Between Us

"Layla it wasn't my fault!" Niall lied through his teeth.

"Then whose fault was it, Niall?" I asked him He looked down. I shook my head then walked away. 'I never want to see Niall James Horan again,' I thought to myself as I ran away.

Layla Sapphire Christine lives with her brother, because her parents die and he has always been the father figure. What happend when her brother gets in to the record business and they are forced to move in with some of the most famous pop stars of our generation.


2. Meeting the Roomates.

We got up to the door and looked and the man that was carrying our stuff pulled out a key from his pocket and oppened the door. Immidiatly there was loud screaming and people running around. My eyes grew and then eveyone stopped to look at the door that we were all now standing by. A curly headed boy walked up and winked at me. "Harry. Harry styles is the name." He put out his hand and i gladly took it and shook it. Right before i was going to take it away he kissed me hand. I could feel myself blush, but i brushed it off.

"I'm Layla. Layla Christine. Tyson's sister." I said pointing to my brother.

"Yeah i know who he is." Harry chuckled a little. "I've heard A LOT about both of you."

"You have?" I asked him.

"Ofcourse. You are apart of the business now. Also you are very cute..." He trailed off. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my bags from the man with the key.

"Where is my room?" i asked.

"Right across from Niall's. NIALL!!!" He shouted. I covered my eres. "Sorry." He said. Then there was a blonde headed boy that came down the stairs. "This is Layla."

"THE Layla Christine?" He said in a girly screech tone.

"The one and only." I said. He chuckled.

"What can i help you with ma'dam?" He asked gentleman like. I laughed.

"My room is across from yours?" I say more as a question.

"Oh, umm okay. Follow me." He said turning around and walking upstairs. We walked up three stories. Man this house is huge. I was almost out fo breath when he finally said we were there. "Nice workout huh?" He said out of breath.

I nodded my head. He pointed to a door. "Thats your room. Harry and I decorated it from the info your brother told us about you. Hope you like it." I nodded my head.

"Thanks." I said to him.

"Yep." And with that i opened the door. The room was huge and had blue walls. There was blue splater paint everywhere. It looked like someone just walked in to my room and just threw paint at the walls. The bed was a king and super fluffy. It was a blue and black bed spread that looked like it was laced. There were pictures everywhere of me and my friends. There was this one giant empty space on the wall right above the flat screen t.v.

"That's for when you want a certain picture to be put up there." A voice said from behind me. I jumped, and turned around fast.

"My goodness Niall, are you trying to murder me all ready?"

"sorry." He chuckled.

"What did you say about that... thing majigy." I said pointing to the wall. He laughed at the word 'majigy'.

"Its for a giant picture. Whatever picture you want we will make it huge so that it is on your wall." I smiled at the thought of a giant picture of me and someone else on the wall.

"Cool." I said.

"Well i better get to bed. It's like 3 in the morning." I forgot the time differnces.

"sorry to keep you up." i said.

"Oh trust me, knowing Louis, our friend, he would have kept me up anyways. Well goodniht, Love. Sleep well."

"Thanks you to." I yelled back at him. tomorrow is going to be an interesting day... I guess i bess' be getting to bed. I got under the covers of the big bed. The bed was so fluffy i just sank. From above it looked like i wasnt even there. I instanly fell asleep.


"Is she awake?"


"I just want to know."

"you'll wake her!"

"Well brekfast is ready."

"Just shutup!"

I opened my eyes to be met with bright green ones. I jumped and covered my face with the covers.

"She's awake!" Harry shouted. "Love breakfest is ready. Come down to eat."

"I look terrible. I'll be down in like thirty to fourty minutes." i said slowly.

"You look fine, but we will be on the second floor to eat." He replied.

"Okay....Bye." I heard the door close behind him. I looked at the mirror to see al my hair in a mess. I muttered words under my breath and hopped into the shower. I washed my body and hair. I let the water run down me then decided it was time to get out. I walked out of my private bathroom and grabbed shorts and a t-shirt. It was my superman t-shirt. I put my hair up in a messy bun, and walked downstairs. I walked down to flights of stairs when i found where they were eating.

"Finally!" My brother said.

"Sorry i got lost..." I said. Eveyone at the table chuckled. There were two girls and five boys all together.

"Hi... I'm Layla." I waved to the other people awkwardly.

"Im Demi. Demi Lavato." She shook my hand. I thought i knew her from somewhere.

"DEMI!" I shouted and ingulfed her in a big hug.

"Sorry, i wass a fan of camp rock." I laughed. She rolled her eyes and sat down... What was her problem? (Guys i have nothing against Demi. Just in this story she is going to be a little mean... sorry. i love her to pieces though! shes just a character.)

"Im Cher. Cher Lloyd." Cher said.

"I love your music." I said to her. She smiled and sat down.

"I'm Liam." A brown headed boy said. I smiled and waved.

"I'm Zayn." A boy with a quiff said.

"I love your hair!" I said to him. He chuckled.

"I love you!" A boy said at the other side of the table. I looked at his shirt. He was wearing a superman shirt.

"I love you to?" I said in more of a question.

"It;s your shirt love." Harry said.

"Oh." I chuckled.

"I'm Louis. I love suspenders."

"Random... awesome! Your my new best friend." he threw his fists up in the air.


This is going to be an awesome day!

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