Can't Catch me again

Delaney is the next big thing, well according to her manager and all the radio stations in Northern California. But when her past comes back and tests her friendships what will happen. Secrets are unraveled and love and friendship are put to the test.


15. Now what

*Niall's P.O.V* 

I had Delaney wrapped in my arms and it felt perfect, except for the fact the she was about five times to skinny for a seventeen year old girl. She was sobbing into my shirt and holding on to me for dear life. I started rubbing slow circles on her bony back and whispered quietly into her ear. 

"It's okay babe, your safe now, they can't hurt you anymore." I said quietly. She just nodded and tried to steady her breathing. Zayn still had his foot pressed all the way on the gas pedal and if he didn't slow down we we're going to  get in so deep shit. 

"Zayn, we have Delaney and a far away from the house, you can slow down now." Liam sternly said, as if reading my mind. Zayn only nodded and slowed up a bit. 

"Wh...where are...we go..go..going?" Delaney whispered in between sobs. I looked down at her, her fragile frame still looked beautiful, even when she is crying and hungry. 

"Paul's house in L.A, Miranda told him about your family situation and said we can stay at his house. Don't worry, we're the only ones that know you were kidnapped. We didn't know if you wanted us to tell anyone so we didn't." I reassured her that we wouldn't be anywhere that Phil and Brian could find her. She nodded and snuggled closer to me. I smiled and started playing with her hair. A few minutes later i felt her breathing steady and she was asleep. I looked ahead and saw Zayn scowling at me in the mirror, i smiled and kissed Delaney's forehead. We finally arrived at Paul's house around 2:30 in the morning and we had a interview tomorrow. Delaney was still asleep in my arms so i carried her up to my room and laid her in bed. I knew the boys probably wanted to talk about who knows what so i took off her shoes and walked downstairs. Instead of finding the four boys, i found the four boys and Paul.

"Is she okay?" Paul asked without even looking at me.

"She's fine." I stated. Paul nodded and sighed heavily.  

"Look boys i think you need to tell me whats going on." Paul said. We all nodded reluctantly but Liam began telling Paul the story. 

"It all started when Delaney was back in Ireland..."





**** AUTHORS NOTE! ******

Sorry i haven't updated in forever and this is a really crappy chapter but i have been so busy but spring break is in a few weeks so i will update some more (: LOVE JAMIE 

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