Between Us

"Layla it wasn't my fault!" Niall lied through his teeth.

"Then whose fault was it, Niall?" I asked him He looked down. I shook my head then walked away. 'I never want to see Niall James Horan again,' I thought to myself as I ran away.

Layla Sapphire Christine lives with her brother, because her parents die and he has always been the father figure. What happend when her brother gets in to the record business and they are forced to move in with some of the most famous pop stars of our generation.


4. I'm a cuddler.

**Niall's Point of View**

We were watching paranormal activity when Layla came down. She sat in front of me, because Demi was right next to me. She was cuddled up to my side. Normally i would be super exited about this, but really i just wish it was Layla... I mean i know we just met and all, but i really like her. I think she might like Harry though. I brushed off the idea and then i heard slight snoring. Everyone chuckled when they saw that Layla was already asleep.

We finished the movie and we all decided we would sleep on the third floor. I made Layla and I a small blanket bed on the floor. I picked her up gently and set her on it. Harry put his bed next to Layla's and Demi put hers next to mine. I got as close to Layla with out it being awkward, but Harry grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close to him. Demi grabbed my waist and i thought it was kind of awkward, but i just layed down and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning to laughing I looked up to see that I was cuddling with Layla instead of Demi, and Louis and Zayn were taking pictures. I flipped them off and unhooked myslef from Layla. The boys chuckled as Layla woke up. "Don't say a word!" I yelled at them. They nodded and laughed again. I rolled my eyes and got up. I went upstairs and put on a shirt and some new jeans. I went to the second floor and found that Layla was already awake and eating cereal. I sat by her and ate some cereal with her.

"Morning," I smiled at her. She smiled back and then her phone vibrated. She looked at it and her face got super red.

"This is why my back was super warm, and my stomach was cold?" She asked. I laughed and nodded.

"Im sorry... I'm a cuddler..." I said scratching the back of my neck.

"it's fine, but your fans don't really like it..." She said awkwardly. I gave her a questioning look and then she showed me her ohone and it was a picture of my head nestled into the back of her neck with my arm around her. You can see some of my bear chest, but then i realized what she was talking about... they put it on twitter and tagged both of us in it.

"I'm so sorry. If you get hate i will yell at the people! I'm so sorry! LOUIS!!! ZAYN!!!" I yelled.

"It's okay really." She said calmly and went up stairs and i heard her shower turn on.

**Layla's Point Of View**

I went upstairs faster then you could say Willy Wonka. I could feel my cheecks get red. I really don't want a relationship... I dont really want to talk about it. I hopped into the shower and washed my hair and body. I got my stawberry shampoo that i always use and washed my hair. I loved that clean smell and feeling. I turned off the water a dried off. I went to my closet and picked out some short shorts and a really baggy t-shirt. It had the words 'Kiss Me I'm Irish-ish' on it and it was so big that you couldn't see my shorts. Not like its going to matter its just the guys and Dem and Cher. No biggie. I walked out at saw Niall. He turned bright red.

"Why aren't you wearing pants?" He asked me. I laughed.

"I'm wearing shorts you goof!" I said lifting up my shorts a little. Niall nodded his head and went in his, and later came back out wearing different clothes. I went back into my room leaving my door wide open and brushed my teeth. I finished then i heard the doorbell go off.

Who could that be?

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