Meet up, Break up, Make up?

Shelton was used to living in a little Rural community called Otatara. But then one day her parents win the 24 million lotto and her life suddenly changes. She is off to london to live. While they are there Her parents decide to go on a cruise around Europe so Shelton is left with staying with her cousin Louis. Read to find out what else happens! xoxoxox


3. The birth of Sophia

Louis' POV

"Louis Tomlinson?" The doctor asks as i try push past him. "Yes." i say, opening the door quietly to find my beautiful girlfriend lying on the hospital bed in pain. "Okay, that was the last contraption, she is almost ready. We will wheel you down now." The doctor informs us as i walk behind them.

"Just one more push and shes out." the doctor screams at her. My hand is about to break. Her grip is amazing and i know i will have no feeling in my hand once baby Sophia is out. "Sakara, Louis. YOu are parents." The doctor says happily. "Sakara, where are your parents? shouldn't they be here for you?" i ask. "Uhm Louis. They died in a car crash on thursday." She says, tears streaming down her hot sweaty face. "Im so sorry. Why didnt you tell me?" i ask softly. "Because i was in shock!! Damn Louis you didn't know why i was cuddely and crying but i told you my cat died? yeah well it was my one and only parents!" she creams at me. I think she is just.. uhm.. Tired? Yeah, Tired. "I'm sorry hun, i just wanted to be there for you." i say, hopefully calmed her down:) "Well you weren't so lets just move on." she says annoyed. I love her, i hope she loves me back, cause at the moment i don't think she does.

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