One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


1. 20th Birthday(Part 1)

   Violet's P.O.V


      I am Violet Vavans.I am 19 years old, my birthday is June 29,1994.I am One Direction's song writer and the song writing buddy of Ed Sheeran. I have dated Harry Styles for 5 years. I do not have any parents except for Anne, Harry's mom. My parents are dead in a car crash that haunts me forever.It happened when I was 15. How did I became famous? I am a actress and a songwriter. I do sing but not everybody knows. The only one that knew are my friends One direction, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik. And the others are Eleanor Calder- Louis' girlfriend. Anne- Harry's mom and Simon. Simon is like my father he watches me he takes me under his wing when my parents died,I was with him for 1 year then I left for another year though I came back to enter X-factor. He told me everything about the boys. I did not enter in the first time, he told me not to because he hear me sang before.He decided to make me a song writer. And this is how my life.



"Harry wake up." I heard a voice whispered.
"What?" Harry whispered.
"Time to wake up it's the day." Louis said.

"let's go"Harry's husky voice said.

I heard the door locked and I just went to sleep.While sleeping and thinking What day what is so special today? Is it a wedding a birthday. My head hurts so bad I can't even remember anything mostly from the party pizza. Oh, Niall you can eat all of it. Zayn look in the mirror for a long time worrying about his hair. Louis had to complain for no carrots. Plus, Liam had to do the GANGNAM STYLE DANCE. Eleanor did too. Simon did the dougie and Anne and Paul joined. Harry and I had talked and we drank, just soda no beer or anything. We didn't do any shots or anything I tried to think it through.Nope no shots. I smiled and felt my neck  kissing lips of Harry. I felt my neck all over again rough marks. I didn't remember that. I looked down noticing I was a little bit naked. I was in my bra and just a thong. Did I drinked! I looked a little bit pale. I changed my clothes and went to the restroom curling my hair and taking a shower. Although I finished taking a shower then curled my hair and wore my dress. My poke a dot dress the color orange and a belt . I also wore heels it. Curled my hair and brushed my teeth. No make up on because I didn't like ruining my skin and the song What Makes You Beautiful- Liam's verse Don't Need Makeup To Cover Up. It made me insecure about it.

    I walked out and heard them say hurry!I walked downstairs.
"What's going on?" I asked.
"Nothing Babe" Harry said with a smirk
"Liam go distract her." Niall winked.

"Don't we have enouuuuuughhhh---" She was being pulled and out in the car and they left....

" Liam," Zayn continued,"let's go distract her."

" guys I could hear you,well I will just go talk to Ed about our song." I said
"NO!" harry shouted.
"WHAT??"I smiled laughing

"He's getting umm cak-"Niall was interupted by a nudge

"UMM HE MEANS C.A.K.S meaning new paper for music." Zayn said.
"I'll go to work then my new movie..."I smirked.
"Okay I'll drive" said Liam.

"Bye " I kissed Harry and he waved and his hands hugged me."bye sexy" he smiled. and then I laughed and hugged the boys. and we left.

Harry's P.O.V

I heard the door shut. 

"Phew She left." Niall said I looked at him smiling and Zayn was mad.


"Sorry Mate." Niall whispered.
"It's okay."He smiled

"Harry where is Louis and Eleanor doing and where is Ed."Zayn asked

"They are buying decorations and Ed is buying a decorated cake, Paul and my mom is buying gifts actually we got our gifts but they are buying theirs. And Simon well he excited for her birthday and making a poem for her. Just like a father.."I explained

"What should we do now?" Niall whimpered.

"Umm well we should plan I mean like make some food and well move the furniture for room." I smiled

"Who's cooking?" Zayn asked. "Violet is the best at cooking.."

"Well I will cook I learn because of her." I said"We will move the furniture." Niall said.

"Aren't you going to propose her." Zayn smiled.I did too I smiled I love her we have been dating for about 5 to 6 years.

"That's her present" I smiled

"Aww let's get to work."Niall said.

Louis' P.O.V

Wow I can't believe she is turning 20 and she is going to marry Harry."Louis is this decoration good enough" Eleanor asked.I nodded."What an amazing day for Harry huh El." 

"Yep their marriage is so strong" El said.

"I hope I could be the best man of course he is going to choose me don't you think so El?"I asked

"Of course he will." she continued,"Boo bear tell me the truth are you I mean never going to break my heart"She whispered.

"Never going to break your heart Sexy." I smiled 

We kissed each other and got back to the birthday

"I can't believe though," I said

"believe what?"she wondered

"That she doesn't remember it's her birthday today."I said

"yep maybe she was drugged "El joked.

"well yeh I heard them have sex I think." I smiled

"LOUIS DON'T USE THAT WORD,plus how would you know?" El exclaimed.

"I heard I guess, moan, I heard Violet was sleeping and Harry told me in the morning, he had surprising sex with her. Plus they did have sex for 2 times plus this is 3 times." I snickered.

"You are gross....but will you have sex with me?" She smiled

"Well I had sex with you when we were high remember,plus around this year I'll marry you." I whispered.

She gasped and hugged me.We shopped for five minutes and left. We sang the whole song on the radio,"As Long As You Love Me".


Violet's P.O.V


Hmm I thought.
"So Violet are you going to do anything right now?" Liam asked.

"What?"I asked confusingly 

"I mean like what are you going to do right now for the job the movies what kind of movie?"

"The Murder In the Midnight." I replied "Kinda cheesy"

" I guess so hahaha." Liam said.

"So if Harry asked you to marry him what would you do?"He asked

"I'd say yes." I smiled "Why is he doing it."

"Ye- I mean No No he is not." Liam said.

" Liar Liam, Liam you can't lie I can tell." I said


" Don't worry I won't any ways I won't tell promise."

"YAY!" and we kept driving to the studio.

I can't believe Harry is going to propose to me, but what should I do I'll try to forget that is how I am going to do or I can always pretend nothing happens I smiled, though I know something exciting will happen today but right now just start worrying about my movie.



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