Can't Catch me again

Delaney is the next big thing, well according to her manager and all the radio stations in Northern California. But when her past comes back and tests her friendships what will happen. Secrets are unraveled and love and friendship are put to the test.


10. Trapped

*Brian's P.O.V*

We were walking back to my car, Delaney's head was laying softly on my shoulder and her hand firmly in mine. I don't think she realized it was me until she snapped her head up. When we got back to my car, I politely opened the door for her and she hoped right in. I suprised at this because she thought i was creepy. I smiled and ran around to the drivers side. We started driving and for the first fifteen minutes it was quiet. I decided to start the convertsation.

"So Delaney, where is your house because you know we have just been driving for like fifteen mintues in circles soo..." I dragged on because i knew exactly where she lived.

"Oh right!" she laughed her beautiful laugh, "Well i live at 1300, sun...." She stopped. I looked over at her and she was asleep.

"Sleepover at my house!" i whispered to her. I just hope Phil isn't there.

*Zayn's P.O.V*   

I had been following Brians car for about twenty mintutes and they weren't going anywhere. I hope Delaney didnt see me and leave. Since they weren't doing anything i decided to go home. She would be fine, I hope.

*Delaney's P.O.V*

I was trapped. They had me cornered and i had no where to run. Brian was on the right and Phil on the left. They both had that gleam in their eyes and they started coming towards me. Brian grabbed me and Phil started slashing my arms. I was lifted up and plopped down on a soft surface. I didn't know what was going on, Phil was in Ireland still and Brian was in England. I started to move but i was held down. Brian started kicking me and Phil started stepping on me. I am going to die. Whats happening i left them a long time ago. How did they find me again. I feel trapped.

*Brian's P.O.V*

When i lifted Delaney out of the car she started freaking out and squirmming in my arms. I wonder what she was dreaming about. I opened the door and was my ears immedeatly filled with sex noises and the smell of beer in my nose. SHIT! I forgot to look for Phils car. I started to walk out the door when Delaney woke up.

"Where am I! Ah Brian!" She shouted and jumped out of my arms. I started to shush her but I heared Phil finish and start to come downstairs. I had to hide her, i reach for her hand but she didn't let me touch her.

"I want to go home!" She shouted and started to run for the door, only to run into Phil. This isn't going to go well.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Ms. Popstar." He bellowed. Delaney didn't say anything but she started to tense up and back away.

"Nothing to say? Scream that disgusting song to much?" Before i could defend her, his hooker came down.

"That will cost you $68." She said holding out her hand.

"You sucked, you think im going to give you $60?" He gave her a twenty and shoved her out the door.

"Now, good job Brian. How did you get her to come back here?" He asked.

"She fell asleep and i didn't know where her house was." I said. He smiled slyly and started to go towards her.

"Well you did good kid. Since you did good go get the rope." He stated. My eyes widdend. Shes a world superstar and he wanted to kiddnap her! But unaware of my fate if i didnt do as i was told, i went to get the rope. As i was leaving, i saw him grab her hair and drag her upstair. What was i doing?

*Phil's P.O.V*

"Didn't you miss your daddy?" I asked the little slut, dragging her upstairs. When she didn't answer i pulled her hair.

"I saw you with those five boys? Do you fuck all them for free? You little slut, just like your mother."

"She was not a slut!" She shouted back.

"Oh so she does have a voice, well ok then."I said as i slammed her into a wall.

"Don't you ever talk to me that way or you will wish you never left in the first place." I stated. She nodded slowly and i dragged her into my room. I smacked her, tears streaming down her face.

"Dont cry, daddys here," I said. Then Brian walked in with the rope.

"Tie her up fast, smartass." He moved fast and i saw him whisper something to her. I stepped up to him and punched him in the face and repeteadly kicked him in the side.

"We do not help her, and besides she would never come back to you." I said and he stopped and looked dumbfounded. This kid was so stupid.

*Delaney's P.O.V*

I was really trapped. I should have told him no, i should have confronted Zayn at the coffee shop. I should have, should have, should have. I knew what this man was capable of doing and Brian  could do the same but after i left them. Told them off in a song and became a millionare because of it and got Brian put in jail! I was dead, i just wish someone would resuce me or i wish i could escape again because now i was going to be a prisoner to my own father. Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam or Harry i wish you could hear me. Please help me.

*Harry's P.O.V*

~the next day~

Delaney still hasn't come back from the coffee run last night. I knew Zayn followed her there but how come he came home and she didn't. We shouldn't have let her go because i knew exactly how made her go there. I hacked her twitter, i know im bad but i wanted to tweet a bunch of stuff to get back at her but when i got on she had a dm so i read it and i was shocked to see who it was from. It read; "ok see you soon baby :* <3" I read their whole conversation and it was something about he would only take a picture down if she met him for coffee. Since she still wasnt back and it was 12 noon the next day i decided to tell the boys.

"LADS! WAKE UP! ITS AN EMERGENCY!" I shouted upstairs.

"Harry calm down you just press stop on the microwave." Liam shouted down, sounding still asleep.

"NO THE HOUSE GOT BROKEN INTO!" I shouted back and seconds later the lads were in front of me.

"What did they take?!" Zayn questioned.

"Nothing, its a diffrent emergency." I stated back.

"I thought i told you to just press stop on the microwave." Liam said.

"I know how to work a microwave! Del still isn't back from getting coffee." I said, and the concern filled their eyes.

"That's right. She probably met a guy or something. Just leave her alone, she will be home soon." Niall said with a hint of sadness. The boys agreed and then they all went their sepreate ways. Zayn was the only won that stayed.

"You know where she is?" I asked.

"The last time i saw her she was with Brian driving around." He replied. We both nodded and knew she was with him. I grabbed my keys and we headed out.

*Delaney's P.O.V*

I was locked in Brian's room. Everyday from 10-3 i was abused. An hour later Brian would come in and dry my tears and whenever he heard Phil coming he would kick me and hit me like he was never helping me. Even though he seemed like he cared i could see the small smile on his face when he hit me. Today was the second day in my living hell and Phil had gone out drinking. Brian was out with friends and i was alone. I started to bit at my rope, pulling slightly with my teeth. I was almost out when i heard the door slam shut. Thick, heavy footsteps stomped up the stairs. The door knob slightly moved and i went numb. Phils large body hovered over mine as he moved towards me.

"Hello honey." He hummed, I could smell the alcohol on his breath. I closed my eyes and turend my head.

"You look at me when I'm talking to you!" He shouted, causing me to cringe into the wall.

"Oh honey, i didn't mean to scare you." He whispered and started carresing my cheeck. What was he doing?! He moved his hands down to my ass and started rubbing my ass.

"W-what are y-you do-ing?" I asked, sweat buliding on my frow.

"Nothing shh, dont worry baby." He said, as he was clearly buzzed. He started to undo his pants and slowly slipped mine off. Eventually he had all my clothes off and he was starting at me like his prey. He moved closer and i went blank.



**** authors note **** 

So this chapter is really long and probably has A LOT of spelling mistakes but anyways hope you like it(: Sorry i haven't updated in forever my CCC concert series ended last night and now basketball is starting but i dont have that til January so i will probably update over winter break. So yeah ha hope you like(: Comment, like, favorite and GIVE ME IDEAS! Thanks

-LOVE, Jamie<3  


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