Resisting Their Charm

An X-Factor contestant at the judges house, Olivia Jones is living her dreams. But when she walks into the kitchen of the Irish home she is staying in she can hardly believe her eyes. She has just met One Direction, her guest mentors and also the big boy band in the world.

Can Olivia resist the charms of the hottest boy band in the world right now or will she abandon practice in order to join in with their crazy antics. She has to chose between love and her dream. Remembering that what happens in the house, stays in the house.

An X-Factor and One Direction fan fic for the M-Factor competition.


2. Getting to Know the Girls

Olivia's P.O.V

I am sitting in the main foyer. I don't know where else to go because I have not been shown my room yet. I don't want to risk trying to find it, I might get lost!

I begin wondering what my bedroom will be like. Will it be big or small? Will it have a nice view? Will it be on the ground floor? The first floor? Or maybe the second? Will I have my own bathroom? If I do, will it have a bath or a shower? Or maybe even both? The possibilities are endless!

I am pulled out of my daydream after hearing a female voice say my name. I open my eyes to see a woman stood in front of me. "Hello, would you like me to show you your bedroom?" She asked, it was as if she had read my mind. Obviously she is an employee for the show.

"Yes please!" I say, my bags and guitar have already been taken to my room so the sooner I go to my room the sooner I can practise.

She leads me out of the main foyer and down a long hall way. I look around, taking in all that I can, I don't want to get lost when I try to get back to the main house. We go up two flights of stairs, so it seems my bedroom is on the second floor, "You will be the only contestant on the top floor, the first floor only has seven bedrooms," The woman tells me and I begin to wonder who, if anyone, will be staying on my floor.

We finally stop at a door in the middle of the second floor hallway, my breath has been taken away by how stunning this house is! The woman opens the door for me and stands aside as I walk in. My first reaction? Its huge! You could fit my whole house in this one room! 

I run over to the window and look out, transfixed. The view is just... wow! There are no other words to explain it! It is obscured by nothing, there are trees and flowers every colour of the rainbow for as far as the eye can see and right in the middle of the scene is a wonderful, peaceful water fountain. It's perfect!

The woman lets out a giggle as she walks up to me, "Its beautiful isn't it," She says in awe, I nod in reply. "You really are lucky, this is the best room in the house. The views are ten times better on this floor," She continued, "Plus, you will be sharing the floor with some very special guests!" She tells me, and this makes me pay full attention but she reveals no more.

No more words are exchanged and the woman leaves the room. Leaving me to ponder over who the 'special guests' were. Could she be taking about the guest mentor? The again, there is only one guest mentor- isn't there?

I decide to just be patient and start practising but as soon as I pick up my guitar there is a knock at the door. "Come in," I shout, slightly annoyed that my practise has been cut short before it even begins.

The door opens to reveal a girl who is about my age, "Hi. I'm Amelia. Everyone is meeting up downstairs, so we can all get to know each other and Louis wants to talk to us," She informs me.

"Okay, one sec!" I say as I put my guitar down and then follow her out of my room. I am secretly glad I don't have to find my way down alone! I remember the girl from earlier, luckily she was one of the genuinely nice girls, "Hi Amelia, I'm Olivia!" I say and shake her hand.

"It's nice to meet you Olivia. I love your name by the way!" Amelia gushes, I can tell she is nervous.


Soon we arrive in the living room. That was after getting lost three times and then having to ask for directions! You would think we were in a city and not in a house! We were the last ones to get there but we hadn't missed anything.

"Did you get lost girls?" Louis joked.

Amelia looks at me and we both giggle, "Yes, three times actually!" I manage to say between giggles.

"There's so many hallways!" Amelia exclaims with another giggle, exaggerating the word 'so'.

A few of the girls look at us meanly and roll their eyes but Louis just laughs, "Same thing happened to me!"

Then he got on with his talk, "Right so girls, I just want to say, make yourself at home! For instance, if you want a midnight snack just go for it! If you want to go outside to practise don't bother asking, just do it. I don't want you feeling uncomfortable here, we don't want anything to affect how you sing! I think you girls should get to know each other. Oh... and don't forget you will be meeting the guest mentor tomorrow! And now I am going to be off." Louis disappeared into the house. He expected us to all chat and get to know each other but for a few minutes there was this horrible, awkward silence. I just looked around shyly at the other girls wondering who would be the first to introduce themselves or at least speak. Amelia gave me a reassuring smile but I could still see that she was just as nervous as me.

I can't help but think that this is a waste of my time, I could be practising. No, scrap that, I should be practising! But just as soon as I thought that one of the girls spoke up, "Erm well, I'm Ellie." She was a petite girl, really skinny and just over five feet tall. She smiled a smile that was warm and welcoming. It was also honest. 

But that smile faded as another girl spoke up, "Well hi Smelly Ellie!" She cackled, as if it was the funniest and most original thing ever. I know from then on that I wouldn't like this girl.

"Hi Ellie!" I smile, "I'm Olivia, this is Amelia," I point to my newly found friend. I looked at the unnamed mean girl with disgust and whisper, "Why are people so mean?."

The look didn't go unnoticed, "Do you think your the best or something?" She asks me patronisingly  "'Cause your not! I bet you can't even sing!"

I raise my eyebrows, I swear that they nearly disappeared into my hairline, then I play mock-dumb as I turn to Amelia, "Did I say I was the best?"

Amelia smiles as she replies, "I don't know what shes on about!"

Ellie smiles at us, silently thanking us for sticking up for her.

"What do you mean 'she'! I have a name you know!" The 'mean girl' shrieked.

"I am sure you do, but you haven't told us it. So until you do, what would you prefer, she or it? Then again maybe your not even a 'she' at all."  I bite back. I was so annoyed that she felt like she could victimise Ellie because she looked weak. If anyone thought they were the best, it was her!

The girl gave me a evil stare, trying to hid her embarrassment and then mumbled, "It's Kirsty!"

"Touché!" Ellie whispers in my ear and I smile. I can see I have found two friends in Amelia and Ellie.

Over the next half an hour I learn the names of my fellow contestants and that I am the youngest girl. Courtney and Madison seem to have become the followers of Kirsty and then there are two other girls, Claire and Phoebe, the oldest of the eight, who are already best of friends.

Through-out the whole 'getting to know you' conversation the atmosphere was tense. For that reason I was glad to escape. The three little groups wandered of together. Myself, Amelia and Ellie going up to my room.

After getting lost... again, we finally arrive. The girls, like myself marvel at the view and then Ellie turns round and looks at me, "Thank you so so much for what you did back there!"

I laugh, "No problem! I always stick up for my friends!" Ellie smiled at me again and then the three of us began to talk. We talked about ourselves, our family and friends and music!

The time flew by and in no time it was ten o'clock. Ellie and Amelia went to their own rooms and I pulled my guitar out, determined to get some practise done before the guest mentor arrives.


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