Resisting Their Charm

An X-Factor contestant at the judges house, Olivia Jones is living her dreams. But when she walks into the kitchen of the Irish home she is staying in she can hardly believe her eyes. She has just met One Direction, her guest mentors and also the big boy band in the world.

Can Olivia resist the charms of the hottest boy band in the world right now or will she abandon practice in order to join in with their crazy antics. She has to chose between love and her dream. Remembering that what happens in the house, stays in the house.

An X-Factor and One Direction fan fic for the M-Factor competition.


1. Living the Dream


Olivia's P.O.V

I still wake up in the morning and think it's all just a dream. It takes me a minute to realise that I am actually here. I am not just a girl from a small village with big city dreams any more. Finally, my dreams are in reach!

Just two long months ago I was an ordinary eighteen year old girl from a small village in Lincolnshire but now I am Olivia Jones- an x-factor contestant! I can't walk around my home town without being noticed, every five minutes I am stopped for an autograph or a picture and each time I walk into a crowd everyone turns to look at me, whispering, “Is that the Olivia Jones?” They don't think I hear but I do and it makes me smile inside and out.

Those two months seem like they're a life time ago. Since before then I have transformed from a shy college student to a confident singer. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought this would happen to me. I always though that if it was meant to be it will happen and its happened!

Today is the day that I say goodbye to my family and friends and help to my fellow contestants, the girls, and my judge. Everyone keeps asking me 'Which judge do you want?' but, honestly, I don't know, as long as they help me through this experience I will be happy. I guess I just want someone with lots of experience and history in the music business.

I check my bags- I don't want to forget anything. Everything needs to be perfect! My acoustic guitar is safe in its bag and my song book is packed.

As my parents drop me off at the airport we share a teary goodbye. I clean myself up and stride confidently into the airport, ready to begin this fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

As the plane lands on the tarmac the butterflies in my stomach awaken and reality hits me- I am about to go to a celebrities house and the next time I see my family I may or may not be an x-factor finalist. My dreams may or may not have become my future!

As I walk out of the airport, my guitar in my hand, I look for my car. All that I know is that I am looking for a sign saying 'O. Jones'. Eventually I see it and I nervously walk up the the smartly dressed man holding it, my legs like jelly. “H-hello?” I ask timidly, mustering all my courage up, trying and failing to stop myself from stuttering.

The man, dressed in a plain black suit nods in recognition, “Are you Olivia Jones?” He asks, looking me up and down, his accent thick.

I struggle to regain the power of speech, “Um, y-yes,” I manage to mutter, silently cursing my stutter, I could still be shy at times.

“Well, welcome to Ireland Ms Jones!” He welcomes, his voice warm and approving. “I'm Seamus, your driver for today,” He led me to our car and my emerald green eyes grew wide as we stopped at the door of a shiny, black limousine.

“Oh. My. Goodness!” I exclaim, not able to believe that this is me- that this is my life! Seamus opens the door for me and I smile a 'thank you' as I step in. He loads my bags into the back of the limousine and then we set off for the suburbs of Dublin.

Fifteen minutes later and we have arrived, as I step out of the limousine my brunette locks fly in the wind, the rare sun making my natural, golden highlights shimmer. I feel as though I am radiating happiness. I may be in Dublin but I feel as though I am on the top of the world!

The house before me is more like a castle, surrounded by lush green grass and a forest of trees, it looks like something out of a fairy-tale  I can't believe someone lives here. I can't believe that I will be living here too. Seamus walks with me up to the grand entrance of this wonderful country home my bags in his hands, and as we get just a few metres from the doors they open, revealing six of the seven other girls in my category. They welcome me with hugs and smiles but I could tell that half of the smiles were as fake as the people wearing them. Half of the girls saw me as competition and nothing else but the other half were genuinely nice, their smiles showing real emotion.

Finally, the final girl arrives and we are all led out to the gardens to wait for our judges arrival.

Lights- The lighting is set up.

Camera- The director shouts, “All quiet on set,” and the camera is rolling.

Action- We see the helicopter in the distance.

I close my eyes, excited, adrenaline coursing through my veins as I hear the engine shut off, the helicopter has landed, our judge is here. I open my eyes just as they step off the helicopter and I see the one and only Louis Walsh, 'Yes!' was all that I could think as I cheered along with the other girls, I was glad we had Louis, he is experienced in this.

Louis Walsh's P.O.V

I look at my category, the girls, and I couldn't be happier. They are without a doubt the strongest category this year and they look happy to have me too.

Then I start my speech, “I am so excited to have this category, it couldn't be a better year for me to mentor you girls, this category has never been stronger. You are all different but you all have one thing in common, you are all incredibly talented. However, that does not mean that we don't have work to do because we do, we need to get practising. Your guest mentor will arrive tomorrow and I am sure you aim to impress. So try to forget partying and think practise, practise, practise. But don't get too stressed and definitely don't let the nerves get the better of you, always leave time to unwind. Finally, I hope you all enjoy this experience!” Every word was truthful and the speech earned another cheer from the eight girls in front of him.

Olivia's P.O.V

His speech was finished and with that we all introduced ourselves and then made our way inside. Many people planned to contradict Louis advise and party but I was going to practise, practise, unwind and practise! I wanted to impress my guest mentor, whoever they may be, plus I wasn't going to let this amazing opportunity slip through my fingers. 

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