Can't Catch me again

Delaney is the next big thing, well according to her manager and all the radio stations in Northern California. But when her past comes back and tests her friendships what will happen. Secrets are unraveled and love and friendship are put to the test.


1. Airport..

*Delaneys P.O.V* 

"DELANEY! DELANEY! DELANEY!" Yep this is my new life. These paparazzi will follow you anywhere just to get a picture.

"Hello everyone. How are you all doing." I ask. They all seemed stunned, I'm feeling rather nice today so i decide to start a conversation.

"This is the part where you answer me." They laugh.

"Delaney sweetheart, I'm sorry to cut your conversation short but we have to get to the airport." Amanda, my manager says. I nod and wave goodbye to the paps. We were going to pick up One Direction. I had been famous for about five months now with my hit single "You can't catch me now"  It was about how after i got away from my abusive dad and ex-boyfriend and became what i am today.

"Delaney, I know you're in a good mood because the boys are coming but can you please keep the socialization to a minimum." She pleaded. Always like Amanda to be so overprotective. I don't blame her, those paps did horrible things to me. 

"Yeah, sure. I just can't wait to see the boys!" "The boys" and I have been best friends ever since i started out because Niall and I are both from Mullingar, we kept in touch after I moved. So when he became famous him and his band were the first people I was going to do anything, music wise, with. We got together ever so often and had movie nights and just acted like normal teenagers. But even though they ask, the only person that knows the meaning of my song is me and maybe Amanda. They boys ask me every time they come but i never tell them.

"Delaney, hun we're here!" Amanda snaps me away from my thoughts.  I excitedly jump in my seat and put on my "Disguise" Which in reality was just a scarf, hat and sunglasses. The boys had to do the same, because no one knew we were working together on songs and then starting a tour. I hop out of the car and wait for the boys. I made a little sign that says "The best boys in the worlds ride." I held it up over my head waiting for them to come out. After waiting for twenty minutes i saw the tip of Zayn's hair coming near the exit. My heart started racing faster as they walked out and saw my sign. The smile on my face grew when they saw me and came and attacked me into a hug. 

"Hi, Del!" Nialls beautiful Irish accent washes over me. After Niall a chorus of hi's get shouted at me. 

"Hello boys. How have you been."

"Just fine, How have you been." Harry asks.

"Great now that you're here." I say and they all blush. Amanda comes and pats me on the back

"OK, great to have you boys here but lets continue this love fest in the car so no one gets suspicious." We nod and all have a race to the car. Of course Louis won. He always was fast.


"What is it my Lou bear?

"Well when we were driving to the airport we heard your song on the RADIO!!" Wow i was becoming famous in England too! 

"Well thats great Lou isn't it." He nods his head and gives me a hug. The rest of the way back to my condo, i lay snuggled up in between Niall and Lou. We were all smiling and joking just like the good old days. But it was only the beginning...

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