What firework are you?

We're like fireworks


1. Fireworks

On ways they're like us.
Man made like a new born baby they are lot, given life. All are different, some short, some fat, a variety of colours. Yet they all are given that spark, the spark of life. All of them have a time, where they are valuable to being blow out by the slightest bit of wind as the wick burns, like a baby in it's mothers tummy, then the firework has a chance. It either fades out and doesn't light or it take that spark and shoots and soars. It begins to climb, growing up and higher with each passing second. Some go round in circles like your average joes that Just get by, others use that spark to show a few peopl near by them what colour they truely shine. And some? Some take to the sky like a rocket and don't stop untill they reach their full potential and explode, shining their light and greatness over everyone. Making everyone stop listen and look at all their glory. You got your spark. What firework are you x
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