Resisting Their Charm

An X-Factor contestant at the judges house, Olivia Jones is living her dreams. But when she walks into the kitchen of the Irish home she is staying in she can hardly believe her eyes. She has just met One Direction, her guest mentors and also the big boy band in the world.

Can Olivia resist the charms of the hottest boy band in the world right now or will she abandon practice in order to join in with their crazy antics. She has to chose between love and her dream. Remembering that what happens in the house, stays in the house.

An X-Factor and One Direction fan fic for the M-Factor competition.


11. Highlight of Our Day

Niall's P.O.V.

We asked many more questions. I think we are now on Olivia's sixteenth question, "I think this is going to be a toughie!" She began, "What's your favourite food?"

"Oooh!" I reply, "Anything edible." I answer and then add, "Oh, and vegemite isn't edible!" At that we both burst out laughing.

"I remember that interview!" She exclaimed, "Your face... was the funniest thing ever! And Liam and Zayn were so sweet!"

"It's just nasty!" I say, "Anyway, my turn. Do speak any other languages?"

"Oui, je parle français! Además, hablo español. I ya govoryu na russkom." Olivia replied in an irresistible accent.

"Oh you speak French, Spanish and...?" I reply, I speak French and Spanish myself so I understood the first too.

"Russian." Olivia continued.

"Really? How come? I speak French, Spanish and Irish!" I tell her.

"My step-mum is Russian so I decided to learn Russian. I got my eight year old sister to teach me when she was four!" That surprised me. But I love girls who can speak other languages!

"Your sister?"

"Yeah, she's my half sister really but I don't see her as that. She lived in Kazakhstan because of my dads job so she could speak both." Olivia explained and then went on to ask her next question, "Can you do any good impressions or accents?"

I smiled and so did she, "Your a fan. I am guessing you know I can."

"Of course I do. But I want to hear it myself!" 

"Okay. Should I impersonate one of the boys?" I ask and she nods. "How about Harry?" She nods again, I begin to talk slow and I look away, "So erm, we were on stage and erm this girl erm jumped and me and erm I fell over." 

She burst out laughing at that, "You sounded so much like him!"

"Thank you. Thank you very much!" I say as I bow and Olivia laughs at my antics. "What do you think I should ask you?"

Olivia's P.O.V.

"Haha! I love your tactics!" I replied, I am surprised we aren't all laughed out and our faces aren't hurting yet. I also can't believe that I don't even feel tired! "Hmmm! I think you should ask me, 'What would your perfect first kiss be?'" I tell him, that way, if he does ask me, he knows the answer!

"Oh really?" He says, his voice sounding slightly seductive.

"Yes." I reply confidently, "My next question is, have you ever been in love?"

Niall's P.O.V.

This game started out quite carefree but it is starting to get deeper. I am glad it has, I want to get to know Olivia.

However, her question took me by surprise, I answer honestly, "No, I haven't been in love yet. However I recently met this girl and I think she could be someone who I will love." I hint to her but I can tell she hasn't realised what I mean yet.

"Really?" She asks, less confident now, I think I hear a hint of disappointment in her voice. It can't be disappointment, can it? 

"Maybe. I'm not sure." I tell her, but I am sure. I don't think you can truly love someone until you get to know them but I feel as if I may love Olivia. 

I am pulled from my thoughts by her voice, "You turn." She tells me, gently.

"What would be your perfect first kiss?" I ask, with a desperate desire to know the answer.

"I didn't expect that question!" She joked, "Well, I want a kiss in the rain. I want the guy to take me by surprise. I want it to be special."

Her answer was so adorable. I want to be that guy.

Yet again, I am pulled from my thoughts by her beautiful voice, "My turn! What do you think I should ask you?" 

"Erm..." I begin, thinking of the perfect question, "'What is your honest opinion of me?'"

"Okay. I will remember that! Your turn."

I had already planned my last to questions, "What's your ringtone?"

"You'll have to call me to find that out!" Was her reply.

"Oooh! Cryptic!" I laughed, "Anyway, it's your last question."

"What is your honest opinion of me?" Olivia asked, a hint of intrigue and also a little hesitation in her voice.

"Well Love. Your like our song Little Things- your imperfections are what make you perfect!" I tell her truthfully.

"Awww!" Olivia smiled a 1000-watt smile, "I bet you say that to all the girls!"

"Only the ones I like!" I mumble under my breath, careful not to let her hear.

It was my last question, there was a point to this game, "Number twenty. What's your number?"

She smiled, "Haha! I guess I have to give you it right?" I nod, "Give me your phone." I give her my phone and she inputs her number and then gives me it back. 

"Smile!" I say and then I take a photo of her for my phone book, as I am doing this I notice the time, "Oh God!" I exclaim.

"What?" Olivia questions.

"It's nearly three!"

Her eyes widens in shock, "Wow! Time sure does fly when your having fun!" I smile and nod in reply, happy that she had just as much fun as me.

"Yes. So, tomorrow; same time, same place?" I ask next.

"Definitely!" She replies, maybe like me she feels that this is fast becoming the highlight of her day.

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