Meet up, Break up, Make up?

Shelton was used to living in a little Rural community called Otatara. But then one day her parents win the 24 million lotto and her life suddenly changes. She is off to london to live. While they are there Her parents decide to go on a cruise around Europe so Shelton is left with staying with her cousin Louis. Read to find out what else happens! xoxoxox


2. Sophia?

Meilas POV

The plane ride almost felt like forever. And the cute boy beside me singing badly to 'baby' by Justin Bieber, yeah. But we finally got there and again, I was ditched by My Family. I just sat there humming 'Little Things' until my cousin Louis comes over to me. "Hey cuz." he smirks. "Hey Lou, wheres your parents?" i ask him curiously. "Just in the bathroom with Daisy and Pheobe." he replies. I hadent seen Louis in ages! "So i hear your staying with us for a while, right?" he asks. What? im staying with him? "Uh, Mum never told me." i say looking quite confused. "Well you are for 3 months while your family sails around Europe." Louis says looking sad. I have told him about how they forget about me alot and he never believed me.... until now i guess. "Well, hey, at least i get to stay with you guys." i point towards his parents and siblings coming our way. "Hey Mel, Hows things? We have your bedroom and uniform all ready." Aunt Johannah says with a big grin. "Uniform? which means school. AHH" i pretty much shout. "haha yes, you can squeeze into Lotties uniform for now but we will get you a proper uniform later."She says as Pheobe and Daisy drag her to the gaming room. Leaving me and Louis just standing there. "So, hows school?"

"Is that the last of it Meila?" Louis asks unpacking all my clothes into the spare room closet. "Yep i think so." i say smiling at my new bedroom. I hear a buzz on the table as Louis reaches over to pick it up. "Hello" "Yep" "What?" "Okay Okay, calm down." "Girl?" "Uhm... Sophia." "Okay, I'll meet you there" Louis Hangs up the phone. "What was that all about Lou?" I ask. "Oh, nothing.. but my girlfriends PREGNANT!" he screams with joy running down the stairs pulling me with him. As we hop into his new car he lets it all out. "Weweredrunkbutidontregretitandiwilllovethisbabyasmuchasiloveher." Louis moans. "What?" i ask. "We were drunk but i dont regret it and i will love this baby as much as i love her." He says more slowly. "So, you gonna be a dad." i smile as he drives up to the hospital.

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