Resisting Their Charm

An X-Factor contestant at the judges house, Olivia Jones is living her dreams. But when she walks into the kitchen of the Irish home she is staying in she can hardly believe her eyes. She has just met One Direction, her guest mentors and also the big boy band in the world.

Can Olivia resist the charms of the hottest boy band in the world right now or will she abandon practice in order to join in with their crazy antics. She has to chose between love and her dream. Remembering that what happens in the house, stays in the house.

An X-Factor and One Direction fan fic for the M-Factor competition.


12. Niall's Jacket

Olivia's P.O.V.

After that we both returned to our rooms. Spending the nights with him was becoming the highlight of my day. It was only then that I realised I was still wearing Niall's grey jacket. I was too tired to remove it so I fell asleep in my bed inhaling the sweet smell of Niall. 

It felt like only a minute had gone by when there was a knock at my door. However, my clock showed me had in fact been eight hours, "Olivia. It's 11! Wake up," Liam's voice came through the door, then I heard him mutter, "You and Niall seem to love lay-ins recently."

I cringed at that, I hope he doesn't realise the reason for our love of lay-ins. I jump up and answer the door, not caring what I look like.

I let him inside and he looks at me, that is when he says, shock and surprise coating his voice, "That's Niall's jacket!"

I resist the urge to laugh at his voice, which sounds unnaturally high-pitched, but then I realise what he had said and I look down. Indeed, I am still wearing one Niall Horan's jacket. I blush bright red.

"I am sure he went to bed in that jacket last night," Liam wondered aloud.

I needed to think of something quick, "Yeah. I saw him in the kitchen again," I explain, then I point to the jacket, "I was cold."

Liam nods, but I can tell he doesn't believe me. Who would? It's not like the house doesn't have central-heating, "That explains why you too are so tired, you've been having too many mid-night feasts!"

"Yeah. I'll try not to have one tonight!" I say, I can tell he doesn't believe me, "Promise!" 

"Okay," Liam said, "But I don't mind if you do, I think you and Niall would be cute together. As I said yesterday, you shouldn't let the rules stop anything happening." At that point the picture behind him suddenly became very fascinating!


I am sat outside at the 'secret place' with my guitar. The beautiful melodies sounding hypnotic. I don't notice a person behind me until I hear them mutter a quiet "Wow!"

I turn around, "Hello you!" I say, "It's great to finally see you here in clothes that aren't pyjamas!"

Niall smiles at me, "Yeah, you too."

He comes to sit down next to me, his hand brushing mine as he does. We are so close I swear I almost hear his heart beat. Can he hear mine? It is going fast, it can't help but race when I'm with him. 

Suddenly, I feel as if I'm in a dream. He touches my forehead, tucking the stray hair, that is hanging in front of my eyes, behind my ears. He looks me in the eyes and we both smile. I can't help but melt inside.

"I have something I want to tell you!" We both say at the same time, rushing our words.

"You go first." I tell him.

"Okay." He looks hesitant, he pauses before he begins again, "I know it's forbidden and I know you probably don't feel the same but... I like you." He almost whispers, "I really like you."

I smile, all I manage to utter is a, "Wow!" I am totally speechless. 

"Will you do me the honour of being my girlfriend?" He asks, with more confidence.

I lean in and kiss him on the lips. I pull away and ask, "Does that answer your question?"

He nods and then leans in again, this time our kiss is more passionate.

When we pull apart we are both smiling, and slightly breathless, "I really like you too." I tell him, then, in a whisper, I add on, "I've liked you since before I met you."

I didn't mean for him to hear but he did, "So you've always been a 'Niall' girl?" I nod, going red, "Well, I have liked you ever since I saw you in the kitchen on our first night."

I smile again. I can't believe this is happening. All of this seems so unreal. 

"But we have to keep this secret." I say, motioning to us, "As you said, it's forbidden. We could get into a lot of trouble."

"I know. I agree." He replies, and then he leans in for another kiss. It feels so right. I have been waiting for this moment ever since we met.

I guess I just couldn't resist his charm!


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