Can't Catch me again

Delaney is the next big thing, well according to her manager and all the radio stations in Northern California. But when her past comes back and tests her friendships what will happen. Secrets are unraveled and love and friendship are put to the test.


7. The Note

*Delaney's P.O.V*

Until i looked down, there was a note and the new scarf i wanted. I looked around catiously to make sure no one was around. I quickly picked up the items and shut the door. I started to read the note but i didnt even have to guess who it was but i knew the hand writting any where.

To Delaney-

My beautiful darling, i told you i would never forget about you. I hope you like your new scarf, I know its the one you have always wanted. Tell anyone about this and i will personally come after all your friends.

I dropped the note, picked up the scarf and ran to the kitchen.

"Who was at the door, love?" Louis asked me.

"Oh no one." i said, searching for the lighter.

"What do you mean no one?" He asked.

I found the lighter and go figure it was on top of the fridge. "It was one of the ding-dong-ditch things." I say. jumping for the lighter. It came crashing down, along with the take out menus. Shit. The boys come running in a second later.

"Delaney, if you wanted take out you should have just asked." Liam said playfully.

"No, no its not that i was reaching for the lighter." I said.

"Why?" zayn asked.

"Becuase this scarf fell on the ground and a rabbid squirrel ate it and the some bird pooped on it." I hoped they would believe me.

"You know it would be easier to just throw it out." Niall said.

"I know but burning it gets rid of germs."

"Just throw it out, you might burn yourself." Liam said.


They all seemed taken back because i rarley ever scream. Liam slowly handed me the lighter. I toke it over the sink and burned the scarf.

"I'm sorry, I didnt mean to yell, its just, I have had a lot happen in the last week and something just put me over the edge. You know what I'm just going to go to bed." I said giving up. I give theem all hugs and kissed on the cheek and head up to my room. I go into my ensuite bathroom and take a shower. I let the water spray on me and i just thought. After a thirty mintute shower i got out and put my hair into a messy bun. I layed in my bed for a while scrolling through twitter. then i came to an unusal tweet.

@dman412 : cant wait to see @DelaneyBooMuisc123 agian. #missedher

I looked in shocked at the name, i had no idea who it was. I blocked the guy and reported the tweet. Who the hell was that. I got a text from Amanda.

From; Manda

Who the hell was that on twitter? And btw you and the boys are going to the Grammys in two days. Hope you all are ok, see you tomorrow (: xxx

To; Manda

I know im so freaked and ok i have the perfect dress, love you goodnight.

I started to dose, hopeful to get the note out of my thoughts.

*Louis P.O.V*

I'm worried about Delaney. She would never yell at us like she did, so i decided to go look outside for any rabbid squirrels. The hallway was scattered and there was a note on the mat. I picked it up and read it. When i finished reading it I ran to her room.

"Go away!" She screamed.

"Not until you let me in." I protested.

"Fine, stubborn." She said.

"I heard the last part you know."

"Oh i know." She said and opened the door. She saw the note in my hand and went sheet white.

"Don't worry, i just want tot know who this is from."

 "Brian..." She stuttured. I grimmaced, who could do something to a girl like Delaney.

"Don't worry Del, we're prepared for him,but i think someone should sleep in here with you." i state.

"And who would do that?" She asked, seeming fine with what i just said.

"Who ever voulenteers first." I say. She just nodds.

"Ok i will go ask the boys." I walk downstairs and tell the boys the whole story,

"Ok now who wants to sleep in her room?" I  asked but all i get for an answer is everyones hands shooting in the air, including mine.

"Ok will take turns. Niall you get mondays, Liam Tuesdays, Zayn, wednesdays, Harry thursdays and i will get Fridays, and we will all sleep somewhere on the weekends." I say. They all nod, which means that nobody has to sleep in her room because its sunday... great.

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