Moon Marrige !!

there is a young girl named lauren who gets married on the moon with niall horan but why do they choose such a weird place ??? x


3. niall & Lauren !

Lauren walked over to niall and said " hi niall you are amazayn i love you soo much and i cant belive iam on the moon with my favorite boy band one direction iam over the moon haha " niall replied " wow you are lovely i would love to see what you are like without your space suit and space helmet on ." lauren said " omg are you serouis ? " Niall moon walked closer to Lauren and gave her a moon hug . Lauren was squeezing him so tight he got squashed . " Niall said when we get back to earth would you like to go out with me ?? " lauren was so shocked " omg iam speechless i would be hounered " niall was soo happy and said " okay its a date " !

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