Simon.
"What-" I coughed,"Happen..."
"You saved your dad's life." El smiled near me.
"You got hit in the head my a brick hon..." Mom started to tear...

AGE 10:
Everything was normal until everyday dad gets hurt. We have been warn by a letter a threat letter. I suggested telling dad to tell the police, but he said no, for our protection.

AGE 11: 
It was the weekends, summer, I was invited for Eleanor's birthday until, I saw somebody following me. I ran as fast as I could but I was caught.
He pushed me into the van, I told him to let go and I kicked him in the walnut....
I ran into the half way block, hiding from them, I lost them....
I wanted to cry, what did they want from me, no US!


AGE 12:

  "Mom, I'm home from school." I said.
I opened the closet to set my backpack in the closet.
I heard nothing, 
"Mom, Dad, it's not funny, I'm way mature than this!"
I walked into the door, seeing mom and dad tied up.
Telling me to hide, I was too late he locked the door and then I turned around scared.
"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Dad shouted.
"PLEASE ANYTHING THEN HER!" Mom screamed while crying.
"Too late, give me the 50,000 dollars then!" He said angrily, the bald man with scar through his eyes.
I looked at him in fear,
"So, you got a daughter here, huh, she's pretty," he snarled,
I wanted to run, but then I heard Uncle Simon saying,
He was scared and ran away,
"I'll be back!" he snarled.
I untied my mom and dad, I wasn't that brave.....

Age 13:
I got home from school just another plain old day until I saw no one was home, I walked over to the kitchen, I grabbed some snacks until i heard a faint scream outside.
"What the-" I said.
I ran outside, dropping my food, I stopped and grabbed my dad's gun. 
Why the heck am I using this.
I walked outside the guy again had a gun.
"WHERE'S THE MONEY YOU HAVE 5 seconds!" He shouted.
He flinched the gun,
I shot him in the head. I just saw everything flash through my eyes, OH NO I'M A MURDER!!!
I waited for everything for the police to come, I cried, My parents told me that I was brave. But what was the definition of BRAVE? To shoot...or murder somebody and that was brave....I was assigned to talk to the judge, the case,
I didn't go to jail, what i did was right, they told me...
I just hope that I won't go to hell....


I kept crying, I hate the age 14.....
Should I leave....I didn't want anyone hurt.....
I'm useless....a horrible person.....
Now I'm afraid of the directioners....
Why this Moment?
Why my life?


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