Meet up, Break up, Make up?

Shelton was used to living in a little Rural community called Otatara. But then one day her parents win the 24 million lotto and her life suddenly changes. She is off to london to live. While they are there Her parents decide to go on a cruise around Europe so Shelton is left with staying with her cousin Louis. Read to find out what else happens! xoxoxox


1. 24 Million Lotto

meilas POV

"Hey Mel, you wanna come over today?" My friend Shelton asks. "Sorry i cant Shel, my parents want me home for something 'important'" I say.  I hate it when i have to cancel on Shelton. I wave goodbye to her as she walks down the driveway three doors down. "Bye." I scream. I slowly open the mailbox for any mail. Mum...Mum...Mum....Mum. As i approach the front door of my little Otatara house i hear screaming. I burst through the door to find My parents screaming and opening bottles of wine. "Whats the celebration?" I ask. "Mummy and Daddy won the Lottery!" My little sister Brittany says. "What Brattly?" I ask a little too loud. "We won the lottery is what Britz is trying to say." my parents say. My parents didn't care less about me. When Brittany was born all they have done is with her. They even left me home while they took her to go see my new baby cousin Eli. They 'forgot' about me. "Hurry up Meila! Get packing were moving to London." My mum shouts at me. "Wait, What?" I ask. "The moving people are coming tonight to get all our stuff so HURRY!" Dad yells. "Yes dad." I moan running up to my bedroom, packing all my clothes into boxes, labeling them with my vivid.

"Meila, we have to leave to the airport now." Brittany says to me. "Okay Brattly." I say lifting her into my arms. I softly kiss her fore- head while placing her back down on my floor. "Britz, come on. we have to leave early so we can buy ice-cream." my Mum says in a baby voice. "What about Meila?" Brittany yells down to Mum. "Oh, erm... She can come to." Mum seems annoyed. "Yay!" Brittany screams dancing around my now empty room.

*Authers Note*

Hey guys:) how was my first chapter of my 1D fanfic? it does get better in the next chapter. lots of drama.

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