One Direction, Harry Styles is dating this girl through love for 5 years he proposes to Violet Vavans. But there are some naughty twists to the life. Can the boys help? :") *FINISHED Go TAP THAT SEXY FAVORITE BUTTON <3 *


11. 2 month~ Visitor(July)

1 month past (July)



Gemma's P.O.V
(Author's note:For the people who don't know it's Harry Styles's older sister READ THE FINE PRINT DIRECTIONATORS Not talking to you directioners :D)

      I was at the airport ready to board to England, Home Chapel, Cheshire. Well actually I have to go to London United Kingdom to 91 Peterborough Road in Matrix Complex in London. I want to see his girlfriend slash fiance. Violet how should I describe her when I met her. She was so nice and pretty. I loved to see my sister in law. I walked near this boarded room where the check the medals or weapon. I put my bags there were only 3 bags. I actually wanted to go home I was on a trip to France and got back. 3 bags right now and putting my red bag in with the orange bag , and blue bag in the bucket. Of course I am a colorful girl but those are my favorite colors. I can always say boy colors but actually who the fuck cares? I wish the departure is coming about less than 30 minutes. Though I had to wait for 1 hour. I stood  and saw a mime coming to a couple. He was in black and white. His face was with red lipstick and he was wearing white paint with black. His clothes in suspenders it reminds me of Louis. 
    I sat in the airport waiting for a long time. It has only been 17 minutes of time. I was being checked. I walked in the board where they check me and then the guy reached down patting me 
   " Watch yourself." I muttered. And he backed up. I walked carrying my bags and walked away. I was walking up to the ticket stamps. I showed them my passports. I was looking at the clock. 9:21. I sighed and kept walking and then I saw the airport wasn't opened until 9:40. I walked up and sat on the chair and I got a text from one of my friends who is in England, Eleanor.

  From: El-bunster [":
  To: Gem-shiny 


I replied smiling to find out the news. Of course it might be another wedding, or it can always be a party or something.

From: Gem-shiny
To: El- Bunster [":

*WHAT?! + Yes I'm inside the airport waiting till it opens. It will be a 45 minutes or 1 hour to London :I *

From: El- Bunster [":
To: Gem-shiny


I saw the text and then I turned it off without replying. WHAT VIOLET'S PREGNANT! Oh my god. Harry must have had sex with her! I have to ask Louis...

Louis' P.O.V

   I have been walking with Violet trying to look at her. Her stomach has gotten larger than before but not too large. She didn't look fat she tried not eating too much but Niall had to share the food with her. Harry has been giving us the look, 'SHARE THE FOOD FOR HER WHETHER SHE WANTS IT OR NOT, SHE NEEDS TO EAT, THE BABY NEEDS NUTRITION!'
   I always shared for her but today Violet didn't want any help. She tried going away from us. She has told us she didn't need help but Harry was with Anne and Paul. Talking to them about the baby then all we need was Mary and Ed. Gem already know El told. Violet has been getting cranky since then. She has tried running away but Harry keeps trapping her in the house and he told us to watch. One day Liam tried to let her go out of the house to get the mail and she ran away and Zayn had to catch her. Then, the next day Niall didn't see her, he was eating, and then she tried to take a walk in the park she didn't want to bothered. And then, I had to catch her, but then I didn't catch up, the fans were crowding her between me. And she almost got hurt until Paul came and said 'GIVE VIOLET AND LOUIS SOME SPACE!' I was looking at Violet smiling and signing it. While the paparazzi saw us and taking pictures of us. They tried flashing Violet and she ran away, we couldn't keep up with her until Harry and Eleanor ran to her. El couldn't make it and then Harry caught her. She was so crazy, I could feel how she was always kept away, Harry neeeded to keep calm. Too protective. 

     " Eat Violet just eat." Harry pleaded.
" I'm not hungry!" She said. "I'm ALREADY STUFFED!" 
"Do you want some nachos?" Niall offered. I was watching T.V.
"No." She replied. 
"Do you want water?" Liam said.
She shook her head. 
"What's wrong?" Zayn whispered to her. She made a tear drop. I stared at her. Worrying why is she crying.
"Babe, what's wrong? Don't cry." Harry said.
"Harry leave her alone she needs room." El said.
"Violet, I know you're in pain." I said. She starred at me.
"I'M NOT IN PAIN! ALL I WANTED WAS TO WALK, YOU BASTARDS WON'T LET ME!" She shouted crying and she ran to the bathroom locking it.
Harry looked sad.
"Why won't you let her walk?" Niall asked.
"Because....she will get hurt." Harry replied.
"Harry give her a chance." Liam strongly coughed the word out.
Zayn and El nodded.
    Then I got a text.

From: Gem-rot
To: Lou-bear

* How did Violet get pregnant is she okay???" 

I smiled and typed on my Iphone 5.

From: Lou- bear
To: Gem-rot

*Harry and yeah she is, She's depressed now cuz of us.*

From: Gem-rot
To: Lou-bear


I laughed.

To: Gem-rot


And I left the text and heard Harry knocking the door. 
"Leave me alone!" Violet said.
"Violet, babe I'm sorry I should never underestimated you."
She didn't answered.
"Violet?" Harry knocked.
She still didn't answer. 
"Violet unlock the door...." Harry knocked again.
"Fine." and she did and walked out and sat on the couch. Her eyes were red. Harry sat next to her and she scooted back. 
"So umm Gems gonna come over today."I started.
"*Sniff* *sniff* Really?" Violet said while Harry pecked her on the forehead. I nodded.
"Does she know?" Harry smiled.
I nodded,
"What time is it guys?" Liam asked.
"9:40" Zayn replied. 
"I'm sleeping, coming Louis?" El said. I took the hint she was cold and needed her boo bear. I nodded.
"Okay night." I waved and El and I went to bed locking the door.

Gemma's P.O.V

   I was boarded the airplane and then there I saw 34B. It was great because nobody sat with me so I loaded my stuff on top of the cubbie. I went and sat down and turned my Iphone 5 to airplane mode. I asked the lady if I can hear some of my music in my Iphone. She nodded. 
"You can only use it if it's airplane mode." The Flight attendent said.
I nodded and turned on my music and it was 'Swagger Jagger' From Cher llyod.
I sat there while closed my eyes about 35 minutes. I was so tired then I opened my eyes I fell asleep. Just in time for dinner. I ate, soup with a dessert, flan. With bread and a drink soda, Pepsi. Of course, I was there and then the airplane landed. It took me a while to get out because of the checking. 
I waited and texted Harry.

~~10 minutes later~~
But Harry wasn't there yet and so I waited again until I heard a scream. I stared at my little brother. Curled brown hair and green eyes. I ran to him a hugged him.
"Welcome back Gem." Harry smiled.
I smiled,"Where's mom and the others?" 
"Just follow me... Hurry though the fans are staring."He replied
Then the paparazzi came. 
    "erm leave me alone please." Harry rushed with me running inside the car and we drove back there about 10 minutes. I saw the crowds taking pictures of us and video camera us.  They tried to chase us until Harry's car, Audi R8 Coupe. His car was fast compared to Simon's. We reached the street it had a ton of houses ,but then we had to press numbers or code in it.
     Harry pressed the code and we got in. We drove and when we stopped I gasped. The house was huge. The bush it was green and everything was really green. It was dark around 10 pm. I walked holding my bags. And Harry opened the door I walked in and the house was clean. I heard a voice,
"VAS HAPPENIN GEM?!" A black haired with blonde blonde highlights on the top of his curled hair. I smiled and he gave me a hug. And then Harry said,
"SHH, Violet's sleeping give her a rest." 
Violet where is she I thought to myself. Then I saw a blonde with blue eyes, Niall. 
"Hi Nialler." I pounced.
He smiled and waved, of course eating. 
"Where is mom, El, Louis, Violet, Liam, Ed, Mary, Paul,and Simon?" I gasped saying their name. It was a lot of names I thought. 
"Well Mary is at her mom's house." Niall answered half the question.
"Paul and Simon is at their home working on some new concert of the album."Zayn smiled.
"Ed is working on a song and hanging with his friends of course." Harry said while looking at the news.
"Liam is sleeping and Eleanor, Louis, and Violet." They all said it unusually.
I smiled," So Mom?" 
"Oh she is at home with her friends." Harry said.
"Hmm I hear Violet is ----" I muttered, while got cut.
"YES!" Zayn shouted.
"SHUT UP MATE!" Niall  went shouting with Zayn.
"Shh the rest are sleeping." Harry pointed upstairs.
"So how many months has it been?" I smiled.
"2 months." Harry smiled proudly.
"Did I miss the wedding?" I pronounced.
"Nope it's in July I guess or maybe Violet wants it to be it when she is done....." Niall muttered half.
"Oh.."I smiled.
"So how long are you going to be here?" Zayn asked.
"Umm I got here I went on vacation of course I'm living with mom." I smiled.
"Here, your the room it's upstairs with a balcony." Harry smiled.|
"Okay, next week I'm with mom." I noted them.
They nodded and then I went upstairs. I saw Violet and Harry's room, I kind snuck in I saw Violet not asleep. 

Violet's P.O.V

I looked up and saw Gem... Harry's sister.
   "GEM!" I smiled and ran hug her.
She smiled and hugged me. She saw my stomach and said. 
"So you guys are having a baby." 
"Yep, 2 months getting big." I smiled. 
We talked all about it until Harry ran up and saw us, the rest of the boys went to sleep except for Harry, Gem, and I.
    "Not sleeping yet babe?" He picked me up and twirl me around.
"Harry let me down!" I squealed.
"Say please." Gem helped him.
"Yes say please." He smiled.
"I'll throw up on you!" I sneered.
"No you won't!" He said. I was dizzy
"PLEASE!" I giggled. and he put me down.
"I was wondering have you guys gotten some results for like sound checks?" Gem asked.
"For what?" I asked.
"Erm, I think she is, erm talking about our baby." Harry spoke.
I nodded and then we went to sleep. She went to her room and slept. 
I smiled at Harry locking the door.
"So Mrs. Styles,"Harry began.
"You mean future Mrs. Styles." I giggled. We were on the bed talking.
"Well, your my Mrs.Styles." He bent over me and kissed me on the lips.
"I was thinking for the wedding was that when I'm done giving birth." I smiled.
He nodded. And we went to sleep....Night night I thought....I can't wait until February or January  my baby is coming I smiled....And the wedding......





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