The Quarter Quell ~ The Hunger Games

What if Peeta and Katniss died in the 74th Hunger Games? What if the Quarter Quell for the 75th Hunger Games was completely different? What if Finnick O'dair had a sister that went in...What if?


1. Chapter 1

Damn! My Dumb computer deleted the whole chapter! I have to re-write it now! It would have been up last night but it wasn't because it didn't save! Grrrrrrr now I am Angry!
Anyway I guess I just have to live! So here's the chapter!
The bell rings, signalling the end of school. I immediately hoist my bag over my shoulders and rush home. Even when I'm sprinting as fast I can, it takes me 20 minutes to reach my house. I live far away from school because my home is in the Victor's Village of district 4. I only live here because my older brother Finnick won the 65th Hunger Games so now our family occupies one of the buildings. I reach the gate and burst through the front door. My parents, Gabrielle and Martin, look up in surprise, then rush over to me.
"April what's wrong? Are you ill?" my mother's worried voice asks.
I lean against the wall and catch my breath. After a minute I'm composed enough to reply, "I ran all the way here from school. I think you'd be tired as well!"
My mother smiles in relief and leads me over to the couch. "So, was there a reason you decided to run all the way home today?" my Mom asks me questioningly.
I look into her eyes and reply, "At school, we got told there would be an announcement from the Capitol tonight. I think it's about the Quarter Quell and I was just thinking what if it was something like only girls or only District 4 or only 15 year olds. I guess I'm just really scared that I'll have more of a chance at being drawn out." I look down at my feet not wanting to hear my mom call me a wuss for not being brave like my brother was when he had to go to the Games.
"Well little sis," I look up and see Finnick standing in the entrance to the room. I hadn't noticed him there. He smiles and comes to sit with me, wrapping his arms around me protectively, before continuing his sentence, "if you have more of a chance at being drawn out, then all the other tributes have less of a chance at surviving. April, let's face it... you have extreme skills!"
I smile and Finnick keeps talking, "Our family was lucky enough to be given a very large amount of insane pro-ness. You and me, we inherited it all." he grins and pokes my belly, "And as for Ashley?.... well if she gets drawn out, I think you should probably volunteer!"
I start to laugh. Ashley is my older sister. She's 17 and does nothing except "talk" to boys. While me and Finnick swim and hunt, she sits in her room with a big group of boys, and practically never comes out. She would have about as much chance in the Hunger Games as a 3 year old!
Finnick looks happy to see my face back to its usual bright self and he jumps off the couch and struts out of the room for my amusement. I giggle and throw a cushion at his back. He turns around and mocks looking offended, then flips his hair and walks off to his room while I'm still laughing on the couch.
I turn to mom and see she has a sad smile on her face. I wriggle over to her and see she's nearly crying, "What's up Mom?" I ask her.
She looks at me and a tear slides down her face, I wipe it away and she smiles a bit, "It's just that I can never seem to cheer you up when you're feeling sad! Finnick can do it so effortlessly and no matter how hard I try I can just never seem to do it!"
I look at her and see how upset she is, "Mom! Never ever ever ever ever ever ever compare yourself to Finnick O'dair! Everyone who tries ends up feeling like a big blob of crap! He's awesome and it's not possible to deny that! So get over yourself and come give me a hug."
My mom laughs and wraps her arms around me. "I have no idea what I'd do without you April." I'm glad she feels better but I really want to take a shower, so I pull back and tell her that the announcement will be at 5 and to make sure that no one misses it. Then I skip up to my room.
As I'm going down the hall, I hear voices from Ashley's room. It sounds as though she's in there with about 4 other people. I have no idea what she's doing and quite frankly I'm too scared to check. Forget The Hunger Games! One encounter with my sister's bedroom could destroy even the strongest and bravest people!
When I reach my room I pull my clothes off and drop them on the floor, not caring that I'll have to clean it up later. I wander into the bathroom and turn on the shower. I make sure it's the right temperature, so it won't burn or freeze me. Then I climb in and stand there letting the water wash everything from my mind. Suddenly I hear a knocking at the door, "April, get out! The announcement is about to start! Hurry up!"
I quickly turn off the shower and wrap a towel around me. I press the button that dries my hair and body. I rush into my room and throw on the first thing I see, shorts and a tank top. I scramble down the stairs and nearly fall in my haste. I reach the longue and see the announcement hasn't begun yet. I sigh in relief and walk into the room. There's only one free seat and it isn't an amazingly comfortable one, so I just jump on top of Finnick. He laughs a bit but doesn't push me off. Damn I love my brother. He's awesome!
The Panem symbol appears on screen and the anthem blares out of the speakers. When it ends, we get a close up view of the stage where President Snow, the leader of Panem, is standing at a podium. He greets the crowd and the viewers and begins to explain what we already know. The uprising in Panem, when the 13 districts rebelled against the Capitol. The Capitol over powered the districts and district 13 was destroyed. In memory of the uprising and to make sure that it was never to be repeated, the Capitol created The Hunger Games. Every year the districts would be forced to send one boy and one girl, called tributes, between the ages of 12 and 18, to an arena in the Capitol where they would be forced to fight and kill each other. Only one tribute could live and when they got home they would live in a fancy home with their family, in the Victor Village of their district. They would be rich and well fed, but nothing could cure the memories. The Capitol uses the Hunger Games to show the districts that we are completely at their mercy and they could kill all of us so easily if they wanted to. The Capitol finds The Hunger Games entertaining and enjoy placing bets about who will win, who will die first, and who will kill who. It's their annual source of entertainment.
When President Snow finishes talking about how the Hunger Games began, he explains the Quarter Quell. Every 25 years, a special Hunger Games will be held. Instead of just the normal Games, there would be some kind of twist. I haven't been alive for any Quells but I've been told about them. In the first one, the tributes were chosen by having their District peers vote for who to send. In the second twice as many tributes were sent. Now it's time for the third. I hold my breath and the silence of the crowd, our house, District 4 and probably all of Panem is silent in anticipation. President Snow picks up the piece of paper with this years quell on it and reads out, 'This year to proe that even those who have had the happiest reunions and live the easiest lives, this year's tributes will be chosen from the past victor's siblings...'
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