Between Us

"Layla it wasn't my fault!" Niall lied through his teeth.

"Then whose fault was it, Niall?" I asked him He looked down. I shook my head then walked away. 'I never want to see Niall James Horan again,' I thought to myself as I ran away.

Layla Sapphire Christine lives with her brother, because her parents die and he has always been the father figure. What happend when her brother gets in to the record business and they are forced to move in with some of the most famous pop stars of our generation.


5. No need to fear, Karley is here.

I didn't know if i was aloud to answer the door or not so i did. I was looking down at my feet when i answered and someone cleared there throat. I looked up to see... KARLEY!?!? OH EMMM GEEE! "AHHHHH!" I screeched. She laughed and jumped on me. Literatlly. Her legs went around my waist and i caught her.

"I MISSED YOU!!!!" She yelled.

"AHHHHH!" We yelled in unison. I heard many footsteps come down the stairs.

"Layla?! Are you okay?" I heard Niall yell. He came down in less then a second and was breathing heavily with eveyone else in his tracks. "Oh, hey who are you?" He said suddenly.

"Karley." She said holding out her hand. Liam shaked it first and then the others just smiled and waved. Typical Liam... :)

"Well this is Niall, Liam, Harry,Demi, Cher, Zayn, and Louis the Tommo Tomlinson." I introduced.

"hey love." Louis said winking at her. She giggled a little and looked at her feet. I showed her to her own room... we have a lot...

"Nice place." She chuckled. I winked at her. Her room was next to mine. So she was on the top floor with me and Niall. I walked around the corner back to her room and she raised an eyebrow up at me.

"what's going on between you and Niall?" She asked suddenly.

"Nothing. It was all a misunderstanding." I said.

"Oh... even you to snuggling it up?" she asked waggling her eyebrows.

"Yes." I said with no emotion.

"Do you like him?" She asked me. I really don't know. I dont really want a boyfriend...

"I don't really want a boyfriend right now..." I said thinking back to the past.

'I was in the car with my boyfriend Damien. We stopped in some random parking lot. "Where are we?" I asked

"Does it matter?"

"no... but it would  be nice."  He looked at me weird. "are you okay?" I asked. He gave me an evil grin. He leanded in to kiss me forcefully. "Uh.........Damien....What....Are.. you-" I was cut off by him trying to get on top of me in the car.

"be will be over soon." He whispered in my ear. I tryed to scream, but there was no hope. He slowly pulled off my pants and....'

I shuddered at the thought.

"yeah, i dont want another boyfriend..."

"This one will be different Layla. Not every boy is like Damien." I nodded. I still dont want to take the risk.

"who's Damien?" Someone asked from behind me. I turned around to see Niall there. "Oh, sorry! That's none of my business."

"It's Layla's BAD ex- boyfriend...." Tyson said. Jeez does eveyone listen in to my conversations? I walked out of the room without another word and went downstairs. I grabbed my phone off the kitchen counter and saw that i had 15 missed calls and 43 new text messages. I looked to see who it was all from. Mariah and Sarah. They are my other two great friends. I love them to pieces and nothing could come between us. ;)

I called Sarah first.

(Sarah/ Layla)


Hey Sar.

I miss you times a billion and Mariah does to! Can we come visit you???

Oh, um yeah sure.


I seriously dont see why not...

Okay! Whats the address and come pick us up at the airport tomorrow at 8'O clock in the morning!

Why so early.... but whatever. Sounds like a plan! Love you!

Love you too girly! Cant wait to see you....BYE!

I ended the call and did a little happy dance. YAY!

"who was that?" Zayn asked.

"Just one of my two best friends asking to come stay with us. Will you come with me to pick them up tomorrow?" I asked. I asked him because i needed to get to know him better.

"Sure what time?" He asked.

" the morning..." His eyes bugged but then he calmed down and nodded.

"sure. Be ready!" He said. i nodded and went to the back and sat down in the grass looking at the woods that lay behind the house about a half mile away. What a nice place. I looked up to see that Tyson, Niall, and Harry were all looking at me from the giant window on the second floor. When they noticed me looking back at them they looked away and i just rolled my eyes laughing. I sighed and sat outside watching the sun slowly descend behing the trees. I got up. The day went by so fast today.... Not much to it. I went to my room and watched some t.v. avoiding anyone that was trying to talk to me. I don't know why but it really bugged me that they listened in to my conversation with Karley.. Can't a girl get some privacy?!

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