Moon Marrige !!

there is a young girl named lauren who gets married on the moon with niall horan but why do they choose such a weird place ??? x


2. meeting them :)

lauren has finally landed on the moon and she is the first ever female to set foot on it . little does she no that one direction are going to be on the moon with her soon . lauren is walking round on the moon then sudenly another space rocket pulled up . then 5 handsome boys bounced out of the ship . Harry louis liam  and zayn all went for an adventure but niall seen this girl and thought shes the one . all the boys where shouting "niall nial niall " but he was daydreaming .

lauren turned around and screamed " omg its one direction !!!!!! " one direction walked over too her and said "hii were one direction "" lauren said " ahhhhhhhhh i love you you are amazing singers and you are so handsome and ahhhh i just love you " and Harry said "haha ok we love all our fans too ! " Then Lauren was staring at the 4 boys and said " oh nooooo where is Niall where is he ahhhh has he fell of the moon or something o god where is he ??? " Louis replied hahha dont worrie here he comes right now i think he like you haha ." "omg niall like meee ahhhhhhh !!!!! i think iam gonna cry i love him so much and the one and only Niall Horan thinks i am actully nice ???? !!!!!! "   liam was laughing and said " haha yeah when we landed in the rocket we could all tell you where a fan just by looking at you , and niall said he s always wanted to date a fan soooo ...... "  lauren was shaking and said " omg omg omg is that mee ???? " " We think so haha !! " said zayn " Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh iam actully talking to one direction on the moon now thats something you dont do everyday " Lauren said to herself .

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