One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :")


3. 20th Birthday (Part 3 LAST BIRTHDAY PART!) :D


Harry's P.O.V

  "Hello?" I asked. Very relieved that it wasn't Violet. Her brown hair wasn't right. The hair I am looking right now was Blackish brown.She turned around and it was my mom with Paul   " Mom!" I yelled and ran over kissing her on the cheek.   "So honey did you do the food yet?" She asked. I said not really and so Paul came over and I heard Louis yelled PAUL ALERT!Paul stared at him confused   "Why are you playing with the carrots?" He asked.   "WHAT THE HELL IT'S CALLED A PRESENT!"Louis shouted.   "SHH LET'S GET BACK TO WORK." Zayn shouted as he pulled a table, " Niall come and help me take this out to the backyard."   Niall followed and they set it up.    "Mom can you help me cook with El." I asked pleading her.   "Yes honey I want this to be perfect for you and Violet. I can;t believe my little baby is getting married, the first time I saw you guys together I knew she was perfect for you the right zing." Mom said.   "AWWWW, so is Gemma coming?" Paul asked   "Yes she is she is at the airport coming back from Paris." mom smiled while backing cupcakes.   "She brought a boyfriend too." mom continued.   " Are you serious!" El whispered.   "WHAT I HAVE TO MEET HIM IF HE HURTS MY SISTER'S HEART I WILL BREAK HIM!"I shouted   " I'm just pulling your toes." mom laughed.    "what's that suppose to mean Anne?"Louis said with a full mouth.   "well I'm kidding." She smiled. Then we started too cook, Paul helped the boys and Louis did too. El and Mom and I are cooking. Louis practically isn't doing anything. Then I turned on the radio and heard Simon on the radio.   " Hey guys I'm Simon Cowell, and I want to wish a happy birthday to my little girl well actually her parents died in a car crash and I took her under my wings. I knew her parents well we went to collage together. Happy 20th birthday Violet Vavans. Harry remember be nice to her." And he laughed   The co speaker came and said," Guys listen to this the actress and songwriter for One direction is turning 20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIOLET WE LOVE YOU. But we have something that you have to listen Simon found this in his room. "   And then there was a song. "You guys,it's Violet's voice!" Louis pointed.   "Shh," I said   "THIS SONG IS MY HEART WILL GO ON, VIOLET SINGS THIS WHEN SHE WAS 16 AT X- FACTOR FOR SIMON BUT THEN HE DIDN'T WANT TO RUIN HER LAUGH OF SINGING LISTEN TO THIS AMAZING SINGER!" The co speaker shouted.   "Ever night in my dreams I see you I feel you That is how I know you go on.   Far across the distance  and spaces between us You have come to show you go on." and she sang until it ended.She was amazing I thought to myself.       "Wow." was I heard from Zayn.   "That was speechless" Niall said.   "No words.."Louis and El smiled   "See I told you she was the one Harry." My mom smiled.    Paul almost cried,"THE BEAUTIFUL VOICE HAS WOKEN ME!!" We all laughed.       Violet's P.O.V   "Can we at least get something to eat I'm starving." I heard Tom yelled. "whatever" Bill shouted and he retried  the scene it worked finally. We finally left and the movie was likely to be published by tomorrow the movie was done we have done every last part and the part that we did was the redoing scene. "Liam..."I asked. "What?" He smiled. "When do we get home?"I snickered. "Let's go to the mall first and then home." He smiled and again. "but-"I began "No butts."He said. " I said but not the tooshie Butt."I giggled. "Okay let's go to the mall" then Liam had a text. "Umm stay there and I'll tell you to come over." he said.  I nodded and went inside the car I sighed and my mustang car is all empty. Right now I am wondering all sort of stuff I should do. Oh wait I can't because I am being blocked from Liam! Curse this blocking, I sighed though I was tired and I trailed down trying to sleep. I closed my eyes and slept.   Liam's P.O.V   When we went outside the studio she told me all about the movie. The movie was called Skyscraper. It was about these aliens or ghost what ever taking over human bodies and Violet or Tori was picked to be the chosen one. Which according her friend Tom or Logan was going to help but then he got attacked by one then Tori saved him and in the middle was disturbing they kissed I mean really I don't like it I like sad movies though but Harry liked it haha. "Liam" I heard my name. "What?"I smiled. "When do we get home" She snickered. "Let's go to the mall first then home" I smiled. "But-" Violet began. "No butts." I meant to say but not butt. " I said but not the tooshie butt." She giggled. Oh how I love her giggle it was so beautiful wow. "Let's just go to the mall" I smiled then I got a text I told her to go inside the car and she did.
I knew she was tired. I answered the text.
  From" HAZZA :) To: leeyum :P   *Hey how is it going distracting her?*   I looked in the window of the car she is sleeping aww how adorable   To: Hazza :) From: Leeyum :P   *she's sleeping in the car are you ready it's  5:30 >:I + she is getting bored* I took a picture and sent it to Harry.   From: Hazza:) To: Leeyum:P *aww she so cute! My mom loves that pic and yeh bring her back SHES SO CUTE!* *Leeyum, the last one Louis wrote.*   I turned off and laughed and start the car I saw her didn't put on her seat belt and I did for her. We drove and reached the point near the house where there was a passcode for our house. I pressed the button*34910* and we drove inside the house.   Violet's P.O.V   "Wake up"Liam's voice nudged me "Huh?" I woke up and said"We're home?" he nodded and I walked inside the house. It was dark I walked inside the house and tried to turn on the lights but didn't turn on. " Liam?" I turned around the door closed and he was gone. I was getting scared I walked and saw rose petals in the backyard. I walked straight and there were roses and candles and the pool was beautiful. I looked up the moon was a full moon and there was a sign "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I walked and saw no body. OF COURSE IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY I WAS WORKING SO HARD I FORGOT!  "Hello?" I shouted. "I'm scared...." "Don't be"a husky voice said, I felt a warm touch on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Harry. I hugged him and said "Thank you!" He kissed me on the lips. "GET A ROOM YOU GUYS." Louis yelled as he popped out of the pool with El. Liam and Zayn were hiding behind the bush. Niall and Paul were coming out of the trees. And Anne and Simon was walking towards me with cake. Ed was sitting there and putting a sign on my hair. I pulled it off it said, 20th birthday! I smiled and hugged everyone. "Happy birthday sweet heart." Simon smiled and hugged me tight. "Violet.."Harry smiled and got on his knee. OH NO He's proposing I was about to cry and I saw everyone smiling and looking at me. "Don't kill it," Zayn muttered to himself. I looked at Niall eating while looking.  El and Louis hugging each other in the pool smiling looking at me.   "Violet, you make me the happiest man in the world I love you we have been dating 5 or 6 years. I can't live without you."he continued.Tears fell down I smiled like a goof "Will you do me the honor of marrying me and become Mrs. Styles." He smiled and pulled out a ring. It was shiny about a lot. I didn't want any present anything expensive. I loved him so much should I say yes or no.   


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