Can't Catch me again

Delaney is the next big thing, well according to her manager and all the radio stations in Northern California. But when her past comes back and tests her friendships what will happen. Secrets are unraveled and love and friendship are put to the test.


16. Death after Death

*Delaney's P.O.V*

I was running into pure darkness, the light behind me was so bright i couldn't see who was following me. All i heard was quick, hard footsteps hitting the ground. My breathing quickened and i picked up my pace. I heard laughs and cackles from all around but from no one in particular.

"You can't run from us!" It spat. "We'll find you again!"

I kept running faster and faster, until i came to a brick wall. I stopped, feeling trapped the footsteps behind me had slowed and the cackle grew louder. I back away as far as i could but the figure was still coming towards me, slowly and soon enough i felt the sharp pain in my side, like i did every other time. I was being stabbed and i couldn't scream for help...


I quickly shot my eyes open, panting and sweating. The nightmare i had been having for the past few weeks was really starting to get to me. I felt pinned down by two strong arms, it was happening again, I screamed and started struggling for my life.

"Help! Help me! He's got me, it's happening again!" I shouted not bother to notice the time. I arms quickly un-clung from my body and i shot out of bed.Grabbing the closest chair, i swung it towards the bed ending with a loud crack. I didn't know if i caught the intruder or the bed. I sprinted towards the door, only to run into the open arms of a person. The arms slowly enveloped me into a hug, rubbing small circles on my back.

"Shh, it's ok, you're safe. Calm down you're ok." He whispered. I looked up quickly, through puffy watery eyes, i could see Niall holding me close. I just went back to crying into his shirt, until i heard a loud groan coming from my bed. I clung tighter to Niall as i watched the figure get out of bed and walk towards me.

"AH Stay away! Stay away! STAY AWAY!" I shouted, jumping behind Niall holding up fists. But my "shield" moved and turned on the lights. That was when i learned my "attacker" was only Zayn.

 "Delaney what are you doing?!" He shouted. I sank deeper into Niall at the sound of his scream.

"I..I.. i thought you were someone else im sorry." I said, silent tears falling down my cheeks.

"She's been through so much mate and you think its okay to sleep in the same bed as her and yell at her?! For Christ sake man." Niall shouted and i jumped out of his arms. I ran into the bathroom and sank to the ground. The sink was running full blast so no one could hear my sobs, what's wrong with me? I didn't do anything to them that i should deserve this, so why me? Why did they pick me to kidnap and.. and destroy? I can't have a normal life because those people thought it was okay, to hurt me. I... i just want to go back and ask them why. I stood up and grabbed my old razor, not caring about life anymore i began to slash and slash at my wrist. Sobs and screams escaped my mouth, no longer worrying, my cares slipping free. 

"DELANEY! LET US IN!" Niall shouted pounding on the door. I heard other voices but they were all a blur. Pounds and knocks were hammering on the door, but it didn't matter anymore, i tried to stand up but my efforts were wasted. I lost my footing, slide back and hit my head on the tub. With the world fading away from my, i watched as Niall came toppling through the broken door towards me. I could just make out tear stains as he swooped down and picked me up, planting a long kiss on my lips and running out the door. I tried to speak but my whole world faded to black. 


*Authors note*

Ok so this chapter absolutely sucks and i am completely sorry for that but its kind of just a filer and yeah, sorry it took so long for me to update): But on the bright side, my birthday is in 8 days and my one direction concert is in 9!!!!! AH im so excited but yeah, hope this is enjoyable for you guys. 


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